Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet Film Sequel Chat!

Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet Film Sequel Chat!

Is Ralph Breaks the internet one of the
best films of the year? Could it be the best film of the year? For me personally
I think it might be and this is a very surprising thing for me because as of
last week I hadn’t even seen the first wreck-it Ralph then I watched the first
wreck-it Ralph and thought right well I need to see Ralph breaks the internet
right now and I didn’t think it would be as good as the first film. It was so much
better so this video will not for the most part contain any spoilers but I
will give you a spoiler warning at some point towards the end where there are
just a few things that I kind of want to get over excited about so
if you haven’t seen the film I strongly urge you first of all to see it and then
second of all to maybe avoid the kind of end part of this video. So Ralph breaks
the Internet? Everybody is in this panicked frenzy because one of the games
is getting shut down because it’s broken and Ralph and Vanellope go off looking
for eBay to find this steering wheel, which I thought was hilarious. I probably
found that more entertaining than I should have done and basically they go
off to try and find the steering wheel and they end up in the Internet and the
whole thing kind of ends up being this big parody of YouTube they call it BuzzTube and it’s kind of reenacting everything that is popular and there’s a
point where it makes fun of clickbate, and there’s even a bit of self parody in
there with Disney and it’s just so fun and funny. The quality of the animation
is astounding. I thought it was incredible and music was beautiful.
I feel like there’s a lot of things that I didn’t get from the first view and a lot
of little kind of Easter eggs that I think after second and third and fourth
viewings I’ll pick up more and I certainly will
be seeing this film again though probably not this year and it’s just so
funny it’s one of those films. To me it is the ultimate popcorn film because
it’s funny, it’s relaxing, it’s brightly colored, it’s hilarious, and I don’t know
if I found it funnier than most people seemed to. I think I did I found it very
very very funny but I also found it very warming
and obviously the bright colors are making me feel all fuzzy inside and as
a YouTuber there was a lot that I found very highly entertaining. I did kind of
think that having the focus on the Internet
rather than the first film being basically purely arcade based was going
to kind of detract from the innocence of the arcade focus in the first film but
at the same time it really sends home the message that spending time with
friends and in arcade is much better than spending time alone on the internet
and getting a…you know kind of I was going to say something then I was going
to spoil it and basically yeah there are some very good messages on this one that
I hadn’t expected. I hadn’t anticipated this film to be this good. Spoilers okay so spoilers, just a few – they’re not really big spoilers but
there are little things that I hadn’t expected and they made me just feel warm
and fuzzy we get to see Oh My Disney and I am Groot I
am Groot how adorable is tiny baby animated Groot in this film I love him.
Seeing all the Disney Princesses together, it was mind-blowingly
incredible. I love the treatment of them as it could have been gimmicky. It could
have been cheesy and overdone but I think it was just the perfect amount and
having them all come together it’s just incredible. The treatment of Merida being
from that part of Scotland it made me very entertained and just so many little
Easter eggs and things in this that just made me so happy. A few weeks ago I did a video where I said I hadn’t seen wreck-it Ralph and I said I wasn’t
really interested in it but I watched it because I was curious I fell in love
with it I didn’t think I would like this film as much as the first film I am
currently going to say that this is my favorite film of 2018 um it’s better
than Ocean’s 8. Ah, I can’t believe I just said it but it is for me this film is
better than Ocean’s 8. Wow! Please do let me know what you think of
this and of course I assume if you’ve seen this or the first film I’d love to
know whether you prefer first or the second and I’m going to try
and calm down it is incredible I am Groot

25 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph Breaks the Internet Film Sequel Chat!

  1. I enjoyed both (I was surprised that……….honestly, there's no real villain in the sequel; the bad guy's more the situation).

  2. I loved the first part, I love the trailers for part 2. I trust u Amyy ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope u see Aquaman, Jason Momoa is an incredible actor/Aquaman. the cgi is so beautiful and most of this movie does take place under water. u see Sharks with lasers and even an octopus playing the drums! great action, story, comedy, characters. God please check it out! god bless u Amyy ๐Ÿ™‚ and have a great day everyone

  3. I love the first movie so much and I can't wait to see this one! ^_^ (I'm particularly excited to see the princesses! <3)

  4. I absolutely loved this movie and I feel like I could watch it over and over again and still find something new each time.
    It was so much fun and really funny too. We need a Disney Princess movie immediately!

  5. Aaah me and my girlfriend actually watched this movie last week and it was so damn goood! She hated that ending about Ralph and Vanelope just because of what happens, but I just think it was perfect because it's actually reallity in cartoons! It was so greeeat!

  6. Great review! I really liked the film as well, especially being a HUGE fan of the Disney Princess crossover that has been super hyped, but the whole story was really well done!


    The Slaughter Race subplot and musical number caught me off guard but in the best way! And I loved the heartwarming message about being long-distance friends with different dreams, I thought that was really sweet! I think they nailed the internet concept and storyline much better than The Emoji Movie (many people are comparing the two due to having similar themes). I just thought the whole concept was approached in a more clever and more enjoyable way here. I didnโ€™t feel like the movie was trying to sell me something the whole time like I did with The Emoji Movie (though I may be buying some of those Disney Princess pajamas ohhh my goodness)

    Also: the post-credits scene was EVERYTHING omggg ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Lady Laci really liked this one–she's not sure if she liked it more than the original though. Her and I (Tom) both felt that with all the pop culture references that this is sadly a film that may not stand the test of time very well as these jokes become more and more obscure.
    For me, Tom, I didn't like this as much as the first because I'd hoped they'd keep a stronger gaming theme going; it has a vast universe to explore and it felt watered down to blend the internet with it, especially with a larger focus on trending over gaming, though the two could have been combined better. I feel because of that, it is almost as if this were an entirely different film–maybe another property–that mid way through they decided to make a Ralph movie of it.

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