75 thoughts on “WP Maintenance Mode – Awesome WordPress Plugin

  1. Word Press looks a good program. I was trained in Dreamweaver MX then I upgraded to Dreamweaver Studio 8. With technology moving so fast and Studio 8 now looking pretty old hat now. The cost of upgrading is just not worth it. I will certainly check out your other videos.  

  2. How do I show this when I am adjusting my site? or does it come up when I am in the Admin part of my site. Thank you. love these videos please keep it up

  3. This is great, but I have one question if I may 🙂 I have installed this plugin and everything works fine except that when you click "send" after typing your message in the contact us box nothing happens. It does send the message but it does not say that the message was sent so people tend to click few times thinking that the box does not work and as a result I receive lots of the same messages. Do you know if there is a way to fix that? Thank you 🙂

  4. when i try to see if that's what people see for my site it isn't they can still see what i'm actually working on and everything is activated in the plugin…

  5. Praise God and thanks! eMediaCoach never disappoints, just what I needed. Be well and please keep making tutorial videos!

  6. Great tutorial! Unfortunately, I followed all your steps, but the Plugin itself isn't working. Seems to be a big complaint on the reviews for this plugin…I guess something went wrong in the most recent update!

  7. Hi eMediaCoach…
    I followed the tut and did everything you mentioned but when I logged out and tried to view my maintenance page, all I got was my home page. Any ideas?
    I saved each page as it was completed but nothing. Is there some final step I'm missing out on?

  8. Greetings cool tut, but im having issues with getting the contact us email form to work. I was testing it and it seems to go through, but i dont get the email.. any tips or advice from you or anybody would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!

  9. AWESOME MATE! really easy and simple video – cheers for sharing and have subscribed myself for more guru knowledge 😛

  10. I couldn't figure out why my client's new website wasn't showing in "maintenance mode" instead of showing the sample page. This video explained you have to log out of WP Admin in order to see the website in maintenance mode. Perfect!!! Thank you very much.

  11. Hi & Thanks a lot. One question: How can i change the text within the contact button? it should say contact 'me' instead of 'us'?

  12. Thankyou. but why when we click social media logo we will redirect back to our maintenance page? not going to facebook,twitter etc

  13. Thumbs Up done! 🙂 very helpful video, simple and straight to the point. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  14. Awwwwwwwwesome! You have saved me a heap of time man. I'm still building my site and didn't want it going live. Much appreciated.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! I just wonder how to connect the plugin with Mailchimp, so people who subscribe are actually on one of my Mailchimp lists… is that possible?

  16. Thank you for this video. It was simple to follow the instructions. Is there an update to the social network module to add Instagram? Thanks

  17. This plugin has giving me a terrible headache and frustrated. The plugin able to activate in Maintenance Mode but when activate back the page still showing the Coming Soon page. So my website stuck in maintenance mode for so long until i delete my website and upload again. Totally not recommended for me.

  18. I love your tone, command of the English language oh & of course your channel so I subscribed. xoxoxo SPOT ON!!!!!

  19. Hi, I have a question,I want to change my template. Can the website display the update during the template change?

  20. I did exactly what you said. But I still see my original Home page, not the Activated Maintenance page. Any thoughts?

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