WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page

WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page

Hi and welcome to WordPress.com. This video will show you how to create
a one-page website, or a landing page. In this example, we’ll create a site that
could be used to collect email addresses. Businesses, blogs, or organizations might
choose to link to this kind of page from social media, or through advertisements. To get started, create your website
on WordPress.com. You can then select your perfect theme. Click on My Sites, and Themes. We’ll choose a theme that has
a static homepage already set. because that’s what we want. Karuna works well for this example
because it’s set up as a static homepage. Depending on the theme you choose, your new
site may appear with some placeholder content. Since this is just a landing page, we’ll delete
most of the pre-populated posts and pages. Click on My Sites, and then on Posts, and delete the posts by clicking
on the trash can. Then, click on Pages, and delete
all the pages except Home. Then you can click on Home to customize
the page settings and content. Edit the title, text, and add a contact form. We’ll go ahead and delete all the fields
except the name and email fields. Edit your page template to make it full width,
or use the front page template, depending on your theme. Now, update your page. Then, launch the Customizer
to edit your website’s look. The first thing we’ll do is make sure
the static front page is set. You can edit the title, or, upload a logo. The Customizer is also where you could
change the colors, the fonts, and the header image. Your new site may appear with a ton
of great widgets that you could use to promote your content. For this example, we’ll go ahead
and delete some, to keep the page as simple as possible. Save your changes, and that’s it. Your new page is ready to go. This is just an example of the many ways
you can use WordPress.com. To find out more tips and tricks,
visit the WordPress.com support site.

8 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page

  1. hi, thanks for the video, it was very helpful. i am trying to create a custom diary/organiser page for each member, who can register/login to my website then keep record of their own personal diary (e.g. to do list). do you know which plugin/widgets would be useful? or do you have any tutorial for this? many thanks

  2. what if i already have a website, i dont want to add new page to my website all i want is a standalone one page

  3. I am 69+ yrs. old and just want a place to post short stories that I am writing. I am no closer right now than before watching this if any of this will work for me. And since I am not too computer savvy this was So Fast there is NO way I got any of it. I have learned in writing with several writing sites that I have gone to, that the average person reads and understands at an 11 yr.old level. Having said that, computer jargon is a vocabulary of its own. Yep, I don't understand it at all. But to some here, I am sure that this is very helpful. Thanks Anyway.

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