WordPress Plugin Development | How To WordPress Development Tutorial

WordPress Plugin Development | How To WordPress Development Tutorial

79 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin Development | How To WordPress Development Tutorial

  1. This is the most simple and easiest lesson on wp plugin ever made.
    I am so happy that I am able to create my own wp plugin.

    You have a great teaching skill, Joshua! Please upload more tutorials on wp plugin development, example ajax and all.

  2. Thank you Joshua for this excellent tutorial. I am so greatful for all the wonderful information that you and other people on the web take the time and kindness to share.

  3. Great intro to plugin development. It wasn't cluttered with all kinds of other confusing topics. That made it easy to grasp the basic plugin concept. Just right for a 1st video.

  4. I love your tutorial i hope you make more of these tutorials, i we just started with wordpress plugins myself out of the 32 YouTube movies i we looked up yours was the most easy-going one to follow !

  5. Thanks Joshua for a great introduction tutorial on this.
    a) Do you also have a similar basic video tutorial for how to create a plugin with some options within the WP admin left menu bar? Something like;

    – Posts

    – Idea-pro-example
    — Function 1
    — Function 2
    — Etc

    – Media

    b) Also looking for some basic WP plugin database video examples. (Create, change, update, delete, view).
    Thanks 🙂

  6. I know PHP well, but it took me forever to learn Drupal 8 plugins; but thanks to this tutorial, I got it working in minutes! Now I'm sure the WordPress API has a ton of other stuff beyond creating "short codes", but just based on what you gave me I can already do all kinds of stuff. So thanks for the awesome video!

  7. i am not able to create one. i am creating a folder under plugin, but that plugin doesn't show when I click on the Worpress Installation Plugin link

  8. Hi Joshua Herbison .Thank you Joshua for this excellent tutorial. i m going to develop my first plugin after watching your videos.

  9. Thanks a lot! I really like it! I have some question. Could someone help me with a chose of the plugin for accepting cryptopayments yo WordPress website?

  10. Hi Joshua, great set of videos, I now understand how to create a plugin, could you do a video on how to include css and javascript to the plugin, that would really make the set of videos complete. Thanks you for your efforts.

  11. your videos are the best, hands down….They are not overly technical, but thorough enough, to cover the topic and get the job done…You also seem to understand these systems very well, thus giving you such an ability to teach. I wish that more videos were available, for it would be 'my go to.'. .

  12. This is really simple and clear guide in creating your won custom plugin. I wish I could have watch this before. I'm not a programmer so this is very helpful for me. Many thanks to you!!!

  13. I follow your code, like this:
    * Plugin Name: idea pro example plugins
    * Description: This is just an example plugins.
    function ideapro_example_function(){
    $information = "This is a very basic plugins.";
    return $information;
    add_shortcode(‘example’, ‘ideapro_example_function’);
    in a file named shortcode.php
    The plugins shows and is actived, but [example] in page keep showing [example]
    What's wrong?

  14. How I express ,What I am feeling ,exactly told me what I was searching for more than hours,You explained each and everything

  15. This was awesome! Not only did you demystify WP plugin development. You broke it down nicely and made it look super easy – and for that you've earned my respect, a like and a new subsrciber. Thanks!!

  16. Can you please make a video on how to redirect a theme to welcome page using a slug? it was a great tutorial by the way

  17. Very informative , please can you tell which screen recording software you are using, thank you in advance

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