WordPress.COM vs WordPress.ORG – What you need to know in 2020

Hi! Today we’re going to look at something that
causes a lot of confusion for users: the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG. Welcome to WebsiteToolTester, where we compare
website builders all day long so you don’t have to! But first, it helps to understand what
the two have in common: WordPress Basics
WordPress is a software, that was originally designed to create blogs. It’s free and
open source, which boosted its popularity to a point that an estimated 34% of all websites
run on WordPress. You can now create any kind of site, from
a real estate marketplace to online magazines. Because WordPress is a software, you need
to install and run it on a web server. Which leads us right to the main difference. Main difference between WordPress.com and
WordPress.org WordPress.org is the website where you can
download the software for free. You then have to ORGanize all the installation and web hosting
yourself. WordPress.com is a paid service that COMpletely
takes care of installation and hosting for you. Why Choose WordPress.org? When you install and run WordPress yourself
via WordPress.org, you have absolute control and flexibility over: The themes you want to install
The exhaustive list of plugins to enhance your site
The customization options In fact, very few other website builders or
content management systems come close to how flexible and scalable a WordPress.org website
is. Why Choose WordPress.com?
When your website is hosted on WordPress.com, the options are still great. But they can
be limited depending on the price plan you choose. For instance, you’ll need the expensive
Business plan to install external plugins and have access to all SEO options. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s
better to have less choice, but an easier product to play with. Just ask any Apple device
owner out there, versus Android or Windows users. So with WordPress.com, the advantages have
to do with: Installation and setup: it only takes a few
clicks to get started, Ease of maintenance and security: which is
pretty much all done automatically for you, And, most importantly, access to email and
live support. Pricing
Speaking of pricing, let’s see how much it costs to run WordPress by yourself via
WordPress.org. Note that prices vary wildly so this is a rough estimate: Web hosting: between $5 – $40 per month
Domain name: around $15 per year Then you should account for Premium themes,
which can cost between $40 – $150, and paid plugins, also within the same price range. With WordPress.com, here are the available
plans: Free
Personal: $5 a month, which lets you choose a domain name
Premium: $8 per month to access the paid Premium themes.
Business: $25 per month for live support and all plugins.
Ecommerce: $45 per month to run an online store. The key takeaway is that with WordPress.org
you will have to invest a bit more time to set everything up and keep it running. The
big benefit is that it can turn out much cheaper than WordPress.com in the long run. However, if you’ll end up requiring a developer
because of the missing support, WordPress.org can also become a money pit. I would recommend WordPress.com for smaller
sites where the Personal or Premium plan will most likely be enough. But don’t forget to check out other website
builders like Wix and Squarespace, too, as they are generally easier to use. And that’s it! But we also have a full breakdown
of the comparison on WebsiteToolTester. Thanks for watching and see you next time!

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