Wikipedia Leaves GoDaddy Over Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

wikipedia founder jimmy wales has
decided to basically unregistered his domain name
staff from wikipedia on go daddy dot com because nobody dot com originally
supported the stop about now as of late they came out and said no no well we
actually disagree with the supa bell we think that this type of legislation
should be rewritten you can be written in a better way uh… but the only reason why they did
that is because about thirty thousand people uh… unregistered their domain names
with godaddy yet so go daddy loves me tough guys around the
video that their boston padova waves hunting in africa and the actual ought
to say i wouldn’t also don’t know any icici attention these ways but here they really stepped in a decade
step down by the wayside ahead of good go daddy at this present time but uh… they came and said yeah stop online
piracy sounds lovely uh… you know maybe could you know if we work with the government
we know certain addresses that are about as i know what the advantages and rescue
dependent if you are not less like this registered
kodak and undersell pike your website get shut
down what are you gonna do your gunnery register your website or you’re gonna
get a brand new domain communicator domain from go daddy dot com and go daddy gets to keep charging you
for the whole domain name because the government shut it down and
they’re like while no use to have the pet right right so they’re looking to
make an extra baca straight but it’s a terrible idea it’s as experts
of explain soap other stop online piracy act uh… is not about piracy because he
basically would be used by uh… the big movie companies to believe
that shutdown sites that are basically competitors of this the he doesn’t have to be uh… aside that may lead us pirated he
can’t be a site that has a way to another site that has one pirate movie
or song on it nigga shut down your whole website it’s a disaster and jimmy wales
in wikipedia understand what a disaster it is and they said they thought about shutting down all of wikipedia everything was version to protest this which that italian wikipedia did for
different bill that she was very successful at doing but so far right now
they’re saying as we go all these domain names that we do through go daddy were pulled those unless you come back your senses go daddy has come back to their senses
because of all the money involved now they realize that lose more than word
gain but it’s interesting how lucas wills
they had to be getting yeah whats up backbiting wikipedia has the most it’s which is understandable think about
interesting on separate wikipedia agent all of the different links on each
page right i’ll as you mentioned all it takes is
one to a website that has even one piece of
pirated material in u dot without due process and let’s say that uh… one company doesn’t like wikipedia their
competitor wikipedia let’s say it’s windows may give us an encyclopedia
company right but not cut the the new to this evidence
was part of the road but as you pay lesson is still around they liked all the facts on the link
that goes to acquire website senator i think that that’s why people are apocalyptic abouts itself up because his eluded to destroy the internet and
their congressman of course sulekhab right when we get the money but the highways in this money troubles
are giving us money uh… these big businesses are into this
money were part of the surrender of the press red they liked lots if we make this a real possibility we
drag out a little bit and google face book and put it all
those companies have to get also having the most part funnel money to come back we get more campaign donations here and that’s why you got so fucked

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