Why You Should Avoid SEO “Packages”

Why You Should Avoid SEO “Packages”

Hello, this is John Locke from Lockedown
Design and SEO, and today, I want to talk with you for just a few minutes about
why you should be wary of buying SEO packages, and what that even means. Before
I get into today’s episode, let me tell you a little story. I had a prospect
approached me for helping their manufacturing company gain in search rankings.
Now this company is from out of town. They’re competing with manufacturers all
over the place. They are an OEM manufacturer, meaning they create original equipment
that they sell to other manufacturers higher up in the chain. And in the past,
they had worked with one of these low-cost SEO agencies that you might
find in developing countries. And there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s a lot of
good people out there. But the company that they worked with in the past, it
didn’t really deliver the results. So they were looking, they’re out there
looking again [for SEO help]. My contact at the company basically said that it came down
to Lockedown Design and SEO and this other company. One of the things
that was a factor was price. Now, my contact at the company, they weren’t the
one making the buying decision. The CEO of the company was actually making
the decision, but they were advocating for us. So, the company in the end,
they did end up going with this other more generalized SEO company, because
they sold them a package. And even though the contract was for a much longer
period, the monthly retainer was less. One of the things that I saw in this
particular SEO company, and it’s something that I see in SEO companies that are here in
the US as well, is this idea that you’re going to sell packages of stuff, and
each month you’re going to get “X” amount of stuff. One of the things that I
fiercely believe in is that THIS is the wrong thing to focus on. I understand why
people do this, but I want to explain why people get frustrated with the results
that they see from purchasing these types of SEO packages. Now let me preface
this by saying as well, I do believe that this company that I was talking with, I
do believe that they’re going to come back and do business with us this time
next year. And the reason why I say that is, what they are selling is basically is
a ten month contract. In the first month, they would do
on page optimization, so I’m assuming [that means] tweaking the title tags and making
sure there’s keywords on the page. Then the other nine months was just link
building, and creating infographics. Also, I think right in the middle [of the contract], they
were going to redesign their site too. So, that’s basically it. The only things they
were going to do is: one month of on-page optimization, redesign the site, nine
months of link building. So where I have a problem with this is: Let’s just say for
the sake of round numbers that the package that they were selling is, we’re
going to build you forty links a month, and it’s going to cost you a thousand
dollars a month. So the problem with this is, instead of focusing on building
the client’s business, and building the RIGHT type of links, and making sure that
you’re creating the right type of content, and doing outreach to the right
people that are going to be able to drive traffic to the site, and [building links] where
their buying audience is actually going to read — I can tell you beyond a
shadow of a doubt that most of links that they’re going to get are going to
be low quality, and they’re not going to move the needle. Here’s why. Here’s
the thing: not all links are created equal. Not every single link to your site
is going to have the same effect. Some links to your site are going to have a
greater effect than others. Google has a patent on a technology that would
basically figure out the probability of people visiting a link on a given page.
Say for example, that you’re building a link on a page that maybe one or two
people a month visit, and the probability of people clicking on a link on that
page, and visiting a website [from that link] is pretty low. But on top of that, the [linking] site itself
might have little or nothing to do with the page that its linking to. These types
of links are going to be very low value when it comes to link building. But let’s
say that you’re building a link on a page that is closely related to the page
that it’s linking to, PLUS it has a robust amount of traffic per month, and
the probability that somebody’s going to click on that link on that page is
pretty decent. Those types of links are going to be
more valuable in Google’s ranking algorithm, than a random link on a
random page that gets no traffic. The reason why I say this: companies don’t
put patents on things unless they intend to use them, or at least explore using
them, and seeing how effective they are in their business model. Back to SEO
packages: what happens a lot in these SEO companies, it’s basically a lot of
outsourced work. You’re getting a lot of people just trying to fulfill stuff. The
idea is, you sign up as many clients as you can, and you’re selling them links, to
where you can point at a report each month saying, “Look we built you 40
links. That’s what you paid for; that’s what you got.” The problem is, most of
these links are going to be low-quality. So for example, I did a little bit of
research. The prospect company that I was talking to before, the reason why I say I
know they had worked with another SEO company in the past, that was also a
low-cost, low-quality provider, is most of the backlinks in their current profile
were from things like: blog comments, forum profiles (where you get a link in
your profile), a lot of random links that nobody’s ever going to visit, and that
nobody’s ever going to click on, that are probably on spam pages anyway. I know,
because I get a lot of these spam comments on my site, and you probably get a lot of spam blog
comments on your site as well. If it’s any type of moderated site, a lot of
those [spam comments] go straight to spam [folders]. So think about the types of sites that allow just
random blog comments, that are completely unrelated to the article. These are
the types of links that you’re paying for when you’re paying a thousand
dollars a month, to a random company. So, [let’s discuss] the other types of links that are really
popular to build. Say you’re building an infographic, and then you’ll cold email a
thousand businesses with a blog and try and get them to post that on their
site, with a link back to the client’s site. I get a lot of the same requests. So,
the infographics, unless it’s something that’s really helpful and really catches
the attention of a lot of people, and somehow goes viral, those are probably not going
to get a lot of links from that either. Then, what these SEO companies are going
to do — the next trick that’s in their arsenal,
is they can build links by creating a bunch of fake Medium profiles, BlogSpot
profiles, WordPress.com blog profiles — so basically creating a bunch of free blogging
profiles, to where they can throw up some random articles on a site, and then link
to the client’s site. Or maybe, they buy a bunch of dropped [expired] domains, then they create some
random sites from scraped content, throw in some links to the client site. Again,
these are going to be very random pages, that almost nobody’s
going to ever visit. Nobody’s ever going to click on those links, but it satisfies
the contract of actually building these links. This is what a lot of these
companies are building. Again, they’re links that are not going to move the
needle in any sort of way. They’re not going to do any sort of brand
building for you and your company, and in the end, your SEO is going to be stuck in
the same place that it was before. So, the last thing that a lot of these SEO
companies will do, is they’ll email people like me, and my friends, and
everybody else in the marketing world, or anybody who has a blog, period — and
they’ll say, “I notice you have a blog.” “We’d like to guest post on your site, and
we’ll pay you 30 bucks for an article to guest post on your site.” Now,
most people that I know will just flat-out delete that garbage. But there are
people out there that will say, “Okay, yeah sure, I’ll take 30 bucks to put a guest post
on my site.” And that’s where they insert the link back to their client’s site. Again, if there’s no context between the site that’s linking, and the site that’s
being linked, this is going to be a low-quality thing. What these companies
should do instead is focus on ways to build the actual company brand with a
multi-faceted approach for these companies. Content is one way; links are
another way. But in my experience, you’re not going to get a lot of links to your
site without content that is unique, and answers questions that people have.
You’re going to have to understand the market of the business that
trying to help. So that was the the third thing that I noticed about a lot of
these SEO package deals. None of them actually do a SEO audit of your
site. They don’t actually take time to understand your business, or they service
multiple different verticals. They might be servicing all kinds of random
verticals, from health to education to transportation. Your manufacturing site
might be the very first site [of that type] that they’re actually trying to do SEO for.
So they actually don’t understand your industry.
They don’t have any actual experience in making those sites rank. So that is a
problem. I’m not trying to pick on anybody from any one particular location. There’s
a lot of SEO companies that do this in the USA as well. Again, I’ve had clients show me a
lot of the materials that these companies send out, and there will be
things on their list like, “we’ll put Google Analytics on your site”
or “we will set up XML sitemaps” and you might actually already have
those things in place. To go back to a video I did very recently, SEO for each site is a
little bit different. You can’t simply make blanket statements. What this site needs
over here to rank might not be what this site needs over here. That’s why it’s
very important at the very beginning to do an in-depth SEO audit of the entire site, and
actually see what the strengths and weaknesses are. See who they’re going up
against, see what deficiencies that they have, that you need to fill up — without
just saying, “we’re going to sell you 40 low-quality links per month, and redesign
your site, and maybe tweak your titles and descriptions, and that’s it.” In
my experience, and from what I’ve seen from talking to clients, from talking to
different people, that is why people are so sour on SEO. It is because they don’t
understand that there is a difference between the cheap companies that treat
every customer exactly the same, and they don’t really understand your business
they and they are not looking at what is wrong with your site. This is why
I don’t like packages, SEO packages — it’s why I don’t like website packages! You’re
trying to lump everything into the same box, and treat every website
and every business as though it was exactly the same as every other business
and every other website. That is simply not the case. The
prospect that I was talking to, I 100 percent — no, two hundred percent — believe that
they will be calling me back a year from now, when their current contract runs out
with this [current SEO] company. Because I know that they’re not going to get results.
Straight up, hand to God, I’m sorry guys. So, if you have any SEO questions that you
would like to see answered, put it in the comments below, and then we’ll answer it
for you. This is John Locke from Lockedown Design and SEO. We help manufacturing and
industrial companies rank higher in Google and other search engines, getting
them more RFQs. Peace. Subscribe.

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  2. Hi John. I'm not in the OEM industry, but are there any general guidelines for best results when writing content? Aside from strategic use of keywords and title optimization. Thanks!

  3. Hello John
    I did a career shift from high level secret stuff to SEO. As a new guy on this block whats a good way to sell yourself to your clients? I ask this after watching your vid as I have the same concerns with the industry and how it looks. I'd like to be the guy a business trusts to deliver measurable results without the fluff and with the personal touch. How do you go about conveying to the client the quality of results is whats important vs the promises others make with erroneous statistics due to BS methods resulting in eventual failure to the client?

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