Who is the real 'Schick Happens?' You might be surprised… Part 1

Who is the real 'Schick Happens?' You might be surprised... Part 1

hey guys Kapoor here a real quick thing on this next video of who is shit happens all of the film in the background that I'm gonna roll the pictures it's all from his farm him and his wife are really cool people but also so you know he put me up to it so everything I put in the first video is actually true you know I just kind of lather did on really sick but he's a super nice guy so let's see who the real shit happens is all right so first and foremost thanks for making the trip and it was a pleasure having you and you're right here everybody's wondering how did you here Joel okay so believe it or not about seven years ago when I was poking around on YouTube looking for real estate look at it outdoor properties I stumbled across Joe's YouTube channel and I think he had oh maybe 50 60 subscribers and it it was like a real estate video that he put up just filming himself looking at some property that he may was flipping at the time talking about it I don't know maybe it was a sales pitch but yeah I stumbled across it and every once in a while I'd go back to it and then I'd see you is up to a thousand members and a couple thousand members and got Warren to the property flipping property management and I just kind of got cooked so I I've been following Joel for start point seven years following them really good because we had so much in common really hard for about the last three years when did you first connect I reached out to Joe via email I think it was your might have been your camp or outdoors website about a year ago and I mean I knew he was previous law enforcement military and I knew or assumed that he'd get a lot of South they're trying to contact him but we just him not knowing it we connected online his his work ethics his property management his past history with it just we connected he didn't even know it so I reached out via email give a little bit background on myself and and said hey you know let's let's talk let's let's exchange numbers let's let's talk here's a little bit about me here's what I do here's what I'm about I got a lot in common let's let's just get together let's chat let's talk that's kind of how that went so about a year of communication via cell phone email listen at so how did this trip vote so we we both said yep we should get together everything we've talked about we we think the same we just said we need to connect we can do a meet and greet halfway I can drive down there with the wife you can come up here we just need to break the ice and well that was the first hurdle was breaking the ice so that's that's what we did shake happens and I'm actually wondering the same thing okay chick is nothing more than the name of the road that my wife and I love on a few years back I formed an LLC it's ffs farms and the little note on her it's where Schick happens and honestly Schick is nothing more than the name of the road we live on I see you have a cap on its military tell us about that yes I was in the United States Navy I joined actually Joe and I were talking about this earlier today when he joined the Marine Corps in November of 88 I was right behind him with the United States Navy in January of 89 so right out of high school I joined the Navy Wow eight months afterwards or so and January of 89 through August of 96 I spent some time overseas I spent for almost four years on the USS Sylvania Operation Desert Shield Desert Storm then was a Newport Rhode Island sima and then finished up in Great Lakes as a supply manager got out in August 96 oh thank you for having me here yes when I first joined the military I hadn't decided what I wanted to do and my first command overseas I was billeted for military police so I went to Lackland Air Force Base for about 12 weeks for law enforcement training so basically the first two years I was in the military I was a cop all right so I hear you write articles for this floor and what are they both yes I've always had a passion for writing I was horrible in high school with all the classes but it for some reason I excelled in English and one of my dreams was to get published in a magazine I just wanted to write one article get published and I thought my life was complete so back in 95 96 I wrote an article to fur fishing game about bullhead fishing with my dad and the editor at the time and I think he still is bitch Cox sent me a letter saying like to buy the rights to this article and honestly I felt like I won the lottery but that was the kickstart I mean I've since the age of 16 I've been employed and up till now work a full-time job but as a little side gig I thought it'd be nice to write some articles so I pursued that as a little part-time gig and started writing more articles more articles lot of rejection letters but to date dozens and dozens of articles in outdoor magazines for a fishing game I've been an outdoor life for quite a while I was a field editor for the chera predator collar and was a member of the Outdoor Writers of Ohio Association actually won a couple Awards with them great honor so yeah one of my little side gigs is writing articles about wildlife outdoors so yeah it's kind of a side passion so you said you work full-time what do you do during that as I mentioned before first few years military OHS law enforcement but then switched to supply I'm not gonna go into details but getting shot at it's not fun I just thought it was a good time to make a shift in what I wanted to do in life so I got into purchasing Supply Management and kind of held that position for quite some time still do when I got out I was a parts manager for an agricultural store ordering all their parts and then to date I guess for the last 15 years of a material planning a purchasing agent for a local company where I live in Northwest Ohio yes yes again 15 years ago when I took a new job purchasing property in Northwest Ohio come up 110 year old farmhouse with a 60 by 60 pole barn with 40 acres of property a creek running through it Mud Creek and we probably have a quarter-mile of riverfront as well so it just fell into my lap at the time I thought it was a hefty price to pay looking back now it was the absolute correct move to make so I have 40 acres some wooded some tillable and that's been my playground for the last 15 years with food plots wildlife management the whole nine yards and then and again this is what drew me to Joe with his management

22 thoughts on “Who is the real 'Schick Happens?' You might be surprised… Part 1

  1. Well, now my cover is blown Joe. I was trying to cultivate the vivid image of a bumbling, know-it-all, armchair expert, who in reality can't find his way out of a cardboard box. One who constantly gets under your skin, passing along idiotic advice………and then you get all sappy on me….lol

  2. Great video. Interesting that CJ was deployed with the Red Sea carrier support group. I was with the USAF 325th ATH , 1701st provisional wing and we took care of Navy from the JFK, America, Saratoga, and their support ships. Check with CJ whether his ship ever made port in Jeddah. My memory is foggy, but I may have been on the Sylvania while in port. It least I boarded a support/ manufacturing ship. It was big, gray and floated as I recall.

  3. Nice to meet you CJ. Sorry to say the way Kap was dishing on you I thought you were a little off center. I was actually a bit worried that Kap had invited you out to his piece of heaven, but after seeing his first post when you got to his place I knew I had been played big time ?. Because of that now I gotta start throwing him under the bus again, geez.

  4. Never judge a book by it's cover knew there was an underlying story to this will be watching for further developments.

  5. I knew there was more to the story. A person who spent 20 yrs in LE doesnt just invite a stranger to his compound for the weekend. My hunch was correct. We think the same as I'm former LE also.

  6. Wow kind of freaky how much y'all like the same things. Maybe you are long lost cousins or something, lol

  7. Lol, so he ain't your brother by blood but he is by friendship and same likes, beliefs, etc. Didn't figure if you were having problems with someone that you'd be broadcasting it on your vlog…enjoy your comradeship. Take care, be safe and don't overdo….lol

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