Who is Su tart? I let my subscribers send me games … REGRET

Who is Su tart? I let my subscribers send me games ... REGRET

hey guys welcome to be' man is what i would have said if you guys would have freaking submitted games to the subreddit okay I asked for one thing and you guys do the opposite you only submit means so in case you guys missed the last episode of BAM that's not it at all I don't know what that guy just died there's channel's name ma'am so would be the thief so okay wait a minute this has copyright music okay I get played I appreciate the support I didn't realize somebody thinks her name but ma'am anyway yeah guys if you missed this check it out that's where I said hey guys I created a subreddit I thought hey it would be kind of cool but you guys just submits games to submit video games and then you upload them that's the lovely think about ready that I thought hey we can't get that with the random emails but it seems like maybe you guys if you guys just don't want to do that keep sending me the weird emails at edit my video please at gmail.com the best email around but I'd much rather you submit them here so people can up both them but the top up boat is not even a game it's a clip from when I played a game so is this what you guys want i'm trying to be the best youtuber i canta follow what you guys wants I just don't know why I am disappoint so yeah I have a subreddit I'll they get the description guys stories so you can have both the beams I'm just here to praise how accurately you drew not ski I mean I tried okay I have drawn some things in my life I used to sit in class and draw basically all day instead of actually do my work all right I mean compare them they're not it's not really that good her face kind of looks weird now that I look at her eyes in the wrong position and to be fair I didn't put that much work into it you guys really want me to play that game I really wanna play a whole episode if you guys really want to see it here's the second most uploaded thing salad Mike let's see who this really is oh no it's a salad this is why people say a coffee pewdiepie because my show is called ba-bam which was a junk off of pewdiepie to be fair but now I'm actually just reacting to means I would actually make for a really good episode of scooby-doo know when I get away from the Doki miebs they just somehow make their way back into my life again this is the what little sup buddy posts right here Yuri do you accept my lord confession tell me do you want to be my lover MC sure Yuri guess I'll die like this is it why is such an old mean this isn't fresh anymore did you mike making bamm-bamm are you trying to say that this was a fail because this sure feels like one second only to disclose know what I'm talking about well you can you can turn it back you can update this meme now it's back okay the green hairs back even though it looks like some freaking weed killers been poured on my head alright this sub should be renamed to feed you Mike submissions no there should be a tag for game suggestions people still have the right to post b-joo related fan art okay yes I don't like do that I've so new to ready okay we need to fix this we're fixing it live alright alright so looks like Newton already made this tag okay so what you do guys this is what you do and maybe your 40-ton this maybe you guys know reddit and I don't your just when you post something so you've got a flair and then you just put it in game suggestion maybe that's what I gotta do hahahaha when you're beat you bite and a beatdown bike though don't be talking about bikes around here forget beat that bite oh my god what if you guys don't know this is why I shouldn't give any creative control to any of you that's one of those bad websites I can't even show the picture I don't want to show the picture cuz I don't get to monetize it sucks my last yandere simulator guide to monetize unfortunately we can't afford to begin to monetize videos right now okay we need to try to get them all right if there could be a little hint e in it but like I have to be able to censor it not the entire thing okay what is this and why did you guys up both this you know roblox is like Russian Roulette you just don't know what you're gonna get oh I haven't installed roblox yet what's the sin I mean I don't I do what this is Jesus Christ have so much robots I can't forgot ball and I am on this game am I gonna get jumpscared seriously what are you actually putting me in and why do people actually up both this save Charles my god wait all the unsheathes have turned into chills why all I said was James Charles is that the joke Oh Oh No okay you are ünzile your job is to stand there being unchilled okay created this this one crack what is these memes sounds like I'm a little bit I watched movie girl I liked him a lot okay oh you didn't tell me was gonna be a horror game are you chill I hope you're chill oh he's an expert's I will spare you thank you do you mean eats I do the scale Oh he sacrificed himself I feel like that's some roblox the beam that I just don't understand I really don't do me a favor give me some robots please I really need some real books please another roblox one are you kidding me play or David's mom will be your bike no that's my bike two peas suit art gets divorced I guess I'm becoming a roadblock channel this episode guys what is this what is this sub ready we need more people in here diverse we need diversity okay this is another flamenco meme isn't it I think I could just assume anything this roblox is flamingo so that's suit art I haven't watched them that much but I have watched of quite a few of his videos Marley for Marley and Me know you I hate you stupid noob os if I can do I get a president I don't even like yet I ain't you stupid no no you too tart jr. thinks oh no they fightin again oh they're so sad why is he fighting with a giant DVD you cheated on me good one Marley for Marvin mean did not this not good what is this the function of roblox family stop lying I'm not lying thinks I should stop them no don't go in there look at me AB sick of you lying we should divorce yes so confused why oh no the Sun is walked in why are you here son odd knows I've been seen stupid noob East drop or go to bed I'm trying to be like flamingos that's next morning this story should get a bunch of Grammys me and your mom getting divorced today but remember if any one boy you say talk to the head yeah that definitely won't get you bullied more talk to the hand what are you doing dude I don't trust you he's trying to steal my precious green hair the class Many Robots at school oh is it is he going to implement they talk to the hand technique are we gonna get to see this haha stupid bacon hair noob your parents get divorced thanks I'll do what dad said you did dr. Laham were you dog dumb will you think I'll go dude noob let's beat him up don't ignore us I suddenly feel really really chill wait a minute what was the first roblox game we played it was something about chill it's all making sense now oh Jesus Christ look at oh my god the fugitive Thomas the Train oh no see guys this is why you don't mess with kids alright because it's like animes where they get strong you know Oh suit art what the heck dude that was pretty chill that's me every day there's more levels it still goes on off I go okay so he is fixing his door that's a weird what is it what is this world what is this world that he lives in oh no the Marley & Me is now talking you think about what you don't want me in suit are finished getting divorce thanks better get out of here while they divorced my peers got divorced – yeah you know I I can confirm this is exactly how it went except the only difference is that my mom is not a copy of Marley & Me she's actually a copy of jungle 2 jungle because I remember watching that movie all the time that's related you know I don't get the memes so you don't worry whatever now the lingo owls here good enough for me just do your Spanish lessons I just realized I'm going through this in Reverse well why was the entrance over here this is what you wanted this is what you guys wanted that's the best intro I've ever seen in my life I said that that needs more beating game why don't they just hire me for it why don't they just replace every anime girl with me that's what they should do ok you know I don't need to know anything about it let's just play it that's the spirit of a man right I don't this amount tourney to react see beams by no it's about playing the games if that's not me guys well I'm just here for what you want let's just play this thing death trips why did death trip why don't people pick up their crap okay this better not be freaking scary this runs great alright sorry my game was running like an actual garbage can but it's a lot better now that's the kind of framerate I'm talking about I didn't spend in frickin arm and a leg on this PC for that okay well you meup guys all right this is horror wartime volume all the way max break your hip bones okay maybe she's pretty good was a mistake oh I gotta go back I totally missed it that was so lame I get it though that's why he made the noise so confused I mean my first it's anyone's first instinct would obviously turn around think it speak guys I think this episode is pink so dang that was ask every horror game ever played that's good though I've never played it like a prank or a game oh man I got epic break whoa you know you know someone out there's made a ten minute video on that on that game I really enjoy the painting is this I'm pretty proud of this and then they just have a link okay dantdm notice beat you Mike no no he did it and angeas Baldy basic video answered to baldies third question he said I have seen a bunch of people clip mate what the answer is but I'm now going to find out why to the world the truth is later in the video he says is not some stupid once you not 964 whatever the number is one two nine six four first you beat use video solving Beecham it's the video solving baldies third question the numbers appear your thumb that with it nine look I just didn't listen all right mister peace does it all the time okay its clickbait but its clickbait that's not clickbait there really wasn't answer to the question it was a mod but I needed to do something to made it intriguing okay I did nothing wrong alright even Cory kitchen called me out for that too oh but when mr. Beach does it no one cares it's called exaggeration alright sometimes there's the time in a place for it yes now I can make into the damn video dan finally noticed me play this or not ski will die this can't be reached oh great that's always a great sign see there we go but ma'am submission that's what I want that's what I asked for okay no okay I want the means all right what a made clear it means were great memes are fine to leave the means but just make sure you flare them okay so when you post you've got to change the player gate suggestion it's all you got to do so if you got a meme then flare it meme or I guess there's I guess you don't need to really flare it but I just want the game suggestions layered that's really what I want play this game or else I will newb your hair off now or else I will newb your hair off I really love it what I can't see what's behind the link the world's hardest game well we'll see about that this is the world's hardest game I guarantee you it is harder than 80 game you have ever played or ever ever will play okay you were the red square avoid the blue circles and collect the yellow circles once you have collected all of the yellow circles moved to the green beacon to complete the well some levels consists of more than one beacon okay all right oh this game this game is freaking tough ah people play this game way back when lie this is old oh my god don't even bother trying oh oh crap come on guys it's not that hard oh crap I know it's I know what to do I know what to do there's an opening when they okay the middle is bad oh my god this is easy this is easy we've got to get back to the middle okay alright alright I got it okay oh okay I could almost guarantee you FL no I won't you don't know me it's time to go beat you mode come on I did it okay go back in that one was easy I actually don't really like you there o-o again when you go to the middle oh so close okay in the middle is slower wow it's like crazy how that works I don't count my desk I just runs counter my dad's why does it go so slow on the top it's so dumb okay stop oh I finally got back but guess what I missed one that's it hard what this is easy this is Kate this is oh my god okay okay okay talk about it so far to go down world's hardest game yeah right okay okay world's artists Gabriel oh the world's hardest game watch I die right here that beat that be tragic you don't get dizzy now don't you worry I won't look I'm safe I'm frustrated all right here we go just jump into it just jump into it I could just go right on I don't understand cause you have to stay still okay oh this is just a joke don't look at my death count it's not real its fake its glitz I don't get this how is this working play this orb it life will beat you a game is it now my friend Pedro isn't this the game that just came out what's it a flash game before hello click it's B petrol your friends don't worry I'm wearing my invisibility undies you're the only one who could see me we're going on an adventure you and me let's start by learning some basics try moving over here jolly good oh it is holy crab what but you look at this somebody called these boxes right in our way people have no respect for these days you're gonna have to jump over them Oh Dana so cool Nana talky to me I think I'm on the dhruv's uh-oh shoots like that me that's why I can never be a movie star I'm basically like Tom Cruise's oh I don't even got a look at him I'm gonna shoot him right in his kneecaps oh you got a knife too you know they say don't be bring a knife to a gunfight I say that's a bull hockey now my plight oh boy wasn't that well that was actually a pleasant experience okay all right but guys all right I'm only gonna ask this one time I need you to make me suffer next episode give me your worst I don't care what kind of games they are break you give them to me okay make them surprising okay again we I want this to be like the ready 50-50 challenge and the better yet it's on reddit so make sure you flare your stuff join the BG subreddit today okay and today scrub of the day that was the sake that was the segue today scrub of the day goes to Mandy Pandey 1 0 2 3 that one was really enjoyable I really like that so congratulations your scrub of the day hey if you join next episode maybe you could get scrub of the day okay then you can go to that teachers that hated you would always sent you to is our which is what it was called the tension in my in my school and say ha look what I did with my life it knows to cry that's exactly what'll happen alright then you will beat the lover of your dreams all right that's true match like subscribe if you enjoyed it and I'll see you scrubs in the next plane scrub out

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