What’s it like to work at Google in Europe and the Middle East? Googlers share relocation stories

It’s so fun being an engineer. I moved from Cairo and I work in Google Paris. I’ve been living all my life in Egypt and
I really wanted to see other places. I relocated to Warsaw from Hyderabad. Google has always been known for their material
design and they made the design language mainstream. I always wanted to be part of that. I started as an intern in the Tel Aviv office
and I manage a team of around fifteen engineers, working as part of Google Search. What’s really exciting about my work is the
people aspect of it, how to help my teammates find their own path. Leaving India to work for Google felt like
a big move. I didn’t know what to expect but I love how
green the city is and it’s more peaceful I feel. Coming here I was supported by the relocation
team. It was a great onboarding process. They took care of everything for me. Paris really feels like home now. When I’m thinking about a design problem,
everything starts on paper.Your mind is clear when you are focusing on sketching. How do you exercise your creativity? How do you come up with new solutions for
existing problems? How do you look at the same problem with a
new perspective? The more opinions that we get, the more perspectives
that we get, the more the decision comes from a well-thought place. I think Google really puts a lot of effort
into making everybody feel impactful. They want you to grow, they really invest
in people. Google’s really flexible, in helping you find
the work-life balance that is suitable for you personally. When I first joined I felt like maybe I’m
not going to be as good as they think I am, but there is always reassurance from my manager. He said that we didn’t hire you for the first
six months, we hired you for what you’re going to deliver after three or four years. Google feels like a global community. There’s a lot of opportunities to grow and
try out different things. I never thought my work would go this far.

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