What if Internet Stopped Working? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if Internet Stopped Working? Then I will spread my AumSum Net everywhere. What. Oh AumSum. Currently almost 60% of the human population
i.e. Around 4.5 billion people actively use internet. Now, if internet stopped working. Firstly, no notifications, status updates
or emails. Many people will suddenly have a lot of free
time on their hands. Secondly, a research suggests that productivity
might increase. For a short duration of time as people instead
of. Wasting time on internet will actually finish
their work off. Thirdly, as social communication is a very
important part of the internet. Without it, some amount of isolation or anxiety
might creep in. Fourthly, businesses built with internet as
their backbone. Will have to shut their shops, world economy
will take a severe hit. On the flip side, people might start interacting more with each other.

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