What Happens on a ‘Shadow Cadets Only’ Minecraft Server with NO RULES…?

What Happens on a ‘Shadow Cadets Only’  Minecraft Server with NO RULES…?

Hey guys what’s up, LDShadowLady here!
Today i’m doing an experiment What happens when you allow shadow cadets onto a server with no rules? Now I know you guys are these sweetest people ever
so I’m sure that nothing bad will happen on this server whatsoever right? Well before we open up the server we first have to select some worthy shadow cadets How does one prove themselves a shadow cadet?
Well by taking a test of course because I love tests. Who doesn’t love exams right?
So I created a quiz on quotev and then tweeted it out for you guys to answer
and if you manage to get 100% of the answers correct you have proved yourself
a worthy shadow cadet and you get the secret information which is login info
to my minecraft server so just for fun let’s take a look at the questions that you will be tested on to prove your worthiness So number one, how old is LDShadowLady?
Well I’m an old hag so I am 26 Number two, here was the haunted barbie mansion? Well of course you would know
that it was in Trollcraft, duh! Number three, which Disney Princesses were in the Disney Princess Sims 4 challenge? It was Snow White Bell and Rapunzel. Number four, which of these was not in Shadow Craft? We were morbid enough to
have a pet graveyard but no such thing as a chicken dungeon in shadow craft. Number five, what is the name of my pet dog? the answer is Meri. Number six, what is the name of the magical themed Minecraft series with Cupquake, Mitty and Vengelfe? This dates all the way back to 2014.
The answer is Enchanted Oasis Number seven, when did Lizzie do a draw my life? it was of course after hitting 1 million subscribers. Number 8, who was my first crush?
I am ashamed to say that it was Ron Weasley. I don’t know why. Number 9, what is her world of warcraft main character? This is probably the most
difficult question because I never talk about World of Warcraft but it is a huge
part of my life. My main character is a human hunter called her Huffleclaw. and here she is, isn’t she beautiful? This is my bear Arcturis. also I have many pets which I would like to show off to you right now. Thank you for watching. Question number 10, What is her husband called? now you would have to be a really fake fan not to know, it is of course, Joel. and finally question 11, what is her favorite song? obviously Lions! by Lights. Which, fun fact,
is about World of Warcraft. So all the quiz takers that managed to get 100% Were able to proceed to the secret
server. Now to begin the experiment. So I have built this adorable little spawn
area here for all of these shadow cadets to spawn at and these signs here say “In a server with no rules…
How will you choose to play?” because obviously they
could just log up into the world, find some TNT, blow up my beautiful creation
and log out. or they could build a beautiful utopia for themselves so let’s start allowing people onto the server
and let’s see what happens So how long will the rainbow spawn survive? Will it be destroyed instantly
or will the shadow cadets keep it protected? Oh my gosh, we have the first
player on the server and another one! Look we have such a nice group of people.
Nobody has destroyed anything yet but that might be because I’m right here
watching. they also just discovered that PvP is on and there have been a few accidental punches so far. They’ve all decided to go exploring together and
they have nicknamed themselves the wholesome squad.
Do I have the best fans in the world? Yes I do. These guys are so cute look they’re starting to build. They’ve even put a ban on floating trees! oh my…
These are my people These are my people. Okay I’ve made
myself invisible so that I can spy on people without them feeling like I’m
watching them and we will see what they really get up to… Oh my gosh, we have our first villain on
the server. This guy totally just logged in and started killing a donkey, oh my gosh! Oh my goodness! Oh no! A murder!
I think that’s our first. How will wholesome squad deal with a murder?
Oh, she’s killing her again! Is nobody gonna help this poor girl?
Okay, actually now people are requesting for frowningsmiles to kill them
so I’m not really sure what’s going on. This is a pretty backwards world. *gasp* a bridge! For the greater good! This is so cute and helpful! So far it looks like things are
advancing along nicely but I’m gonna go away and check back in a few hours to
see how much civilization has progressed. We have so many cute houses being built right now. They’re all so little and cute.
A lot of them are being built out of wood right now. because that is one of the most readily
available resources. However, wood is very flammable so I’m
slightly concerned about griefing. So for a few days the peaceful shadow cadets of
the server began to build their homes. Until one day, as predicted, the fires started. Oh no! We’ve had a fire! It’s lava! Somebody did that on purpose but who was it?
Whoever did this is still on the loose! When will they strike again?
What is happening over here? Oh it’s all burning down!
It’s burning the whole house down! Oh my gosh there’s fire everywhere.
Oh no who’s doing this? This is so sad! Oh no, there are fires cropping up everywhere.
This is the most adorable house ever and it’s on fire. Oh! This house is completely gone. Yikes!
Who is setting these fires? It’s still a mystery.. *gasp*
The bridge! Not the bridge! This is symbolic. So I think this is
the downfall of civilization as we know it. Fires are taking over. Look at this once beautiful home, now a ruin. and whatever remains of this one
is still burning down to this day. So if anybody builds anything nice
it will soon be destroyed. Okay, there’s just a huge PvP brawl going
on at spawn right now. I don’t know what happened.
Everyone is very angry each other. By now everyone has a sword so people are just
dying all over the place. so this is what happens when you give people freedom. It seems like the ruin and destruction of the wholesome village has left people demotivated with building and they’ve just taken to killing each other instead. The fires ripped their way through all of the wooden buildings leaving behind a desolate wasteland. So after that little purge of fire and destruction,
I had my own little cleanse and I demolished a lot of the abandoned ruined structures
from the spawn area and people have actually started to build again!
This is really cute, faith in humanity has been restored. How has this not been damaged yet?
I don’t know. We do have some questionable builds.
Not sure why anybody spent time building this thing.. …but they did.
And it looks like everybody is getting along. So for now there is peace in the shadow cadet server.
I wonder how long this is going to last. The answer is, not very long at all. We have a little sneaky person here
getting up to some nefarious deeds. Whatever could they be building this giant staircase for?
Only to flood the entire server with lava! So people have discovered a fun new way
to grief the server, with a giant lava wall. It’s just killing everybody!
What has happened to the spawn area? How did this happen?
The rainbow is on fire now! Things have gone horribly wrong in the utopia
that was, the shadow cadet only server. *gasp* The rainbow is burning down!
Oh no, it’s fully on fire, I’m so confused. Who is doing this?
Demius, it’s you! How did you do this? Okay well I have a plan for Demius!
He’s trapped *maniacal laughter* You shall burn down the rainbow no more!
Oh! People put out the fire. That’s cute.
Oh my gosh, look what happened. They’ve surrounded him and he’s still in there.
People are really mad. “Here lies a traitor scumbag” Oh my goodness.
Vigilante justice. This place is a mess. Thanks to the community effort, the giant
wall of cobble is gone and somehow this place is still not damaged,
I don’t know how. there are some really cute builds appearing now,
look at this little octopus house. okay so this is it for day one of the server.
It’s a bit of a mess right now but I’m gonna go to bed and see what it looks like in the morning. Right ok, the moment of truth Oh no, the server is full! I can’t even get on. *gasp* There’s been a bit of vandalism at spawn. and the skulls!
the walrus skull and the stitch skull have disappeared. but no giant holes in the ground, no giant walls of lava I’m pleasantly surprised. What is this? Oh my gosh,
there’s actually a cute build over here. How has this survived so far? So we are now at the end of our experiment.
This is the spawn area… It’s almost unrecognizable except for this
tiny bit of rainbow here at the top. It is now just a pit of death where people
are born and then they die. There are actually some really cute builds around.
Somehow, this place still looks great but the rest of the server is looking pretty destroyed.
So I guess this is what happens when you give people the freedom
to do anything and there are no official rules. So for the final part of the experiment
there’s one last thing I want to do. I’m gonna clear everybody’s inventory
and then I’m going to give everybody TNT. People have already started placing it.
This is probably gonna crash the server very quickly. The explosions have already started.
This is the end of the server. People really didn’t hold back with the TNT!
They had a choice, they chose explosions. Look at this cute little area that’s about to be destroyed.
*explosions* Oh my gosh. Yep, this is kinda what I expected.
Ah yes this is where spawn was… it is no longer here. So let’s just take a moment to remind ourselves
what this place looked like before… and what it looks like now.
Well I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did please make sure to leave a like
and I will see you next time!

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  1. In the beginning she says…
    Lizzie:Will they be kind or just go off into the world and find TNT?

    Me:Lizzie, you need gunpowder and sand… it’s not natural 🤣

  2. The griefer dood is reminding lizzie of the tramautizing experience in Shadowcraft…when her house burnt down

  3. Hey Lizzie you probably won’t see this but can you make a server that iPads can go on please if you can thanks ❤️✨☀️

  4. Your hair look pretty lizzie:3and if you have any pet to name pick me pls Karli,Rainbow,Ralo,Zozo,Mizuki,Sakura,or alika,last but not least Amelia kasigo?If you want to pick??

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