100 thoughts on “Web Lab

  1. lol if Micro$oft would do all the stuff that G00gle do, people would say that it's turning into a monopoly. Now with g00gle, nobody seem to care. Anyway, I don't care too much neither.

  2. Yeah Google is one of the best companies in tech that actually seems to care more about people than other big companies such as Apple.

  3. What a naive comment. Google is in fact taking over the world, making you give every personal data, telephone numbers, email addresses, apps you mostly use, etc… Google started with a very altruistic ideas, nowadays it has become Big Brother, he knows everything about you.

  4. Quite beautiful 🙂 It's uplifting to see that we're entering an age where people no longer fear technology but covet it. I do hope we get there soon. It's time to leave behind these old ideals that we lose something when we include it in our lives.

  5. "The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life." : Bill Gates – Microsoft
    Intellectual video.Modern technology is changing the way our brains work and this particular video depicts the same very idea.

  6. Some worship god, some worship devil, some worship Apple, some worship Google… Mindless people always need to worship something.
    Yeah, cool video. But selling a fake idea.

  7. They're not called Overlord Google for no reason in certain parts of the web…it's kinda funny when you think about their motto though

    "Do no evil."

    In fact, I think Google took over the world around the time they established a foothold in the telecommunications industry ^_-

  8. Just listened to the whole thing, and it's definitely not that track. Was hoping it would be though. You sure you got the right name?

  9. Are you sure. I just listened to that because of your suggestion, and they sound different. Don't get me wrong, but that song is good. Thanks!

  10. unstable pile of crap. locked my computer up had to do a reset after 15 mins of frozen screen 🙁 not happy Google no not happy with you at all.

  11. All laptops are macs? Wha… I've had 3 laptops that were definitely not macs… Am I the chosen one? Am I a god's son? I am.

  12. Y que onda? No se pa que carajo sirve este tal Lab al que acceder online =/
    Cual es el experimento? Que finalidad tiene?

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