Web Exclusive: The Best Sex Tips of All Time!

Web Exclusive: The Best Sex Tips of All Time!

>>Welcome back to The Real. And hello, YouTube. It is my favorite time of the day when we
give you an exclusive Girl Chat segment because girl, we’re not done chatting yet.
>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>Okay, so friends, I’m so
glad that we’re on YouTube right now. Because the next topic is, too hot for TV.
>>Mm-hm.>>Okay.>>Redbook recently released their list of the 99 Best Sex Tips of All Time to help spice things up between you and
your partner. Some of the tips included watching porn together.
>>Mm.>>Making a secret sex code, and finally understanding that it’s all about the tongue.
>>Yes.>>So ladies, what tip would you give to make the
bedroom even better, let’s go with the one that made two kids from it.>>Me?
>>Yes, come on.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Okay. My thing is make sure you stay connected. I know at times it feels really good.
>>Like, literally?
>>Yeah, well. Yeah, Jeannie, we know what happens. But once you’re really in it, sometimes
people, they keep their eyes closed.>>Really try to keep your eyes open, and stay connected here. The other thing, is make sure
you guys have the same rhythm. Do you know what I mean? One person may be going this away. The other person may be going that way.
>>[LAUGH]>>And you wanna make sure that you two
>>Show ‘ show ‘ girl.
>>Are in sync.
>>Show ‘.
>>[SOUND] [LAUGH]>>And then the other thing, is make sure that you guys both have the same stamina.
Do you know what I mean?
>>Yes.>>So my husband was a professional athlete. Mm-hm, and then I used to dance a lot and
run a lot, so we have a lot of energy. So it’s great.
>>You can keep up with each other.
>>Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
>>Make sure you can keep up. But what you just said right there,
keeping connected.>>Mm-hm.>>That’s actually tantric. That’s a tantric skill.
>>I didn’t know that.>>So I say read sex books, like educate yourself.
>>Yes.>>Figure out what you’ve gotta be doing. I’m not trying to be funny, but even on
the show we talked about men didn’t know that they should be doing kegel exercises. Only women thought that they were like,
get it right, get it tight.
>>Right.>>Men can do it.>>Men can absolutely, it is a muscle>>Yeah, [LAUGH]>>That is an exercise.>>If you really think about, men can make that twerk.
>>Yeah, and then you can actually become multi-orgasmic.
>>Yes.>>And I think it’s awesome if the both of you are going for
the same goal of becoming that. Reading a tantric book, a Kamasutra
book together can be very sexy. Fantasizing out loud.>>Absolutely.>>Role playing.>>Sounds.
>>Yes, lord.
>>Sounds are important.
>>Yes.>>What role you play? What do you play?
>>All kinds. I be a nice innocent little
girl just trying to find->>[LAUGH]>>My way.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, let me tell you, another dope thing, you guys. Doing it in different new places like>>Yeah.
>>Like in public.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yes, absolutely.>>There is something about danger.>>Adrienne, Adrienne. Adrienne.
>>It can be so much fun, it can reignite.>>Cant’t you get arrested for that though?
>>Yes, you can.>>But that’s what’s fun about it.>>Just be careful.>>Getting away with it, it’s fun.>>And make sure there’s no kids around.>>Exactly. Be safe about it. But I think also foreplay.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I think sometimes>>Yeah.>>Men be trying to ram it in, do not try to ram me in
if the oil ain’t oil yet. Okay.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>So foreplay for me, is->>Yes.
>>Cooking me.
>>My god.>>You know what I’m talking about.>>Yes, I do. I’d like to.>>Like cooking you what?>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>What?>>You gotta rev up them engines, girl.
Okay?>>She said it can’t be like the Sahara. [LAUGH]
>>I’m done.>>No, okay, I like the power of being unexpectedly surprised. So I think the art of blind-
>>That’s foreplay. [LAUGH]
>>But you know what? I think blindfolding is
still one of my favorites.>>Blindfolding and just, you don’t even need toys, sometimes
it’s just the art of being able to blow. You know what I mean?
>>Like what? Show me.
>>Like, like-
>>[LAUGH]>>No, but it is, like okay. Face forward, face forward.
Watch, close your eyes.
>>Okay.>>Face forward, okay. You have two breaths
>>[LAUGH]>>You can either use your hot breath or you can use your cold breath.
>>And you have amazing breath, so you’re okay.
>>Thank you.
>>Yes, she does.>>Close your eyes, close your eyes.
>>Don’t try this at home.
>>Okay.>>Yes.>>Ooh.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Why you gotta grab yourself like that?>>Right, see, it’s all about the nape of your neck,
and women also love behind the knees or
between the thighs. It gets all-
>>Men, women love for you to kiss their neck.
>>Yes.>>Move. Get that neck out.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Have fun. You’re welcome. That’s all we have for today but make sure
to just subscribe to the viewers YouTube page to stay up-to-date on
all of our exclusive content. Also, make sure to comment and let us
know what you guys wanna talk about. And finally, make sure to watch
The Real everyday right here. Until next time, blow.

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