WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is It Ever Too Big?

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is It Ever Too Big?

[MUSIC] Welcome back to The Real. And what’s up YouTube?
>>[LAUGH]>>It’s time once again for an exclusive Girl Chat segment,
just for you. Why?
Because girl, we’re not done chatting yet.>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is going to be a good one folks. This past Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles
quarterback Nick Foles, won the big game!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>However, it seems that’s not the only big thing about him. According to the website,
crossingbroad.com, Foles has an enormous penis, yes-
>>[APPLAUSE]>>I’m not making these things up.>>Can I please say it?>>Yeah.>>He’s know as Big Dick Nick.>>[APPLAUSE]>>This is real life you people. During his playing days at
the University of Arizona->>My gosh. [LAUGH]
>>So much so in fact that women on campus were reportedly afraid-
>>What?>>To have sex with him.
>>Woo.>>And the nickname has caught on in Philadelphia with-
>>Big Dick Nick!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Shirts! Yes, they have shirts being
sold online following his wing.>>My God!>>Yes the shirt say, what did the shirt say?
>>Big Dick Nick!>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah.>>Eagles linebacker Connor Barwin even confirmed the news
publicly once saying Foles has “the biggest weiner in the locker room.”>>Whoa.
>>Dang.>>I don’t know what this man is packing but
>>Can you imagine that? So ladies,
do you think there is such a thing, though, as too big when it
comes to a man’s member? Cuz some women were saying they were
afraid, and if you’ve seen Girls Trip, any of you guys see Girls Trip?
>>What happened in Girls Trip?>>Jada Pinkett’s character is met with a quite large
>>Big dick.>>There we go.>>[LAUGH]>>And you know,>>My lord. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever
done the backwards crawl on your elbows, been watching it come at you, you’re like [SOUND]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Exactly.
>>It’s not.>>I’m just saying.>>Exactly.>>She was experiencing that right there.
>>Exactly.>>When you asked that question, there was one audience member,
when you said, is it ever too big, somebody said no.
I need that person to reveal yourself. Who was that?>>What kind of vagina do you have?
>>No? Girl I salute you.
>>Girl no.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>I’m proud of you, really.>>Good girl>>You take it like a G.>>Let me tell you as an experienced sex seer here,
you ain’t seen the ones that I’ve seen. And I’ve seen some big ones. One time I had one, I was like no player,
you’re not about to give me a hysterectomy, all right?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>And we’ve got to keep it real. I’m not saying it can be too big, but
if it is you’ve just got to make sure your schedule is good tomorrow to not do some
of the things that you might need to do. Sitting, or walking.
>>[LAUGH]>>Walking.>>Or wearing a thong, or having panties on in general.
>>Okay, can we describe what a>>Big dick.
>>Yes.>>[LAUGH]>>Okay, like how large is that.>>Like how large is a big D.>>The one I’ve seen, the one
>>I think.>>The one I saw was seven.>>11 inches.>>Show me on the arm.>>No, seven is good.>>[INAUDIBLE]>>You’ve got to think about the girth. Girth was that too.
>>See, I don’t think it can ever be too girthy though.
>>Your arm is.>>From the tip of my middle finger, okay, show me.
>>This I feel like is okay, this is cool.
>>[LAUGH]>>That’s not big, okay!>>Or does it go that way, I don’t know.>>That’s big okay. This, not enough, come on!
>>You’re calling in sick, this is you’re calling in sick.
>>The one I saw, was like about that. And that was just too much.
>>Length, length not that people.
>>[CROSSTALK]>>Wait, but at the end of the day, wait.>>We got men who watch our show. At the end of the day whatever size you
are, women it is our job to make sure that you make the man feel good no matter
what it is, when he pulls it out. You gotta be like my god!
>>[LAUGH]>>It looks like it hurts.>>[CROSSTALK]>>I’m not going to lie to you.>>I’m not gonna lie.>>I’m not gonna lie to you. What I will say to is this.
>>No, I’m gonna make you feel good baby, because God gave you that and I am proud of it for you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Okay.>>Well, that’s all for today, but make sure to subscribe to the real
[CROSSTALK] to stay up to date on all exclusive content where we
get to say crazy things like>>Big dick!>>[LAUGH]>>Make sure to comment and let us know what you
want us to talk about. And finally,
make sure to watch The Real every day. Until next time, stay large.

100 thoughts on “WEB EXCLUSIVE: Is It Ever Too Big?

  1. There was a story I saw one time about this guy that has a 14” member. Evidently he has gotten pulled to the side at airport security because they thought he was concealing a weapon. The security person then just tries to grab it and says “oh….” and let’s him through.

  2. Men care more about the quantity of sex, more then the size or their instrument of pleasure. A big un ain't any good if you ain't gettin any. Word to the wise ladies.

  3. Imagine if there was a day time talk show where 4 dudes talk about big fat women or the difference between curvy and fat. How big is too big? How quickly would women go on protests, nation-wide? Is the fat woman talking about seeing big dicks in pictures or has someone taken that grenade in his face?

  4. Why is Tamara always shy about discussions involving sex? Honestly, men like women who are explicit. I personally learned alot about sex and sexuality from my female friends. This is reason a woman like Amber Rose will easily find a husband and be married twice,while other women are struggling just to find a date.

  5. Well this video won't be monetized. But it's really all subjective. I just don't like when women act like a "small" penis to them is equivalent to having a physical deformity. But shout out to the asian chick for the wise but unpopular opinion. Because 90% of all women are absolutely lazy and selfish in bed

  6. Notice how they didn't call out numbers to say what big actually meant! Sounds like they didn't want to embarrass some of the fellas! LOL. Why have the conversation if you're not going to be REAL! LOL

  7. If you are a well hung dude, If you take it easy with her & not use it as a jackhammer she will adapt to your length & girth!

  8. You discuss the most taboo subjects in the world are . And it's the most embarrassingly funny . I am still R.O.T.F.l from the last discussion .

  9. If a woman wants a big dick her vagina is huge simple don’t faze by these broads gentlemen it means she has fucked the entire state lol

  10. I was told by a woman that she wont have sex with me unless I have a 11 inch dick, well we had to part, because I aint slicing half my dick off for any woman

  11. My ex tried to embarrass me by saying that my dick was too small in a crowd of people… I replied "HELL, a 747 looks small flying over the Grand Canyon!"

  12. Robyn O'Connor: Do we now? Women have manipulated men for centuries, they exploit a man's weaknesses. Oh yes women also harass men sexually too. They can be cruel and even sadistic. But we love it, right? Having a long schlong is no fun if women are afraid of it. Women expect men to be great in bed without experience or practice. The more sex a man gets, the better at it he is. Men can't read a woman's mind, you have to tell us what you want and like.

  13. A vigina can accommodate any size of a penis.l guess what is important is enough foreplay to avoid the bruising,uncomfortability

  14. I'm not a girl but surely it has to be. It's been proven that beyond a certain length females for the most part cant tell the difference

  15. these cunts should be taken off the air!! if a panel of Men had done the same thing but talked about some womens tight cunts they would have been fired immediately and never work in TV again! why is it these whores get a free pass!!???

  16. The asian women looks much more sexy since she gained some weight. You go with yo bad self. You aren't pencil thin anymore.

  17. If anyone is afraid if they're too big or too small, just learn to lick the toto like a champ. It pleases them, if done right, and gets her primed and ready for anything. Plus by the the time she's done arching her back pushing her inner thighs into your face, you'll be ready to use whatever your packing with pride!

  18. Coff Gunn: You damned right, Some men out there aren't the only douchebags, there are women out there, who are just like these hoochy mamas.

  19. Having a 'big one' is overrated. Women don't share this info with each other. And you can FORGET ever getting a BJ or even getting to go down on HER.

  20. Woman chooses having a man who can make her cum over a oversized dick anyday. Rock hard penis that can last and hit the spot will make any female craving more.

  21. Lamont Jennings: Men like the attentions of sexy , attractive women, but even cow's think they are attractive, thus the misguided logic. Women who can't get a guy, think like these hoochys.

  22. Imagine if 4 man talked on TV about a woman's Vagina in the same manner these women, like maybe how loose it is or how bad it smells I wonder what would happen…

  23. Let me tell you, when I younger I meet dude that had a penis the size of my entire forearm. I ran out of his house in 2.5 seconds and never saw him again. No thanks.

  24. If sex is painful then there is no pleasure. My girlfriend said she likes it a normal size not big. Big dig causes vagina stress and loose. And guys don’t like loose pussy

  25. Feminist would be furious if a group of guys was talking about boob sizes I guess women want men too be controlled about what they can talk about while being able to say and talk about what ever they want to the hypocrisy

  26. Women can say what ever they like but men can't…
    These girls have a clitorus on steroids and looks like a small dick with droopy hanging lips and I bet they still get some.

  27. Eric Paterson: Depending on how turned a woman is, will determine how much prep she needs. When I was a twenty something I could go up to five times in a row, so I could get off and go again and satisfy a woman.
    Now as a seventy something, it takes me longer to get my motor running, so prep is not a problem. I traded off hyper sexuality for hyper sensuality. Less frustrating and more pleasurable.

  28. Can I just say how uncomfortable this video is ( but I was totally into it 😂) but imagine if this was reversed tight pussy Tina like the world would be so fucking upset and “a woman should never be judged by her vagina” I can hear it now 😂 this was weird af and the fact that his team mates confirmed I was like oooopoooooo👉🏼🚪

  29. This world is full of double standards….imagine four men talking intimately about women's bodies on on show…..the show would catch so much flak it would be cancelled in a minute with advertisers withdrawing, feminists sueing and apologies demanded…who else agrees…?

  30. YES, IT CAN BE TOO BIG!!!😁😛☺️☺️☺️ Ladies DONT DO IT with a Jamaican man who ain't mixed. YOU'LL DEFINITELY KNOW BIG!😐

  31. I 💘 how they kept pointing 2 her 2 either say "big dick" or big dick nick",😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. But me personally don't lie 2 me bout my dick size, unless i'm literally paying u 4 sex. But @ ye same time don't leave till u see how work my dick game on u. Cuz i've spoken 2 experienced women, who have raved bout a little dick being better than a big dick. Just cuz ye little dick new what ye hell it was doing, or ye little dick fucked like it was a bigger dick. So size doesn't always matter.

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