We Got to Film at Google! CYSTM: Ghostbusters Making-Of!

We Got to Film at Google! CYSTM: Ghostbusters Making-Of!

(suspenseful music)
(sirens) (crew member conversation) – Cut it. We got it! Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s go to picture please. – Now, I’m a Ghostbuster! We’re at the Google sound stage,
and we’re actually the first
people to ever film here, which is pretty dang neat. This is a whole new building,
a whole new sound stage, and it’s massive.
This is only half of it. The thing I love about it
is it’s a playground to create. (crew conversation) So for this episode,
Ghostbusters, it was shot
with anamorphic lenses. One thing we wanna do
with every movie is shoot it in the aspect ratio
that the film was shot. Most lenses are spherical,
anamorphic compresses
the image along the long side. Things that are out of focus
in the background look different on anamorphic than they do
on spherical lenses. But it’s just very cinematic
and I’m really stoked
that we have ’em. (indistinct chatter) But the lenses, the narrative,
that’s all wrapping paper.
The present inside… is science. The fact that
Could You Survive the Movies
is about movies and science… instead of building a lab set,
or something that felt forced
and fake, why not use where we’re actually
building the experiments,
and have that as the backdrop? So we’re using
the Google sound stages for the Could You Survive
the Movies laboratory. Or as we like to call it,
CYSTM lab. (bell ringing) – Look at that.
– Go Charlie go! (Jake): CYSTM lab
is where we do the majority
of our experiments. What we learned from
the Mad Max episode
was that… it takes time to get them
right. And if you’re out
in the real world, out on location filming
them there, you don’t
have a lot of time to perfect it.
You have to do what you can with available light,
or the wind, the weather,
whatever. – There’s no key way on this,
but this thing
has to just settle. – So, just to point it out… Like, right down there
is where we did the foot stomp. … the amount of pressure
of that mass… Over there in that little set
is the Back to the Future
garage. – Two, one, go!
(explosion) Got it! – Why do I write this? Right over there is where
we did the Men in Black
alien stomach. Then right over there
we just had the
Van de Graaff generator doing the particle accelerator
test. Great place to build
and work and create, and that’s what the essence
of the show is. It’s about celebrating somebody
else’s creation, this movie, and then celebrating the science
that we’re creating.
Well, we’re not creating it. We’re… we didn’t come up
with science, did we? No we didn’t! (suspenseful music) But shooting in a sound stage,
no matter how amazing it is, is not always practical. – Mother puss bucket?
(Jake): Yep. It’s a line
from the movie. Stay inaccurate. Wow… Sometimes we go to a location, like when we had to defend
the city from a giant
marshmallow, Captain Disillusion.
So now’s the finale
of the episode. We’re fighting this giant
Captain Disillusion. Obviously, he’s not here.
Hey, Sara!
– Hey! – …fight, we fight, we fight. – We’re just gonna add him
in VFX. We’re going to have
a lot of pounds of basically
shaving cream, which is what they actually use
in Ghostbusters
for the final scene after the Stay Puft marsh man
explodes. – What we’re gonna get ready
to do now is a massive dump. (all): Thanks for watching. – Alright. Got it.
– And that’s a cut.
(laughing) – I gotta go back down there,
we’re obviously doing
a lot of work. They’re cleaning things up,
’cause we have a lot more
to build, a lot more experiments
to do, fun movies to explore, so I’m gonna do that.
But I will see you in the next
Could You Survive the Movies. Or CYSTM. (winking)

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