Want to be a YouTuber? You Need to Make Mistakes

Want to be a YouTuber? You Need to Make Mistakes

90 thoughts on “Want to be a YouTuber? You Need to Make Mistakes

  1. Love your channel great content and!motivates me ♥️ I am learning so much about so many things at your channel! videos! I FINALLY started my YouTube channel please motivate me by Subscribing. THANKYOU SO MUCH

  2. 4:20 "it's important to figure who u r as a creator and not worry about VIEWS, NUMBERS or MONEY u will make" . Love it Jeven! So the question here for creators is are u doing what u love on YT and is that enough for u? I know it's enough for me that even 1 person says they enjoy my content. 👍☺️

  3. Thank you brother for the nice advice.. This will inspire me too much… to carry on my works.. I am trying to improve my content..

  4. This video is a wake-up call lol I need to stop worrying so much so thank you!! I've only made 3 videos (The Spirit Experience) but I got worried right away that they aren't good enough, so I need to stop worrying and just make videos, THANK YOU Jeven!

  5. When I started my channel they always said that it is a marathon not a Sprint. I started off just making some random videos because I had no idea what I wanted to do. Over the next year my channel slowly evolved into what it is now. Between abandoned exploration, old vehicles at the shop, or just anything old or historic in general my channel grew over the next year and a half. Now I'm at 1000 subscribers and I have a real good idea the direction I want to keep it going over the next year.
    But I will tell you one thing, looking back at my first videos, they were horrendous, I failed but it taught me not to make videos like that again and the channel has only gone up from there.
    Thank you for your time in helping us to be better creators

  6. Thanks!
    Failure's are FUTURE SUCCESES👍👍👍👍

    GREAT information!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Been making Youtube videos for SIX YEARS and I finally just reached 10k subscribers and 3 million views… YouTube is a long game and doesn't come easy… Thank you for the quality content as always. Nice to see someone that is outside and not just sitting in a room in front of a desk!

  8. Wise words, but misleading. YouTube doesn't care about the little guy anymore. YouTube now caters to legacy media & big TV corporations.

  9. I haven’t made the leap into YouTube yet, but this is actually incredibly encouraging. Thanks for this vid! ❤️

  10. “The master fails more than the apprentice has tried” great video! Great message! Thank you for sharing brother!

  11. Hi Jeven …. I really love your content its really helping me and motivaring me to keep pushing nomatter howmuch i feel discouraged . I have been watching your videos and they really inspire me. Thank you so so much.

  12. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and insight. I have been thinking hard about starting a channel, think I have a lot to offer. But I know your suggestions and tips are very valuable. Mike in N.C

  13. Am really encouraged and I think I am in the right track thank you for the advice I guess many people can relate I just started a few months ago and learning so much.

  14. Great news! I fail daily. Wish I could do better. But growth is slow and steady. Probably need more help though.

  15. Hello Jeven, thanks for putting this up, I am very new to this so still learning and playing around.

    I run three photo groups and also teach some photography as well, but I am in no rush with this

    and really appreciate the subscribers I have, it is finding myself here, and I love it, many thanks,

    I always watch your vlogs and videos, they just make so much sence, cheers mate.

  16. I have found this a very helpful video. There is no short cut to success, it's for the long term . Thanks Javen

  17. I believe you are correct! Experience and making mistakes is important to continue to grow and adapt. Great video!

  18. I really appreciate this message. One of the best inspirational videos I've seen yet. I just started and am in it for the long game, so thanks for the motivation.

  19. Yes, nobody can expect to leap to stardom on YouTube. It takes hard work, patience, and willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.

  20. Cool man, its like you spock to me and I know that you dont know me but I follow you for 3 years. I like to have some typs from you to my Chanell. Thanks brow!

  21. Hi Jeven, I signed up for your course membership plan a few days ago, do you wait until the end of the trial period to approve people for the Facebook group? Thanks.

  22. Hello from a Greek Paranormal channel, …..we strictly follow your job…! You are amazing … just keep going… ! ( Pendulum )

  23. So agree with you it’s all about trial and error. People have got those crazy expectations when they start. There’s more to it than just putting things out there. You need to produce stuff people want to see rather than just ‘stuff’
    Biggest mistake people is people not knowing where they’re going and what their channel is really about. Too many copycats out there

  24. Hi Bro you really inspires everyone specially me as a beginner in this platform thank you so much for sharing your experienced and ideas more power to you bro

  25. Great video, I have really been struggling with my channel but this video opened my eyes. I really needed this.

  26. One question I havent seen addressed anywhere is how to treat old content. In just 6 months the quality of my stuff has improved bit by bit as I learn. 1, 2, 3 years down the line should I delete old content? Reshoot it? Leave it be?

  27. Hello Jeven 👋🏽 Thank you for your inspiring content. I’m driven to make my channel and brand successful. I hope to be in a position to work alongside you and the other YouTube vets that inspire me one day. I’m striving to learn everyday and enjoy the journey of growth while I go. 😃✌🏽

  28. You got this subscriber #338,962 we out here freshman class of YouTube 💯💯if we keep at it will have it all

  29. Thanks u so much jeven for more knowledge that u sharing with us.. I really love ur channel.. me and my husband trying to start our channel soon. I'm filipina and GOD bless u more..ur doing so great to inspired more people in this world.

  30. Good topic! Since I started in 2014 I've made a lot of mistakes. The biggest mistake I made was not niching down much sooner and not thinking about what non-subscribers are looking for in a travel video. However, I'm not sure picking a niche in the beginning would have worked and if I had I'm sure it would have changed. It's a journey for sure.

  31. So true, focus on continuous improvement and having fun is the motto I try to go by.
    A question about this:
    Do you recommend keeping your older videos up on your channel or removing them as you grow with your skills and grow your channel?
    On the one hand I think it is nice to keep them to show the progress but on the other hand I am afraid I am not getting new subscribers because of old "bad" videos.

  32. Thanks for this, I’ve been putting videos here on YouTube for one month now and I have one subscriber, my husband. I’m learning and having fun, and what your saying really gives me hope.

  33. I totally agree with this video.
    Don't focus on subscribers or money,
    but focus on learning and improving yourself.
    Start with nothing from the start and grow step by step: in this way you learn the most and more important: natural growth.

  34. I almost giving up to create videos but because of what I learned from you.. I will try again to make more mistakes…

  35. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to push myself to publish one video a week. Next week will be video number two!

  36. If you look at some of my older videos vs my latest videos it will totally confirm that mistakes help you learn and grow.

  37. Failing in anything in life is the ultimate elixir of self-truth!!!  When we fail, we learn to become honest with ourselves.  We learn the mistakes and successes.  We learn if we need to stay or change the course!!!

  38. This was a great talk – there are some awesome bits of YouTube knowledge in here. Building up that back-log of content is extremely important.

  39. Way we play games?
    Because we allow us to fail!
    Let’s take life like a game and let’s fail to grow!

    Like I produce content to GROW 😉 .
    Thanks for this statement 💪🏽💚

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