Heh, hey, hey… What’s up guys? Are you all right? All ok? And I’m glad Today I bring you a very special video in which I’ll try different Japanese food No man, no. It’s a joke. Did you believe it? You’ve sweated for a moment there Admit it, you doubted and said “don’t fuck with me… …this bastard now is going to start eating… …what a bullshit”. No dude, no I start trying Japanese food and people come with torches to my house like “pussy, pussy upload prank calls… what the fuck is this dude?” I think I have one of the most conservative audience in youtube, right? here in YouTube, youtubers can upload whatever comes out of the cock Their audience would say: “Oh it’s awesome”, but I upload something different “son of a bitch, what the fuck is this? what kind of shit is this? want me to pull out the knife?” anyway, I love you, I have you here in the heart motherfuckers. Yesterday I crossed with this video I was here watching old videos of the best youtuber of the world that’s me, that’s me … *kiss* and it made me laugh a lot, I couldn’t even remember that video, but I saw it yesterday and truth is I left me a little whole in my anal cavity. Three years since I uploaded that video three fucking years.. fuck me man and everyday I’m becoming sexier I don’t know how I do it, dude. After watching it I’ve been wanting I NEED to do a sequel. So folks, today you are going to enjoy true love online (Party Music) (Moves booom bom bom ..) I have always been a big fan and I am a faithful follower of people that upload youtube videos dedicated to their partners with pictures of them, phrases, erm.. shitty montages videos that you regret having ulpoad them because they are a shit although the years pass and get on with your partner you see this video and say “fuck, what a shitty thing that I made” Don’t worry hehe don’t worry here is the Uncle Auron to give you a dose of love, a good dose of sugar but simultaneously also cringiness let’s start with a kid who wanted to make a gift to his girlfriend To her love, to her … her love and did this (shitty music) Written: Hi my love! Your BDay is here and I don’t want to be with other girls.. (awkward silence) (Laughter) (shitty music, again, HELP ME) Written: So I make this video for you, hope you like it and many times I thought we look like this couple: yes you really do, you really do.. truth is you’ve nailed it, you look like SONIC very much. If I see you and I’m roaming the streets, I see you and “shit look Sonic what a bastard” totally the same hair the … the same smile, right? son of bitch, head up! want to make one thing clear sometimes to be give a good Gift, you don’t need to spend a fucking penny sometimes it’s better and it has more value a gift that touches you the entire heart than spend there your entire wealthiness, but this … this … this is a fucking shit admit it, let’s see my friend here with a “we’re in love”, perfect and I wish them all the best, but this it fucking sucks, you will think “well, it’s not that bad this video… right? I don’t see it that … Attention (laughter) to what comes now (Music of shit) Written: “Because I love you my girl!” *windows media error prompt* (Laughter) that (Laughter) windows media error it gives an error and he puts it in the video like: “let’s goo! I don’t fucking care, it gave me an error the player but I put it in anyway dude(Laughter) I don’t love her that much, right?” Dude don’t fuck with me that then you for sure saw the video and you saw there that there was an error of windows media, dude zero fucks given to remove it, you said “fuck it dude! an error.. well … well hey I gave her a gift, so don’t complain and take it. What we are going to se now it’s a very curious case and simply a chick who uploaded a video to internet saying how much she loves her boyfriend I only want to tell you that I like you and love *Kiss* bye I love you so much nothing unusual right? An usual video Where she stating her feelings but four days after FOUR DAYS, she uploads this: Hello Youtube friends (Almost inaudible Whining) today I wanted to say something very sad (Almost inaudible Whining) I broke up with my boyfriend BUT WHAT HAPPENED? WHAT HAPPENED HERE? please, what happened? What a pussy, what happens he didn’t like the first video or what? best part is where she says “YouTube friends I have one thing to tell you, my boyfriend broke up with me” YOUTUBE FRIENDS the video has a view and and you know who it is? it’s mine, I’m the only one following this drama and I wanna know what happened please anyone knows this chick I want to know the story, I’m hooked to this drama what happened between these two souls Rodolfo tell me what happened to this couple, why did it end? Why. Did. Love. End, and why is she wearing the same clothes after four days Now comes my favorite, you are going to watch a this fucking masterpiece made reality (Shitty Loving Music Lvl20) Written: “Thanks for being the purpose of all my smiles during this month” “I would not change a minute from yesterday with for a 100 years without you” I would not change one minute of yesterday with you attention, there’s a third person and Tigo will cause problems. “For a hundred years Life without ty, ty” eeeh, “ty” with “Y” and “ty” with two balls (Shitty Loving Music Lvl20 once again) Let’s see … don’t fuck with me dude.. what is this? what is this? come one with that bare-chested brat and taking a selfie in the toilet “Six months by your side”, right? these (Laughter) these two are together, Idk what happened but “Six months together”, someone sends me this SHIT and I swear to god that I block them, blocked. “You liked love? – Yes, a lot”(laughs) block person … A lot of attention to what you will see now because you might get your brain a bit melted and leak through the ear like Mr. Burns (Instrumental) Written: “I love you bby I’m locked in the jail of love 4 loving you too much” (Horrible singing) + (Instrumental) Can someone explain what the fuck is this? this is… this is the limit to crappiness another dimensions, it’s it’s… “I love you bby I’m locked in the jail of love 4 loving you too much” and she’s behind some kind of bars this girl had no other way of showing her love to her partner other than.. well, a window I guess it has bars and it simulate that she is in jail Love jail … for … for wanting her partner… so much. But how can you? how can be like that? do you think that photo is the most ridiculous thing, you have no idea this contnues, this video is spectacular (A person singing horribly) + (Instrumental) in this life you can be crappy, ok? you can be a crappy person I for example I consider myself a bit crappy, right? when making my videos, I’m a bit crappy, I admit it but then we have this level what you’re seeing that is for making a romantic photo with your wife like if it was raining because it was not raining… throw a bottle of water above yourself because you can see it that the guy has his arm up and he’s throwing water at himself even more, apart from the arm and you see he’s holding a bottle or a hose or whatever if we enlarge the image it shows the waterjet that is falling cleanly into his fucking head and look at the woman’s face please (laughs) That woman is drowning dude! she’s choking 🙂 (A person singing horribly) + (Instrumental) well, enough … Enough because it’s starting to give me a bit of unwellness, even more this motherfuckeris pulling out the 3D, he made the video in 3D, he’s the smartass. Everywhere… there is always one … The smartass everyone here with their trashy images, their sentences… Comes the sssmartass and pulls out the 3D to leave the other behind. Now for an ending I wanna give you an advice… Never do this seriously, never do this shit never dedicate to your partners something shitty as this. If you wanna do something nice Idk, take her to the movies to have dinner or idk, at home Watch her favourite movie you don’t have to spend money make her a romantic dinner at home, but don’t this this fucking shit. Please, it’s awful. Anyway, I’ll see you in the next video and.. if you wanna send me similar videos so I talk about them another day, go ahead. Thumbs up if you also are in the jail (of love) (AuronPlay Outro) Subtitles NINJASAURIO and André Tapia. English subtitles revision by PTheAnimal.


  1. Auron quiero q me hagas un favor q le hagas una broma a mi amigo. Se llama duvan y le dices q debe mucho dinero en el internet y no a pagado ni un mes su número es 3228834128 mi nombre es Oliver gracias y lo subes a internet

  2. Yo comiendo viendo este video y cuando inicia Auron dice que va a enseñar la comida japonesa y yo mmmmm noooo plis jaja.

  3. Se dieron cuenta que auron exige que le demos respuestas del canal y de la chavala cuando ni el nombre de su canal de youtube nos deja😂😂

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