Ultimate Member Plugin: How to Customize WordPress Registration Page

Ultimate Member Plugin: How to Customize WordPress Registration Page

Learning how to customize your WordPress registration
page can benefit you tremendously. This option doesn’t come up often when people
talk about how to improve their WordPress websites, and that’s a mistake. INTRO With just a few tweaks, you can collect more
information about your users, reinforce your branding, and gather more data for analytics. The best part is that customizing your WordPress
registration page is simple, so you’ll be able to reap these benefits quickly. Hi, My name is Robert from themeisle.com and
this video is about customizing this particular page using a WordPress plugin. Since you’ll be dealing with a page that
is critical to your site’s proper functioning, it’s important that you back up your WordPress
installation before moving forward. Once you’ve taken care of that, we can get
down to business. All you have to do is install and configure
Ultimate Member free, according to the upcoming instructions. This WordPress plugin packs in plenty of features,
on top of enabling you to customize WordPress registration page. It also provides you with a way of adding
new functions to your user profiles, creating custom user roles, and setting up complex
forms. In short, this plugin takes WordPress’ basic
community features and adds a ton of new options on top of them. It also enables you to customize your registration
page using a simple drag-and-drop builder, so you can control exactly how your page will
look and what elements it will include. After you install and activate the plugin,
hover with your mouse over the new Ultimate Member tab in your WordPress dashboard, then
click on Dashboard. Here is the Overview about users near some
options to manage the Ultimate Member database. Moreover, the settings section is where you
can customize everything. In the Setup tab, you can choose wich page
can be the user page, account page and all others for user management. The Users tab will offer you options to set
the default new user role on registration and the profile permalink base. Scrolling down you can choose the default
user display name and more advanced options to set your user profile display settings. The Account tab is filled with options to
enable or disable some important features in the account management. If you wish to request a strong password for
every user access, enable the last require a strong password option then hit Save Changes! Globally control the access of your site to
everyone or just for logged in users. You can have separate restricts options per
post or page by editing the desired item. Furthermore, enable or disable functions you
might need then Insert IP’s and emails that you wish to be banned, in the text fields
below. Set the name of your “mail appears from” title
in the first field, email address, enable the use of HTML tags then customize or simply
deactivate automatic emails received by your users. Notifications settings can be customized here
by adding the admin email address all the way down to the options for review notifications
and deletion of notifications. Uploads are important to be managed so set
the maximum size for the uploaded photo and cover here as you prefer or leave those setting
by default then move to the next tab. Set the User profile title and user profile
dynamic meta description here for SEO purpose and save the changes again. In the Appearance tab, you can separately
customize colors according to your brand for General Layout, Form Inputs, Profile, Profile
Menu, Registration Form wich has some alignment options also and for Login Form, the last
one. Advanced tab contains options to Import or
Export Setting and more I suggest you leave as default. For the final setting, activate any extension
you may consider useful then save changes and move to forms settings. The following screen will contain three forms
by default. We want to use the last one – Default Registration. If you want to customize this form, you can
use the Edit option. You will need to make your tweaks using the
plugin’s own drag-and-drop builder. The default registration form includes all
the fields most websites would want, but you can add more by clicking on the plus sign
below the last field. Here are some of the options for you to choose
from Once you’ve selected the fields you want
and rearranged them, you can edit each individually by clicking on the pencil icon next to their
names. Doing so will bring up multiple options that
depend on the field you’re working with. For example, these are the options available
for the Username field. When your form is ready, all you have to do
is click on the Update button, and your changes will go live. It’s that simple. Moreover, you can set your User Roles and
Member Directories by accessing those links in Ultimate Member tab and find more extensions
following this link. There are Premium and Free extensions from
which you can choose. Learning how to customize WordPress registration
page is a simple time investment that can pay off more than you’d imagine. Your new page will enable you to flaunt your
branding and collect critical information about your users, which can always come in
handy for analytic purposes.

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  1. Thanks for your honest interactions! I am happy to answer any questions you might have about the Parallax One WordPress theme mentioned in this video

  2. tengo una duda el plugin llego al formulario de registro y no pasa de hay. que problema puede ser. gracias

  3. Hello! Im using Avada as my theme but I got a problem. When im logged in and trying to enter the "profile" page it only gives error "oops, this page could not be found! 404". So is my url wrong or whats the problem? any idea? Its like when im logged in, I cannot visit my profile.

  4. Can i extract the front end registered user data from backend ? I want to extract data with their profile info like email, interest and name. Moreover, can i integrate this plugin for login with social media like fb, g+ and twitter.

  5. Is there a way a user can post through this plugin? I do they need to have backend access?

  6. love your videos, found you on facebook! I'm using your Zerif Pro Theme and love it, can you direct me to any specific videos that may help me get the most out of it please?

  7. Hi, I had researched alot for such features and came to this vedio. And now am thinking of installing this plugin can you also clarify if members can be given option to upload blogs if not what plugin should I install for that. Thanks again for helping ppl like me.

  8. Hey Theme – can you help me?
    If I have a personalized form for registration with my own boxes (such as street or zip-code) – how can I use the content of this field in f.e. an automatic mail?
    "hey {wp:user_first_name}, how are you at {street}.
    How do this meta-keys work?
    Thank you so much!

  9. Nice video, I'm using ultimate member. Can you please tell me how to manually approve new users and send an activation link to their inbox when they register on my site through ultimate member? regards

  10. I'm a Web Developer with 20 years of experience.
    I installed Ultimate Member (lost forever!) To test this crap and it destroyed my Woocommerce store! I've never seen this before!
    Neither works nor cleaning the cache, delete the cookies, hell!
    This plugin sucks! Trash, blocked my e-commerce Woocommerce !!!
    Never install this crap, I lost access to more than 500 products registered. Just redoing everything again, Bad Plugin of Evil!
    Very very upset!

  11. This was great, I been tryin to find out about "membership site creation" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Donichrel Membership Meticulous – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy got great results with it.

  12. i search for solve that ,i need to approve new user and i don't need to use plugin i want to query all new users that sign up and show all data in page theme and then approve them thanks

  13. Hello, this plugin looks very good. I installed it. I try to make test registration but it show me like this: "Registration is currently disabled". What I have to do?

  14. Hello there I'm creating a website for jobseekers and employers to find the right candidates and the right jobs so I need a registration form for employees and employers so could you please help me how I can customize it for each one of them

  15. Could you help me, please? I have such problem
    array (
    'message' => 'Неверный ID пользователя.',
    'dump' =>
    array (
    'ID' => NULL,
    'display_name' => ' ',
    'changes' =>
    array (
    'user_email' => '[email protected]',
    'user_password' => 'Rizagul080199',
    'first_name' => 'Rizagul',
    'last_name' => 'Kurm',
    'role' => 'member',
    What does it mean?

  16. I've had a WordPress website www.psdbox.net, here I want to do the user registration to verify the email, so how that is being done?

  17. Great video tutorial. I am so glad to have found your video. I had tried several membership plugins already but your recommendation of Ultimate Member has been the best. I have a question, I want to change the color of my buttons or customize the colors. I don't see the options you have in the video such as the "Appearance" Option. Are you using an Extension for that?

  18. Hello… I want refirection after registration and login page for one private page… How can i…???

  19. +ThemeIsle
    after user registration how can I find the registered user data I only see the basic registered data like username and email only ?

  20. Is there a way to display the user profile, including the profile pictures to subscribers/users ONLY? I'm trying to create a website that allows customers to book/make appointments with staff members and see their profile pictures as well. Note, I am not trying to create an escort website.

  21. Hey, how do I customize the profile page page? I mean change its field and also is it possible for my subscribers to upload any content on their profile which will be only accessible to them and the admin?
    My idea is to- subscribers will be able to post UrLs or any text as a post(not as their about) often which can be accessed by the admin.
    Please help. Thanks

  22. ThemeIsle If i want to edit your plugin template And i want to use my own custom style by your plugin, so how i do that.

  23. where i can find the data i sued for registration form ? i mean if ia added date of birth for example in registration form where is the as i can't see my fields in user profile fronte end or even ack end ?

  24. Hi Robert, Any chance you could advise me? I installed UM and purchased a plugin 'Tabs Pro' for $30. I did this 6 weeks ago and it didn't work – there's no where to add the license key and get the things working – but the guys from Plus Plugins who made it will not serve me….will not help me…won't even give me a refund. Where can I go to get help. Ultimate Member themselves won't help. Basically Ive been robbed and they refuse to help. What can I do?

  25. Dude, I need some help, please.

    I have registered users emails that will have functions like administering and making publications on my site, but when I am using this plugin, they can not access the panel. Could you tell me what the problem is?

    Thanks for your help!

  26. I have used these plugins. I want to create a separate page for my clients / users where he can access separate panel to view his invoices and shipment details. The problem is user can access the page even when he is not login. How to fix this problem?

  27. How to create status user checking from id or username like voting system. When user fill their info like username or id, the details of user will appear. What's the term for the function?

  28. This is the only video about registration that has a hint about WHY you would want to have it. I kept getting new user registrations and wondered what the heck to do with them!

  29. I want to show reserved area to members who will fill the form on my website and after they will be see their updates like I'm going to organise one event. So can you help me for it?

  30. Hi. How to put user in category of the page? Need some users in one category, some in another. For exapmle when user registering they can choose in which category or page they would be ?

  31. When I installed the plugins, default pages are not generated automatically so I have created them manually. I have pasted the login form shortcode and registration shortcode in the respective pages but can't understand how to create shortcode for Forget password form. Please help

  32. Thanks for your video, I've downloaded ultimate member. However I'm looking for a tutorial on how to let my users upload a profile pic on their front end dashboards. Please share if you have info thanks!

  33. Thanks for the great video! I love it! Ultimate member seems like a great plugin but does it enable my members to add HTML code to their own profile page, such as a YouTube video embed code?

  34. Excellent tutorial honourable sir, but i am fasing an issue i have made user login form and log out form when i register this message appears this page does not seem to exit. plz solve my issue plz plz plz

  35. Thanks for the video. I am unable to view my registration form or login form when I click Register or Login. Even when I have copied the form short code to the page. Initially I could see the form but not anymore. Do you have idea what happened. I will appreciate if you do. Thanks

  36. Dear Robert, Thank you for the tutorial. It really helps. Can you name a plugin that takes the registration information and builds a searchable contact database (Search on name, email id, telephone number) which registered users can query? It will be a lot of help if you can suggest. I am building a portal where this is essential. Regards, Dattatreya

  37. How do get my registration page to be attached to the Ultimate form? I've done everything but when the registration page is clicked the ultimate form does not show.

  38. Hello, guys! I've got some troubles separating pages from loged in and loged out visitors. For example, I would like the Register and Login pages to be visible for unloged users, while the Account and Log out pages to be visible for loged in users. I edited access on the pages, but they are still visible, all of them at once. How could I fix that? And how to put the Password Reset directly into the Login page? I think to combine the Account and the User pages into one, but I also would like to add a Favorite page – one for single products on articles, and another one for whole articles. Thank you indeed!

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