yep that's right we're on hypixel now I don't usually do server videos but my god hi pixel has made something cool here I haven't played Skyblock in years we're gonna try it out so high pixel Skyblock you guys have been telling me I tweeted about it and I asked if you wanted to see it and you just kept begging for it afterwards and I was like okay you know what we're gonna have to make that happen collection unlocked Oakwood perfection now there's many things that you guys gonna teach me about the high pixel Skyblock in the comments but I'm gonna get pretty good at it you know this could be a series or I could just stream it let me know what you guys want if you hit 5,000 likes I will do a series on this also cracking Keita's on the server right now as well really not here with me but he will be he's in discord he's got his own Island sadly we can't have an island together but soon I think that will make that happen I'm gonna meet him at the hub we gotta make our way over there what's that guy doing Jerry I see you Jerry you got the new update alright well we'll get the new update objected talk to the guide I think he's the guide believe that what I suppose we're just kind of talk about going over there now the high high pixels kinda reminds me of runescape a lot I played that ed tom back in the day so did crack and kid garden kid still plays old school runescape you got skills okay boom boom leap of faith perfection what's up Jerry your sky Buck Island what is part of a much larger universe the sky block universe full of islands to explore and resources use the portal to warp the scales I know what is this thing oh hello cobblestone minion view the next items upgrade this pinion to the next year okay I have a pretty good idea of what I'm gonna be going and doing this episode though right here you can see I have tons of different options we'll see our skills we have a farming skill mining steel combat and it goes on there's also a recipe book I don't need to do trades I could buy some dirt I don't have the required items well I'll eventually get the required items a quest yeah there's a bunch of different quests let's just head to the hub and I'm gonna find cracking kid sup Leo how you doing we go go Craig get you there oh yeah I'll be here man I'm just doing an intro from this Skyblock video are you not even at the hub yet no I bet stop doing the intro like 10 times don't tell my fans though because they all right well good luck with cracking kid talk to the villagers don't hold me I'm talking to you all right Tom there you are I've talked to Tom I will teach you the promisee X is an adventurer I've seen it all every island from here to the edge of the world so they must have some sort of story going this person is going to say it sell me diamond wait oh I think I was like this person gonna sell me a rogue sword click the claim oh I just stole it from him I think the more mana you have the more mana you were draining every second I wish I could murder him stupid Jamie alright we got 10 more villagers to go what's up Leo talked to you before Felix what's up PewDiePie wait oh this home and just gave me 21 diamonds I don't want your diamonds no bad I've been spotted does it say youtuber above my head I know I want to try to with his legit hey hey hey hey how you doing I see you so look at I found this sword does 20 damage wait were you cheated that in no bruh you used robots i did this is a robot don't use robots talk to Jamie talk to villagers Jamie give it to me I just stole the sword straight up click it rogue sword I got it hold on wooden pickaxe does 15 damage this road saw rogue horde sucks hey you want buggy wait kid no I can't we can't right you got to talk to all these idiots I will teach you I promise to you varrick's must be a new start blah blah blah blah yeah he's gonna skip through them and then you'll level up this person up we got a fish teller 20 coins for raw fish sounds like a deal bro I don't even know what's happening right now look at the top the boss bar Oh objective talk to the villagers oh that's what I just told you buy-ins finally somebody stop leveling up and may I do the ones with the Stars or the little green stuff above their head what's this dude J vermin's house you know gonna pay it back on my island but I am warping back to the hub that's actually cool you can do it so fast yeah you just go right where where's mine uh crap oh there it is just back and forth back and forth alright yeah dude you can do it really fast dude you got mining I kind of know go mining oh yeah okay do you know the direction no I still have two more villages to talk to oh I could talk to Sally no but I haven't eat more villages okay man well aren't you cool yes Stella as you go dude I got carrots Stella just wants to ramble on about a day are you at the farm I'm farming yeah dude oh right above your hearts and stuff is what you see your ex be my farming I think it's gonna be level 2 sin there we are in the center farm hand – beautiful I think I got some wheat here man I think I have like a whole inventory are you going um the right direction no I don't think you are I am I'm at the coal mine oh okay perfect I thought you got lost and I was gonna be very disappointed the last dude yo is right you oh baby I gotta talk to a blacksmith nope is that you alright so we could level up to level 2 it then we can get to level 1 right and then we can get to the next mine sure I know what secret cracking so there is a special pickaxe and we're gonna have to obtain in this special pickaxe basically anytime you mine it or it will always give you the ingot well that sounds like lazy lazy miner's pickaxe how much XP does coal give you because currently cobblestone gives you one Wi-Fi cobblestone I get 500 my pickaxe isn't depleting Oh Mike sorry you know that's that's a good good little tidbit now you noticing I got one more to mine I am level one I miss bunker now oh you beat me alright it's a race it's a race to gold by 2 here we cool what do we do at the gold mine we mined gold you say what do we do with the gold mine when we come for you yeah I found the lazy miner okay whoops I lost my good pickaxe again in the mines that's why I always come prepared with a backup it's probably down in the mine somewhere can you go find it yes we'll complete your quest have you talked to the lazy miner at the beginning uh yeah I just talked to him so I think we're in like a different world man I don't think you're with me oh are you serious yeah and just kind of keep banging on the right and then I think you bang a level at the fire don't I didn't watch a quest guide or anything Atlanteans alright you and there she is the lazy amount of pickets they do you spend robots I didn't Rolla I think we spend money to get the sword gold gives you six x be iron gives you five okay that five so good uh pikes the same as cool yeah that's what I'm saying man Oh people are just dropping this I'm gonna snag this up and sell it no did you know what this minigame is the biggest one on hypixel it's pulling in like 50k players by itself you know that I've actually never played Skyblock before any Skyblock saving the work I don't think I've ever had a Skyblock series maybe I did I know I played Skyblock before what did I record it this person has taken my my gift from pop trick I want pop-tarts do you do you have any fans giving you stuff I must fall lunker three no wait people are giving you stuff that's what I'm saying they're giving me cakes oh yeah it's definitely a weapon oh give you a weapon no I wish he did that this person had a blaze rod that and they were shooting fireballs at me oh he doesn't like you are they giving the cake again that was the one who gave you a cake pop trick yes okay I'm currently at 389 out of 500 if you look at the bottom or one thousand two out of 1,100 wait what for wait for 24 I'm for 12 no no I got a bunch of gold here this is gonna be my defining moment correctly six cracking kid was figuring uh stopping me for the longest time to tell him how to check his level I think he was just trolling me no I was serious you don't see the level of you know wasting time I already got it you already got it I just got it two seconds ago hahahaha cuz we're gonna quest cracking our nut quest we're gonna destroy some mobs for get this lapis armor lapis doesn't Bank armor nice trick on me though it's actually a thing make your way to the lapis deep caverns bump boom-boom yeah guys I'm looking here we're not the same sir but no worries Kraken how's your day go well my day went pretty good until I see all of this fire and lava everywhere okay whoa fired lava that's there's nothing wrong with that okay so I just entered the mines apparently there's supposed to be some creepers that try to kill you here oh yeah I totally forgot about this person come from Oh yep I just want a sorry creeper there are you going are you going straight from here I'm kind of just banging a left and turning around I met some platform away from creepers hopefully crack ooh I think we can have an island together wait what he said there's co-op whoa I'm fighting some creepers right here man have a hundred-twenty he'll do get gunpowder lapis I found lapis okay lapis is gonna give me 7 XP I think this mine also has diamonds maybe we mistaken are you taking on the zombie yet a lapis on base is talking to an elevator you it's got 200 health well this is easy just don't get hit by it I suppose it dropped 5 coins well I think I see the zombies dude yeah in the lapis quarry yeah yep but just keep pushing through and you'll find the zombies she wandered health by your sword just 25 so it's four hits well this one I could steal the kill oh he took it four hits no it's eight hits my mouse is broken again I can't turn Rob there's a lot of people over here anything no I gotta steal it you can get some good armor guys the lapis armor which gives you 50% XP boost oh wow they slammed 50% XP boost per armor piece holy crap there's form of every lay this for my server is full of people just trying to kill him oh I found a squad don't steal my kilt I don't want to get by the zombies though give me your armor sir so each piece gives you 50 oh I died oh no I just lost 371 coins you're trouble what they use laser beams what do you didn't tell me that was gonna happen I didn't know they use laser beams always hitting it into me they're griefing me I'm going back to the main thing and I am going to get some armor this is ridiculous alright well I'm gonna head back to but I guess I'm gonna save up my money hey so I may have found the coop in bytes what does that mean means I can invite you when I'm already here call travelwizard.com for your coop travel notifications hmm well it looks like I need to just like straight-up invite you well you do that I'm gonna go try to get some dive into armor baby I think you just pooped out gold coins I've been known to do that once or twice dude all I could get was half of it I could have got the full set if I had to die man OH imagine being poor and not having enough money think I thought of all diamond set my ear cuts my ear pods it in sorry I can't hear you oh I can't hear you I'm sorry are you saying words I'm gonna smack you in the face dude okay I'll race ya first of all there is the rut neg just kidding wait okay so the command to play or your friend you do slash co-op and then their name and usually confirm it and if you use your little Skyblock why do you always make loud noises when I try to explain I sneeze I can't help it it's like eating a pepperoni you just think of pineapples you'll never sneeze click that and you can see we can't like reset when you're a little scared but my profile raspberry is still safe my profile pear is the coop with the youtuber thank you oh my gosh dude so ok we yeah we got thought our islands were deleted but they're not they aren't ok that's like progress a little bit with this this account I guess and maybe I'll like stream on the other account and when I'm doing the YouTube videos I'll do it with you but it all depends if they hit 5,000 likes and if they comment down below different tips crap 5,000 I just asked for 1200 1200 you're greedy I'm like I mean I do have 5.3 million subscribers I'm kind of being cheap alright well you make those pickaxes we're gonna get a little bit more progress kind of like we were before but now we're on a co-op Island and we are friends do you have the money yet to buy this whole armor set well I am the boots I need a little bit for the boots oh geez well come over here we get the mine merchants we're back to the same spot we were guys sell all your stuffs clicked items in your vitória okay there we go take it all sir alright now I'm gonna go get these booties and I'll be good to go are you ready to take down some lapis mobs I have 800 20 bucks left is there a sort merge in somewhere blacksmith he needs to give us stuff well that makes sense I will teach you how to reforge items once you mind some coal hmm well I sold all my coal I know me too okay let's get like 10 I think he said 10 well I've already got 7 so we're golden here we will live the coal famine is over I got 10 coal I'm gonna go talk to the blacksmith again ah excellent reforging items allows you to get the most out of your armies of weapons by applying stat modifiers to reforge an item place an item in my inventory reforging cost coins well uh reforge my chest plate okay what happened to reforge this get you need ten coal okay and to reforge it again i need 500 coins we're going to get lapis armor screw this lunch just killed with our pickaxes well i just my upgraded my armor it's now a heartful diamond chestplate want to say it do you feel good about that there for those people like in a normal diamond just play know what you're talking about hey got snatched get back your boy goodbye ye yo you're in the corner in the corner you know this guy's lor kid he's look he knows we're trying to do a trade get out of here JT JT we could ship trade good ships like on me oh what's good hey you you clothes I didn't have it I didn't have it in my inventory boom that's actually cool that was this is gonna give me we were trying to do a drop trade oh he said he didn't can steal the stuff Oh give him something oh yeah yeah yeah yeah okay go about your day right here get out of here he's like a stray dog get out of here get any are you gonna talk to this guy what's he selling well no hey Fanta I could show this here live behind me once you've explored an area I can give you a safe ride back down the shaft oh it's alone though you're looking your adventures okay boys good no creepers are honest we ain't no creep of concrete creep creep you at my car parity ready three two one people are going creep creep creep are you pre pre rup zombies I'm be ready Freddy this one's mine this does much as much damage as our sword would up so whatever he's home wait don't there's more zombies down here the server at nobody's like killing them it's a crit the raging meter this might be too many cones Oh we'll be fine just don't let them range ooh I think you could spam you don't need to wait oh we can't yes hi pixel I love you I'm almost dead yeah it's the ranging if you just back away from it you'll be fine holy crap Cody uh I have one heart okay let's run back run back oh yeah we got a horde afters don't turn behind you no I'm dead guys we're making my last end I'm charging it I might lose 180 bucks well it's fine if I survive then you'll read about me in the books record are you writing right now I survived yes I survived no lab his chest plate though thanks so much for watching this video holy crap I died thank you guys so much for watching this video if you do want to see this as a series you need to leave a like right now that tells us hey you know this is something you're interested in if not it's just a one-time thing and we enjoy playing at high pixel keep it up we're looking out for hightail but this is the next best thing oh thanks I got laughing


  1. Guess who’s back haven’t watched u in ages
    Bro u on fire with the content
    BTW wots da server name and address??

    Might join

  2. Someone help, I can't figure out how to get hypixel. I am in 1.14 and when I try to go into an older version with the launcher it won't work. Can some one please help

  3. Lapis Zombies have a 1/200 chance to drop lapis armor also use the banker in the hub to deposit and withdraw coin

  4. wheat can make armor and lapis armor is op but rare. You can make minions at lv 2 of any skill. They are SUPER OP!!!

  5. Really liked this video! Been waiting for you guys to start the sky block map since yall finished the acid block map. Now if only somebody can make like a Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft type gameplay map and you were to do a video on it… This map is definitly almost there though!

  6. You should try co-op.
    Friend kraken on hypixel,
    Head to a hypixel hub,
    Say /coop (name)
    I’m sure that’s how it works.

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