Tutorial: better grids with Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

Tutorial: better grids with Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress

Welcome to this tutorial! Learn how to transform a gallery like this…. …to a gallery like this one! Create a new gallery Choose a name Choose the source of your images Setup the captions Choose a size and add some images Copy the shortcode and paste it on a new post or page Now let’s see the gallery As you can see the gallery tends to organize itself in columns but we can build better grids! Go back to the gallery settings Open the Images panel Change the size of the first image Choose a bigger size Save and refresh the gallery we are on the right track now you could change the second image Edit the second image Choose a bigger size Save and refresh the gallery Now, we could leave some small images… …and make this one bigger Choose, again, a bigger size Save and refresh it’s getting better and better Look at the grid, this is no more a multi-column layout Leave other small images and make this one bigger Again, choose a bigger size Save and refresh Nice!

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  1. Tutorial: better grids with Final Tiles Grid Gallery for WordPress – YouTube http://buff.ly/1BFJlCy #wordpress #gallery

  2. Hello, I'm really liking this plugin and I want to buy the full version ( more image uploads) but my images are loading super slow in lightbox !!! Is there a way to fix this ? I don't have long loading times with other lightbox plugins.

  3. So I'm having this problem where my gallery only displays my images in a single column, and there's no option visible to change this. It mentioned column options in the dropdown menu that jumps you to specific options but they're all missing. Is this because I have the free version?

  4. I really want to love your plugins because the setup is way more intuitive than other galleries' out there. Unfortunately neither Final Tiles nor Modula has worked for me, even when I follow these video guides step by step 🙁 With both plugins I setup the gallery specs, add my images, copy the shortcode and paste it into a new post, but then only the Title of the post will show up and the gallery itself never does. I don't know what's going on. I'm using WordPress version 4.7.2 so that should be more than sufficient to run both plugins. Also my WordPress theme is Creative Portfolio Theme, developed by Dessign(dot)net https://dessign.net/creative-portfolio-theme-responsive-free/

  5. Hi, I used to have a drop down list where I could adjust the size of single images within the gallery but now it's gone and I only have one option which is too big. How can I add more size options?

  6. Hello, do you know if there's an option to shuffle the images in the gallery? Iv added a lot of new images and want to just shuffle the images instead of having to move them on by one?

  7. Hi there, When I try to edit them it doesn't show any option for me. It simply shows all in the same size.I choose the 150×150 but still, 3 photos appear to be big the rest different sizes. Could you give me some advice Please?

  8. I love this plugin! However does anyone know I can make a perfect square? I don't like the fact that at the bottom the pictures are not placed at one line..

  9. i am sorry worst experience it didn't show any thing after submitting the code. have watch twice and the interface is super easy, but unfortunate i didn't work

  10. Hi, I am using your gallery (free version) and I like it very much. But there is a problem with displaying captions on mobiles. For I clicked on "caption mobile behavior as same as desktop" , the caption doesn´t show up. So I found shortcode attributes but I do not know, how to insert this attribute in the shortcode. Can you please give me a hint?

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