TRAILER – Made in America | A GoDaddy Series

TRAILER – Made in America | A GoDaddy Series

– What are the struggles
you had as an entrepreneur? – Struggle? (laughs) I still feel like I’m in the struggle. – [Scott] America has always
been associated with making it, but is this opportunity accessible to all? I’m Scott Shigeoka, GoDaddy’s
entrepreneur in residence. And I’m on a journey across the country meeting the people who are building it. They’re defying the odds,
and their stories show us what it means to be “Made in America”. (gentle piano music)

9 thoughts on “TRAILER – Made in America | A GoDaddy Series

  1. Beautiful. And such a nice teaser. Can't wait to watch this series. Thank you, Scott, for tackling such an important topic.

  2. WOW! This is going to be SUCH an amazing series! As a business school professor, I cannot wait to share this content with my undergrad and MBA students!

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