Tom Kenny Voices SpongeBob Internet Memes | NowThis

Tom Kenny Voices SpongeBob Internet Memes | NowThis

Here’s one I haven’t seen. City government be like $1 billion dollars
for a stadium. $150 million dollars for a comprehensive,
public transit system. No. YouTube loading ads. YouTube loading videos. Womp womp. Oh, the vicissitudes of being a rock fan that
lives in a secondary market. Band announces North American tour. Only shows are New York, Chicago,
and 25 cities in California. You notice a lot of these
are about disappointment. This one makes use of the mocking SpongeBob meme
and takes it into the modern dating world. Him: leaves me on delivered last night. Him this morning: Good morning beautiful. Me: [mockingly] good morning beautiful. This is two memes in one because the
actual sincere one of imagination, that gets a lot of play, but then this flips that around
and makes it, nobody cares. I’ll have you know I checked my bank balance yesterday
and I only cried for 20 minutes. I think it has to do with the age of
the SpongeBob fanbase. SpongeBob, as a show, came of age,
largely, in a pre social media time. And then, those kids that started out with SpongeBob became
the social media generation and they took SpongeBob with them
on that journey. The thing that blows my mind is, that after 20 years,
how much SpongeBob has changed me, like his outlook, and his positivity,
and the way that he sees the good in things, and, you know, tries to make lemonade out of lemons, and, you know,
tries to see the silver lining even when things are sort of awful, has kind of percolated through to me
and made me a more positive person. Yet another thing that I have to thank Steve Hillenburg for.
Thanks Steve. My face when I’m eating a soft food
and something crunches in my mouth. Not supposed to be there. Happens all the time at the Chum Bucket.

100 thoughts on “Tom Kenny Voices SpongeBob Internet Memes | NowThis

  1. Why do I go on the YouTube? Cause this childhood, nostalgia seen here is like a nice aged wine that I can’t get enough of 🍷 👌 😂

  2. I grew up watching Tom and Jerry but however when SpongeBob was on, I always said yes to watching it. If both of the cartoons were on, I chose SpongeBob. My 2 favourite episodes are the talent show and just one bite.

  3. i was waiting for “aight imma head out” until i realized i already watched this video before that meme and this is a reupload…. so aight imma head out

  4. His voice for spongebob fits spongebob character perfectly, but what would spongebob sound like if he wasn't the one to voice the sponge?

  5. I'm 15, only seen one episode of Spongebob (because it had Dee Snider) and I get nostalgic feels from this somehow. He has such power.

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