The Internet – What’s In My Bag?

The Internet – What’s In My Bag?

What’s up, I’m Syd I’m Matthew I’m Patrick Paige II We’re half of The Internet Jameel Bruner Steve Lacy Christopher Smith And we’re the other half And we’re at Amoeba, and this is ‘What’s in My Bag?’ Yeah, yeah This is a must-have: Baduizm I grew up listening to this. She’s my favorite female artist. I’m trying to get all of my favorite albums on vinyl, just to have. So I had to get this one. This is Of Montreal, ‘Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?’ This album here, man, is another 10 out of 10, flawless… My brother was picking me up from college, and he was playing Of Montreal I always get a lot of my musical influence from my older brother. He always was one step before me. It sounds like the Beatles singing, but just completely warped This is when they were in a really special pocket, around this and The Sunlandic Twins But this album is…if you’re listening out there, go get this album. Dirty Sprite 2. I didn’t like it at first. Patrick, he kept playing it, I’m like, dude, turn this off. I started listening to it by myself see if I liked it I can’t listen to this all the time But y’know, when it’s that time to listen to it, it hits ‘Freak Hoe’ is my favorite song on this album. ‘Freak Hoe bend over/Make your knees touch your elbow” What?! Yeah. Thank you, Future, for this amazing work of art. Future’s the new Wu-Tang This is my all-time favorite album: A Tribe Called Quest, ‘Midnight Marauders.’ This album takes me back to 10th grade, coming into myself as an African-American appreciating my culture and who I am This was literally my theme, like my theme album. It still speaks to me. I love this album. The whole album. That’s one of my top 3 albums ever, as well. That’s why I was like, damn I need to pick that up. It’s really hard to pick one song off of it. “Sucka Nigga” is a really good song. As much as I hate the word, I say it, and he hit it on the head. So probably that song. Great song. The one piece of music I did pick up was Q-Tip’s ‘Amplified.’ This CD was definitely stolen out of my car. I’d seen it and was like, hey, it’s time to put that back into the collection of music that I have already. It’s a good album and I loved it. And I love Q-Tip. We all know he’s a killer rapper, so…made it back to the family, bro These two albums. Mac DeMarco. Two great albums. A lot of my songs, actually, are inspired by this guy. I’ve seen him live. People moshing to Mac DeMarco’s beautiful music. I just couldn’t… Have you listened to Mac DeMarco? Can you mosh to that? Imagine moshing to Minnie Ripperton’s ‘la la la la la.’ ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’ This is the transcending Outkast
album that won the Grammys It’s just an amazing album, y’know, front to back, every song. ‘Love Below,’ man. Keep it straight up, Andre 3000 is my favorite artist of all time. We’ll switch it up a little bit. Korn. One of my favorite bands of all-time. and I actually got to meet James Shaffer. Hope I’m saying his name right. His last name, James Shaffer. and I actually walked up to him and talked to him and he was so nice, and so cool. and I took a selfie like a little fan girl. It was amazing. I like all their albums, actually, but this is one of my favorites. It got me through middle school. I had a Korn poster on my wall in middle school. It was dope. You can’t hate on that either. It’s real. My next one: Corinne Bailey Rae This is her first album. My mom bought this album when it came out, and we used to play it in the car a lot. It’s a great album. It’s a double disc. My favorite song on here is ‘Enchantment.’ It’s on the first CD. And then there’s a remix of ‘Enchantment.’ Yeah, ‘Enchantment’ is a beautiful song. I jumped on over to the Animé section, and I got this collection Samurai Champloo courtesy and compliments to Jameel Bruner for putting me on. Seen a couple episodes with him and honestly it’s really dope and the music that’s on these shows is actually phenomenonal I really do enjoy the music that comes from a lot of Animé, like Cowboy Bebop It’s a bunch of dope scene music that, being in cartoons, people just overlook. I’m gonna give this a go, this is really interesting. I like samurais and I like music, so we won with this. Good job Jameel. You’re welcome. Thank you. Did I already talk about Milton Nascimento? No. Ok. I’m gonna talk about Banksy instead. So I got this DVD of him, he does New York, he’s doing New York. Y’know I actually follow Banksy on Twitter. He’s a really, really deep guy. I think that’s a parody account. Really? No, no Banksy ain’t got no Twitter, bro I think I know exactly what… Has anybody ever met Banksy? Well whoever’s on the parody account then, is really deep. Yeah. For the ho’s Yup. D’Angelo is probably my favorite artist. He’s my favorite as well. of all-time and my favorite album of all time is ‘Voodoo.’ I love this guy, the way he writes, his production, everybody he works with Let me say something about his album too. The other thing about this album that’s great is because this man waited, what is it, 15 years to put out an album and he did not miss a beat Y’know, as a fan…we’re huge D’Angelo fans, so we were worried people take that long, they come back with some new sound The “new me.” The fact that he went right back into the pocket but just tweaked it, is amazing Very inspiring to what we do, as far as finding your sound and not running away from it Just tweaking it here and there, y’know, refining it It really blows my mind that it sounds like a continuation, like the proper continuation of ‘Voodoo.’ ‘Voodoo’ is my favorite, but I really love this album. It’s a great album. And also, like ‘To Pimp a Butterfly,’ I think it means a lot for our generation. The Beatles, ‘Yellow Submarine’ Before I started playing guitar, I used to just play Guitar Hero and Rock Band I had no intention on playing guitar at all. It was my birthday, I think I was in fifth grade My God-mom, she got me Beatles Rock Band on Wii. It was the best thing ever. This kind of got me started playing guitar. Yellow Submarine. Great album. Last one? Let’s do one last one. Ok. ‘Love/Hate’ by The Dream This album is great. This is the one with everything on it. This is the one with I Luv Your Girl, Fast Car, Nikki, She Needs My Love, Falsetto, Playin’ in Her Hair, Purple Kisses Boy oh boy. He’s a really inspiring guy because he’s a producer and writer and not really full-out singer’s singer but he gets his point across and that’s inspiring to me, because I’m not a full-out singer’s singer either. I’d just like to point out that I’ve gotten some of the best lap dances of my life to a lot of those songs. Dude, Falsetto? Yeah. I’ve seen some crazy shit to ‘Falsetto.’ Shout out to the kids. Alright, cool. Thank you guys, so much. Thank you.

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  1. Wow! They like so many great artists and bands!! One of the two I didn't expect was Samurai Champloo (Nujabes is hella great) AND Milton Nascimento?!?!( I love that album!) I didn't know people knew who he was aside from mainly us Brazilians lol
    Cool vid! Loved it!😍

  2. Seeing this just made me feel so much more comfortable with the music I love. It's like I'd be scared to tell other young people what I love to listen to. They don't realize their favorite artist get their inspiration from somewhere.

  3. wow. we have so much in common. and thank you steve (guitar player) for sharing your influences. something new to me to check out !

  4. should have taken the opportunity to turn people onto Milton Nascimento! not enough people know about him and that scene

  5. Syd and I have the same story with the Corinne Bailey Rae album. My favorite song is Enchanted too. I teared up a little when I heard that. Great memories of childhood~

  6. this guy really talked about banksy not milton nascimento? i got really excited and he takes some banksy out of nowhere 🙁

  7. I feel him on the mosh pit thing, I saw beach fossils and there was a mosh pit pretty much the whole time, I'm like how do you even begin to think this is what you should do that shit to???

  8. SYD stop downplaying your voice!!!! Your voice is so crystal clear and relaxing! Sorry to tell you… But you are going down in history as one of the best vocalists song writer producers… Sorry to tell you. U Dope.

  9. i'm kinda late, but – being a brazilian i couldn't help but freak out when jameel said milton nascimento! just love it when foreign artists i like know and appreciate the brazilian masters <3

  10. the entirety of samurai champloo's soundtrack was produced by Nujabes. That's definitely why he liked it… I was so happy it was on the list!

  11. i love how the albums they chose showed each of their respective influences. kind of shows a bit of their input to the whole sound of the band

  12. I love this group and hope they stay together and i am also in ❤ with syd. Only woman i have ever craved 😘😛

  13. 5:30 YOOOOOOOOOO! Nujabes! That is some amazing shit!

  14. I'm so glad I got to meet them, I wish I could spend a whole day with them I love their musical tastes because I love a majority of the same thing.

  15. Man, the Youtube comments isn't my place usually BUT THE MAN HAD TO POINT OUT MAC DEMARCO MOSHING. The show my wife and I went to went wild and Mac climbed to the balcony and pretending he was going to dive into the mosh pit and…. it was just not what I expected going in hahahahhaha

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