The Internet Reacts To The Rise Of Skywalker

The Internet Reacts To The Rise Of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has divided
fans in a big way, and perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised about that. The final installment of the Skywalker saga
hit theaters on Thursday, December 19th… and since then, responses to the film have
been pouring in across social media. So far, professional critics haven’t been
particularly impressed by the movie – with many reviewers arguing that the installment
provides too much fan service and too little substance. Meanwhile, plenty of viewers have taken to
Twitter to both praise and scorn the film. Honestly, reactions have been all over the
map. Make no mistake: Plenty of diehard Star Wars
fans stayed up late on Thursday night to catch the premiere… and many of them had nothing
but good things to say about the film. One fan tweeted, “I loved it. For me, it provided perfect closure. The acting, the effects, the action sequences…
all brilliant. I’ve loved Star Wars since the 80’s and I
was not let down by #RiseofSkywalker To all those involved, from past to present… I thank you.” At least one longtime fan of the franchise
fully agreed with that assessment, writing, “The Rise of Skywalker embodies everything
I love about Star Wars, and it never skips a beat. A perfect ending to the Skywalker Saga. Take it from a kid born in 1977, it’s epic.” Another fan praised the lead performances
and the direction in no uncertain terms, tweeting: “J.J. Abrams did an incredible job. I felt every second of this movie! The acting is the best I’ve seen in Star Wars
history. […] Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver killed
it!” Given the controversial reception of The Last
Jedi in 2017, perhaps we shouldn’t be too shocked that some fans heaped praise on The
Rise of Skywalker while totally bashing its predecessor. One such fan tweeted: “Forget the bad reviews this is a blast! J.J. Abrams managed to fix the [Rian] Johnson
mess from the last movie and give a thrill ride at the same time. The fans will love it. Great job!” Adding fuel to the fire, another fan wrote
that “[The Rise of Skywalker is] a great movie
and it’s the best one out of the new trilogy. The Last Jedi was a disaster of a movie and
JJ Abrams did what he could to save the series.” Meanwhile, countless fans of the franchise
were deeply disappointed by the film, and they certainly didn’t hold back when it came
to voicing that displeasure. One detractor tweeted,
“After a 2nd viewing I can confidently say that Star Wars IX: Rise of Skywalker BLOWS. It’s the perfect confluence of horrible pacing,
uncomfortable close ups, terribly inconsistent use of their own [canon], and forced Star
Wars cliches ad nauseam.” Another viewer was similarly unimpressed,
tweeting, “Rise of Skywalker was absolutely terrible. You could tell J.J. really tried, but it was
a mess. A sequel to a movie we never saw.” On the other hand, one fan seemed totally
conflicted, tweeting: “The Rise of Skywalker is the worst movie
I have ever loved. It was a dumpster fire of fanfiction tropes
that made no sense. There was no character development that made
sense, there were no stakes. It was a trash movie. But it was my trash.” Rest assured, plenty of big names shared their
reactions, too – and those reactions run the gamut from delight to disgust. Fanboys director Kyle Newman was clearly satisfied
with the film, writing: “Advice to fellow #StarWars fans: Don’t let
the critics get you down!!! Go have a […] blast at the theater. There are so many great things about #TheRiseOfSkywalker. It’s flawed but it’s FUN. And don’t forget to bring that kid who lives
inside you as your guest. They’ll dig it.” On the other hand, English writer, director,
and actor Jack Howard tweeted that “[The Rise of Skywalker] ends the new trilogy
with a disappointing whimper. It plays out like a fan film, back-peddling
decisions in The Last Jedi in favour of connecting dots to satisfy a specific group rather than
tell an original story. It feels like the series is at war with itself.” ESPN writer Ryan McGee revealed his own thoughts
on the film, tweeting that, “I haven’t looked at the Tomatometer for #RiseofSkywalker
because I legitimately don’t care. Took my daughter, like I have her whole life,
and we laughed and cried and went ‘Whoa!’ and had a helluva time. Just like I did with my family 30+ years ago. To me, that’s the magic of it.” As we said, reactions are all over the place, and we don’t expect the debates to die down anytime soon . On the upside, at least The Rise of Skywalker
has made us all stop talking about the “Maclunkey!” debacle. “Maclunkey!” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Star Wars
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100 thoughts on “The Internet Reacts To The Rise Of Skywalker

  1. This movie felt like the ROTS of the sequel Disney trilogy. I personally liked it. I think the force awakens is overrated and the last jedi was just trash. I don't get the hate.

  2. It’s an ok movie, many of the scenes that fans don’t like are completely fixable and can’t be used with an excuse they were trying to please everyone. Some things just didn’t make sense. Just watch Screen Rants pitch meeting for this movie. They sum it up perfectly!

  3. Saw it on Friday [second day ] and enjoyed it. There are good and bad things, but all in all enjoyable. Plus lately I haven't listened to any critics. Those who can do, those who can't become critics. 😜😊👍

  4. But why the fuck did rey and ben kiss?! There is no context or character developement that suggests that they have a relationship in anywayother than they hate each other

  5. WAIT… people said the movie didn’t have stakes! Wtf. The very last living Jedi, the entire resistance, and millions of worlds that could have been destroyed were at stake. Idk maybe I just don’t understand what they meant by it having “no stakes”.

  6. So basically it is a good movie if you liked it? Wrong. You can like bad movies, such as this. So if your argument is that you liked it or had fun then you don't have an argument.

  7. I don't like the ending at all.. I have shipped reylo for pretty much a long time and I was SHOCKED when I saw the kissing scene at the end but I was caught off guard by Ben Solo dying well that's pretty much the reason why I despise the ending of the movie..


  9. Only 1 word for that movie: Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 😡

  10. It all feels familiar. Isnt that the dis service to characters… Kylo (Vader), Ren (Skywalker) oh and the Emperor Palpatine.

  11. I don’t believe these so called “fans” liked it. I don’t blame JJ or the actors but why ruined Anakins ark like that? The Skywalker saga ended at episode 6. 7,8 and 9 are non cannon

  12. Rey and rose should’ve never existed and the story should’ve been focused on Finn who was taken from his family and then turned to the light and Kylo who was betrayed by his family and turned to the dark. Rey is the most Mary sue garbage to exist and rose was a mistake

  13. Haven't even seen the film, but like the prequels, never appreciated them enough before time made them classic.

  14. TBH it was actually good. I’m sure people are going to throw childish insults at me since their asshole got hurt but it was a great improvement over TLJ

  15. The worst thing about the franchise is Boyega. They could have replaced him with anyone else and it would have been much better. This movie was epic. Epic action. Epic moments. I mean what else will be this close coming up? Great movie. I don't understand why everyone is so mad.

  16. By the way what's with this new age critiquing of movies where it's "I hate this movie but reasons I also love it!" Tech people do it. And it has to the be the most annoying thing ever. Why hasnt calling this stuff out a thing yet? Or "Star Wars! So bad I love it!" Please stop this madness someone

  17. My problem with it isn’t as much about the storyline as it is about things like the flow of the movie and how for the first half of the movie it felt just slapped together in a lot of ways and not serving much purpose

  18. If you’re ok with lazy story telling, you’ll probably enjoy this movie for all its flash. If not, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere

  19. I loved it, I don’t care about the bad reviews, despite the flaws, it was hilarious, emotional, and action packed and gave my favorite character (kylo) closure.

  20. Is it perfect? No. Is it great? No. Is it really good? Absolutely. Given what they had to work with they did an amazing job. They fixed a lot of things and explained a lot of things. Is it a bit rushed? Yes but what can you expect from a movie that had to connect 2 previous movies that did not connect. Rise of Skywalker is by far the best movie in the saga outside of the Original 3. People hating it and critics trashing it are fucked in the head.

  21. When does she has time to do her make up. Fighting get the makeup smeared. She fight in a hot desert, cold front near the ocean, than a place that looks very very cold.

  22. Star Wars was made for kids. That's the biggest issue within the fandom. There are those that want their Star Wars films to remind them of their childhood and then their are those that wanted Star Wars to follow them into adulthood.

    It's one of the reasons the prequels frustrated so many long-time fans; George Lucas made the prequels with kids in mind, either forgetting or just downright not caring that adults would be looking up to the movies as well. That's why the clunky dialogue, horrible acting and awful character development earned so much disdain from fans; kids don't care about those things, they just want a pretty spectacle and to be entertained.

    This sequel trilogy suffers from something similar.

    The reason fans hated The Last Jedi so much was because too much of it was made with adults in mind; it had a relatable, fallable Luke Skywalker, it had a realistic, origin-less Rey, etc. It's a deeply flawed film, and it's clear that a lot of what people hated about it are the things that make it appeal more towards adults that wanted Star Wars to follow them into adulthood rather than remind them of their childhood.

    While The Last Jedi went out of its way to make fans uneasy, The Rise of Skywalker goes out of it's way to make fans feel comfortable. It tried to retcon a lot of what TLJ did because it was clear a large and very vocal part of the fandom felt Rian Johnson didn't hold onto the key aspects that made Star Wars "Star Wars". Because of that we got the Star Wars tropes we wanted so much back for TRoS; we got an origin for Rey, we got a Luke more like how he was in the original trilogy, we got Palpatine, we got a plotline that mirrors the other films, etc.

    And it's clear now why things have ended up this way; Star Wars is for kids, kids are stupid, and that's why so many older Star Wars fans, the ones that want the films to remind them of their childhood, love The Rise of Skywalker so much; because only stupid people would like this movie. 😊

  23. I truly enjoyed it! I admit I don't have the emotional attachment to the newer cast like I do the for the episodes lV-Vl but I dill well up a tiny bit at the end. My disappointment was the person responsible for the continuity during filming; I could do a better job and I work at a grocery store for a living; I'll take your job.

  24. ‪I went into Avengers Endgame with so much hope & hype only to be underwhelmed & disappointed thinking no way anyone could ruin a saga the way the Russo brothers did with Endgame… J.J. Abrams, “..hold my eggnog.” ‬

  25. The movie's story is terrible and ruins the sequel trilogy. The skywalker saga is still untouched tho, episodes 7 to 9 aren't cannon. It's a shame cause the last jedi revolutionized the franchise.

  26. What a terrible film. Moments of greatness, but no consistency. Deeply saddened. I much preferred TLJ. I know a lot of people didn’t like TLJ but, for me, that was a real Star Wars movie. Real Star Wars movies innovate and take risks, bringing the SW world new directions. Rian managed to do that. This just shows J.J. Abrams should never have been let anywhere near SW in the first place. TFA was marginally better, but I used to think the flaws of TFA were Disney’s fault. Now I just think that while Abrams might be a Star Wars fan, he’s just not a good SW story teller. Bitterly disappointed.

  27. I liked it. Only thing there was only 1 amputation in the beginning none else. Also would’ve been better if there was a longer battle at the ens between palpatine vs rey and ben like darth maul vs obi wan and jin

  28. Rey should’ve stayed dead . Kylo having come back to the light would make more sense to have a different color lightsaber . More impactful for him to have seen his master and mother at the end .

  29. Really enjoyed it! Went in cautiously optimistic with JJ at the helm and thought it was a great ride with a decent balance of action, suspense, surprise and humour.

  30. I give it 3 out of 5
    1. Who funded the Sith Force to have a massive Navy.
    2. Why another weapon that destroys worlds🤦🏽‍♂️
    3. Rey will never be a Skywalker by Blood she is a Palpatine.
    It's a fun movie but not the best in the planet.

  31. I loved it. I remember seeing the first Star Wars movie in 77. Nothing wrong with Rise of Skywalker. I met my wife in the movie theater during The Return of The Jedi and we saw Rise of Skywalker and it felt like an anniversary.

  32. The Phantom Menace at least has the best light saber duel in Star Wars history. JJ Abrams should have never been allowed to touch this franchise after what he did to Star Trek. When will people learn?

  33. Rotten Tomatoes is Rigged! Froze the audience rating at 84% and hasn’t moved a single percent up an down for days. Never happened before. Proof of inorganic stat tampering.

  34. Star Wars and it’s fans have gone down hill it’s just ppl bitching and whining for more original trilogy hating on prequels wanting the same three movies over and over and a company to scared to piss them off so they make crap movies with no direction but follow the original trilogy. With most of these fans not even growing up with the original trilogy but just jumping on the bandwagon

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