The Internet “Come Over” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

The Internet “Come Over” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

We were in Malibu at this studio with like a farm on it. Beautiful vibes. Butterflies and goats. It was crazy. Matt started with the drums. I think Steve added some guitar and bass. With this whole album, we’ve been trying
to like… You know, it’s a lot more hit, it’s a
lot harder, and it’s a lot faster than ‘Ego Death.’ Because ‘Ego Death’ we felt like was a
little too vibey. Even though it was still a step up from the
earlier ones. Still an uptempo from the one before. Yeah. But we wanted something just something with
tenacity, I feel. So when we heard that, I guess, you know,
Syd started thinking about shorty and we here. ‘Come Over’ is inspired by this girl I
know in LA. She be acting like she don’t want me to
come over sometimes and I be like, “Damn.” I kinda just honestly went with it and then,
we got to the hook and I was like “Oh, I know what this is going to be about.” I got halfway through the song before I figured out… Like, this sounds kind of like my situation
with so-and-so. Hm. I’m going to elaborate on that. Damn you wrong for like playing me like this. You know exactly what you doing. But you so fine though so I’ma probably
put up with it. I think we all have a dirty mind sometimes. I do. Also, very influenced by Prince. So I was thinking about him when I wrote that line. I really started to become obsessed last year. Chris, our drummer, he’s been a Prince stan. Steve became a Prince stan like a few years back. And I was the last one to kind of start stanning. Anytime I’m crushing on somebody like… There’s always butterflies. At least the first like 15 minutes we’re
like together each time we kick it. Right here. All in here. If I stare at a girl in the eyes too long
and there’s something there, like there’s gonna be that whole… heh heh heh. You know, it’s like awkward but it’s awesome
at the same time. It’s like electric. If she stares at me too long too, I’m gonna
probably blush at some point. It’s just how it goes. I can’t help it. I’m attracted to good style, so if I like
what a girl has on, it adds a lot of cool points. I think everybody probably feels that way. And I’m also attracted to kinda like Tomboys sometimes. So T-shirts and jeans is totally cool with me. I don’t drink anymore much. But when I was drinking, that was my go to drink. It was champagne. Pull up with some champagne. What’s good? What we doing? How are you? I wish I was romantic enough for the strawberries
and stuff. Usually the champagne is by itself. I can’t say I’ve ever played any bedroom
games before. Chris helped me write that line. I don’t know what we were thinking about. It just… I just thought it would be cool. And Simon Says sounds like it would be fun
in a non-platonic scenario, right? The last girl I was dealing with… I spent the night at her house twice, three
times a week at one point. And we would just cuddle. I’m a cuddlebug according to her. On the occasion it’s a Friday or a Saturday
night that I get to come over, we can sleep in. We might go to the Farmer’s Market. Starbucks in the morning. Who knows? Usually, it was work the next day. In my head, when I’m waiting for the response,
you know? You send the text, “Oh can I pull up? “Can I come over?” And you’re waiting for that response. It’s like, “If you don’t just say yes.” If you don’t just let me pull up man.” Have a legit reason if it’s a no. Then I’m cool with that. That’s totally fine. We grown. I get it. Just let me pull up. Like what’s the big deal? It’s just… We just cuddling, you know?

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  1. God Syd is honestly my biggest celeb crush of all time. She’s got such a sexy voice and is so cute when she says things like “cuddlebug”. Damn Syd, if you ever hit me (owner of some random YouTube account) up, you won’t have to wait on me to come over.

  2. everytime she laughs im 💗💖💕❤️💞💓💕💗❤️💗💖❤️💞💕💗❤️💗💞💓💖❤️💖💞💗💕💞💖💞💓💖💞💕💗💖💞💖💞💞💓💗❤️💕❤️💗💞

  3. Was REALLY hoping Steve would pop in to say ‘come-oh-ver-Babe-come-overrrr baaaaabe’ lol. I love them so much. Syd sounds DAMN good and Hivemind gets better with every listen if that’s possible 💕

  4. “You know you wrong….but you so fine….so imma probably put up with it” BIG oof. Felt that on a spiritual level

  5. Je voulais écrire en anglais mais (fuck it) pourquoi Pat' a l'air d'avoir le seum? No shade, mais vraiment genre on dirait le genre de situation où ton frère t'as foutu le seum mais vous étiez sur un plan pour faire croire à vos parent que vous alliez à la même soirée, mais du coup tu le laisses faire le speech mais tu as le seum et t'envoie des signaux contradictoires pour garder ton honneur…. (bref je sais que personne ne comprendra je garde ca pour moi et internet) Sinon je vouus aime vous êtes trop ouf vos sons ach so gut!!! (genius aussi)

  6. These videos are so cool-I wish there was a type where the artists talked about their beats, and highlighted their favorite parts and how they brought it all together though

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