The Google app: More than a Match

The Google app: More than a Match

Ok Google How do you say ‘good luck’ in German? Viel Glück Ok Google How do you say ‘good luck’ in French? bonne chance Ok Google Comment dit-on bonne chance en
espagnole ? buena suerte How do you say ‘team work’ Entschlossenheit determination inspiration strong strong in Dutch in Thai en japonés? Ok Google Cómo se dice Can I play too?

87 thoughts on “The Google app: More than a Match

  1. I see short videos like this as gateways for tomorrow – in terms of how people live their normal lives while enhancing them. Some of the best things to happen in the last few years, where google have made a service and users have used that service in a way not intended – google eat this up, as they are one of the few companies that thrive on mutation. And I mean this in a terrific way – what else do you expect when we have chrome and android as open source? watch for the one spoken question in the video that is different from the rest ..

  2. Super #useful if you are traveling or live in a country with multiple languages. A quick #translation is only a tap away 😉

  3. Donald should watch this video. He gotta learn we are immigrants. There is not just white people in this country.

  4. That's called ad. Google having very awesome knowledge about how to represent them in few seconds. Awesome!!!!

  5. Teamwork. Determination. Inspiration. From field to field, say it all with the Google app. #MoreThanAMatch #OkGoogle

  6. La gente olvidará lo que dijiste, la gente olvidará lo que hiciste, pero la gente nunca olvidará como la hiciste sentir…

  7. Subkhanallah, ku jadi mudah mengakses materi apa saja dari ponsel ini. Tanpa dirimu aku sedih, galau. Trimakasih jaman modern.

  8. yalan o akıllı cihazları eline alan hiçbir kimse sporla falan filan uğra
    şmıyor hehehhe sanal alemde maç yaparlar anca

  9. Ok Google, How do you say, que chimba hombe
    I don`t know (is Colombian people) jajajajajajajjajajaja

  10. why the android4 and higher version of youtube has no playback with the screen off?i have an old phone with android2.2 and that youtube version u can put the screen in standby and the music plays perfect so u can save a lot of battery power,besides there are videos on yoube with just music and a picture so it's good for music play

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  12. جميل أن تكون على مسمع ومراكز من العالم بس السوال لك هل فكرت يوما واحد أن هاذا العالم الكبير والمترامي أطرافه أن له رب عظيم يسمع ويرا فكر جيدا قبل أن تكتب اي موضوع فهل ياترى سيكون في ميزان حسناتك أو العكس

  13. Ciao. questa e la prima volta che mi cimento in questa avventura se qualcuno vuole spiegare cosa debbo fare per iscrivermi a questo club , ne sarei grato grazie

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