The Fixies ★ The Thermos ★ The Electric Train ★ The Draftsman ★ The Internet | Videos For Kids

The Fixies ★ The Thermos ★ The Electric Train  ★ The Draftsman ★ The Internet | Videos For Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Thermos Where should I put it? Put what, Tom Thomas? Oh! It’s you! My ice-cream. Are you joking? Eat it! I can’t. Tom Thomas, are you alright? I’m fine. It’s just that it’s a present for my mom. Today is Mother’s Day. Then you need to go give it to her! I can’t. Dad and I are going to
congratulate her together. What’s your dad is going to give her? I don’t know. But when he gets back home, the ice-cream will have melted! Then put it in the freezer! And what if Mom looks in there? And finds it? The surprise will be ruined. So where won’t she find it? I’ll tell you where. Inside of your dad’s office. I don’t see any place to hide it here. There’s no freezer or anything! Why don’t you take a look inside the box. Here’s a thermos. But what good is it to me? Thermoses are for keeping things hot. The ice-cream will melt in there! It will not. A thermos is made by putting
one bottle inside of another. Between the bottles is an empty space.
And that’s the secret of a thermos. That space stops heat
from getting out or in. So if there’s hot tea inside, the empty space doesn’t let the heat
from the tea get out. And if there’s ice-cream in the thermos, the space stops the heat
that’s outside from getting in. And that’s how a thermos keeps
hot things hot and cold things cold. That’s it! I’ll go and play for a little while. He didn’t even say thank you. Did he, Nolik? Where are you? Nolik? I’m here! Where? In the thermos! What are you doing in there? I wanted to see that vacuum
you talked about. Just don’t touch anything! And don’t even think of licking the foil! The ice-cream’s so cold,
your tongue will stick to the metal! What did you say? Already stuck? Uh-huh. Try to unstick it. Well? Is it working? And what if you breath onto the foil? Hang on, Nolik! I’ll go and get Tom Thomas! Winter is a wonderful time of year! Holidays, presents, snowballs, skates, sleds… But the cold is also something serious
that you shouldn’t fool around with. The most important thing
is to dress warmly: cover your head with a hat,
and your throat with a scarf. Then there’s less chance
you’ll catch a cold or get a sore throat. And to keep you hands from getting chapped, don’t forget to wear gloves. And never walk around
in wet shoes in the winter! That’s a sure way to get yourself sick. And there’s one more thing I want to tell you. It’s great to have fun in the cold,
but use your head! Don’t eat snow or stick your tongue
on metal fences, poles or doorknobs. Your tongue can get stuck
so strongly to the metal that it will be very hard to get off. I wish you all a glorious winter! Tom Thomas! Nolik’s tongue got stuck! Where? In the thermos! Hurry! I’ll explain everything later. Dad, you’re already home? Dad, why are you taking my present? What do you mean your present? I mean this one. Since when did it become yours? Oh, hi there! What’s the fuss all about? Oh, it’s nothing at all. I have a surprise for you. I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. A thermos! How wonderful! Thanks so much! Is there something in here? I don’t think so. Inside there’s a present from me! Vanilla ice-cream! My favorite! And how did that end up in there? Thank you so much, my sweeties! Nolik, you got me so scared! Thank goodness you thought of
turning into a screw inside of there. Does your tongue hurt? Do you think you can talk again? I can talk. That’s good. We better hurry. We still need to go and wish
our mother a happy Mother’s Day. And you should too! They take care of our machines,
Irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens,
Even rollercoasters! Without them clocks stop ticking;
Without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Electric Train And suddenly the Earth is attacked by an alien spaceship! If help arrives here on time,
we’ll be saved! Move faster, faster! Come on,
get off the train! Move it, move it! Tom Thomas, we came here to play! Finally you’re here! I need some aliens for this game! What kind of alien
are you talking about? Just plain old aliens. You know the ones. They come to destroy the Earth
and just about everything! We don’t want to destroy anything at all! Why can’t we be… the train engineers, huh? Train engineers? You don’t know anything
about driving a train. Oh, we know plenty about trains. Humans invented the railroad long ago, But back then the rails
were made out of wood. People didn’t start making metal rails
until the end of the 18th century. But the first railroad cars had
no engines to give them their power. Instead they used horses to pull them along. Later, horses were replaced by the steam engine. Wood and coal would burn in their furnaces
to boil the water in their boilers making the steam that turned the wheels. And the Fixies were there
to help those trains go, making sure all of the parts
could work together smoothly. But now steam engines have long gone away. The railroad uses electricity
now for its power. These electric trains race along the railway at almost the speed of an airplane! So you might know trains
but you’ll still be the aliens. This railroad is mine, so you gonna play the way I want. The train is unloaded
and leaving the station. You can play Choo-choo by yourself! And I will! Hey! Why did you stop? This doesn’t help either. It’s not going at all. Simka! Nolik! Where are you? Did I hurt your feelings or something? Mom, is Dad gonna be home soon? No. Is something the matter? We’ve been attacked by evil aliens! The train has to be fixed right away or we’ll never escape them! You want some tea? I’ve got to think of something! Simka, Nolik. I know you’re in there! Please forgive me
if I hurt your feelings! I’m really sorry. There is nobody but you that can
save the world from the evil aliens! Alright, you talked us back into it. Well, let’s go and check the rails. Nolik, follow me! I’m faster! Well, so much for being faster! But it looks like I found the break! Tom Thomas! The rails are broken! I know. And so? You know? But that’s why
your train’s not running! Just like a real train,
model trains run on electricity. But there aren’t any batteries
inside the locomotive to pull the other cars. The engine gets its electricity from the rails. Each piece of the rail has a wire in it. If the rails come apart, the electricity can’t flow
through the track and get to the train. And without electricity the train’s engine
just stops going. So reconnect the rails
and your train will run again. Put them together. Yes! Hurrah! The train’s running! Way to go! So will you play with me now? And which way are we playing this time? Whatever you want – I’m with you! The train rushed down the track
with Nolik as its engineer, when suddenly from out of the sky
comes an alien spaceship! Greetings to you, oh people of planet Earth! I come from far away,
from another galaxy! Have you come to destroy everything? No! I’ve come to fix it all! Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Draftsman Huh? What? Hi there, Tom Thomas! What are you drawing? I’m not drawing, this is called drafting. What’s the difference? Tell me, is that a circle? Sure is! And that? It’s a circle too! Only it’s a rounder one! Of course! That’s because I drafted it! With a compass. And now I’ve got a real target. So now I’ll load my dart gun. Why’d you shoot that thing at me? It was the gun! I didn’t even pull the trigger! What? Did it break? Let’s open it up and see. There! This little part broke. Let me go find Papus. He can help you. He can make another one,
a brand new one. Wait! I can draft a technical drawing. Will Papus understand
how to read one of those? Are you kidding? Papus is an expert at everything. Done! Wow, Tom Thomas, you’re
a real technical drawer! A draftsman, Nolik! That’s what they call it! Try drawing a perfect circle by hand. Can’t do it huh? Well, with the help of a drafting compass
your circle will turn out great! Just put the needle point in the center
and turn the compass, and it’s done! A compass is only one
of the many different tools for drafting. For example, if you need to draw
a straight line, use a ruler! And if you need to draft
a frame for your picture, you can use a triangle! First draft one side and then – the other. And then to finish your frame, just turn the triangle upside-down
and draft the two remaining sides. You’ll get a perfectly squared frame. There are also drafting instruments
for making curved lines. They are called irregular curves or french curves. But actually, now people use
computers more and more for drafting technical drawings. Papus! What? What happened? We really need your help. One of the parts broke
in Tom Thomas’ dart gun. Could you make it? What kind of part exactly? Look! Here’s a technical drawing. So, you’ve even got a technical drawing? Very good then, let’s take a look at it. Here you go! Super! Let’s see. It’s not gonna work. You see, it sticks out here on the side. I need to draft another technical drawing. Papus! Nolik, you scared me again. Forgive me, but the part has to stick out
over on this side. And you’re sure that’s all? That’s all, for real! Tom Thomas! It’s done! Listen, while you were gone, I realized that the part
needs to have a hole. Right here. Papus! Again?! Sorry about this. But there’s a hole in this thing too. A technical drawing
is a special kind of drawing. It has to precisely describe
the thing that needs to be made. To do that, the drawing must be
very accurately drafted and include all of the measurements. And that’s not all. If the object is complex, it must be drafted
from at least three sides including the front, the side, and the top. You see? The object looks
different from every side. So if you don’t want to work
over and over again, learn to draft correctly! Ka-boom! It works!!! Bullseye! And all thanks to
our technical drawings! Yeah, after three tries, right? Some draftsmen you are! Now I can draft all sorts of technical drawings! Even one of you if you’d like. No, don’t bother. – Hey!
– Great! – That tickles!
– Now do me a favor and turn. Hey, what are you doing there? Just stop! – What’s going on?
– Now I think I got it. It’s done! And what’s that circle for? That’s the top view. You know what, Simka? That’s what you really
look like from up here. Nolik, take this over to Papus. He can use is to make another Simka. No, thanks, Tom Thomas! For me, one Simka is enough. I almost caught one yesterday,
I chased him but he fled. But if I told my dad he’d say,
“It’s all inside your head!” You really cannot catch them,
Or find their whereabouts. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Internet Well, maybe it’s a… Don’t think so. It’s probably a… You called for me, children? What’s the matter? Take a look. I’ve never seen anything like it. What in the world could it be? Maybe it’s a bathroom scale? Or a clock with a digital display? Wait a sec! Are there instructions
around here for this thing? I couldn’t find them anywhere. That’s a problem. Well, then let’s try to figure it out. What are you trying to figure out up there? What a huge hockey puck! It’s big enough for a monster! And the name is so silly! “T-rollbot” Why don’t they just call it the “Trollbot”? Or… I got it! The “Troll boat”! Please, stop the racket! So, what could this thing do? I have no idea. We could try finding it on the Internet. Where? Just run along you two. We don’t need any internets,
we can handle this. Go on, go! Don’t interrupt us! Sure, whatever you say. Come, Nolik! We’ll find it out by ourselves. Yeah! How? So! You remember what it was called? Ah… Troll Boat! No. Trollbot! You’re right! Hop to it! That’s not it. Oh! “T-rollbot”! You’re right! There it is! A robotic vacuum cleaner! You mean it vacuums by itself? It’s a robot. So yeah. Class! There’s just so much
cool stuff in this computer! Nolik, this information is not on this computer. It’s on the Internet! From your computer you can send
a letter to another computer. You can also download a song
or a photo from another computer. That’s all possible because most of the computers
in the world are connected to one another as part of a huge web. And this World Wide Web
is what we call the Internet. Thanks to the Internet, we can
take a peek at just about anywhere in the world and find information we need about anything! It’s an electronic… vegetable slicer! No. It’s a printer for round sheets of paper! There’s no way! Grandpus! We found out what they do with it! You’re back again! You mustn’t interrupt the adults! Just wait a second! Nolik, turn it on! Turn what on? Don’t you turn on anything! Ready, set, jump! Help me! No, no, no! Hold on! What was that?! It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner! It runs itself! And where did you find
the instructions for it? On the Internet! Just ask and it tells you. You can really just ask and it tells you? Uh-huh! If you want, we can show you. We’d love to see it. Sure, why not. Hm. On the Internet… Hey, hey, hey! Wait for me! What’s an elephant weigh?
What’s an elephant weigh? What’s an elephant weigh?
The answer’s easy to get. It says it weighs 5 tons.
It says it weighs 5 tons. It says it weighs 5 tons,
Here on the Internet. You send a letter to me,
I send a letter to you. You send a letter to me,
It’s just so easy to do. We’re writing letters now,
They fun to send and to get, We’re writing letters now
Through the Internet. Who? What? Where? And How?
Who? What? Where? And How? Who? What? Where? And How?
The answer’s simple to get. Every fact you need, every fact you need,
Every fact you need is on the Internet.

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