The Cast React to All That Sketches! πŸ˜† w/ Kel Mitchell, Josh Server & Danny Tamberelli | NickRewind

The Cast React to All That Sketches! πŸ˜† w/ Kel Mitchell, Josh Server & Danny Tamberelli | NickRewind

I mean, come on, man, she was
a supermodel and I was a teenager. I did a workout character,
the character was insane. We just destroyed the set. Hey all, I’m Kel Mitchell from All That,
Keenan and Kel, and Game Shakers. Hey, I’m Josh Server
from Nickelodeon’s All That. Hey guys, I’m Danny Tamberelli from The Adventures of Pete and Pete
and All That. Today, we’re going to revisit and
react to some of my classic moments. – Let’s check them out.
– Ooh. I’m overly excited at that moment. It’s Tyra Banks, y’all. I love it Ed, but it’s kinda hot. Sorry. Working with Tyra Banks
was super awesome. She was super ready,
was ready to be there, you could see the excitement,
I mean, come on, man, you know, it was a supermodel
and I was a teenager, so I was super excited, but Tyra,
super nice, shout out to Tyra. I mean, you’re cute and all,
but can we at least go on a date before we get married? Sure! That’s a classic for me, man.
I love it, man. I’m a gym coach, and vocabulary
don’t impress a gym coach. I want you to go out there and be tough! Is this the ballerina one? I want you to go out there
and show me muscle. I want you to go out there and show them
what kind of man you really are! Okay, so we shot this first season. Go, go, go, go! I remember this one specifically, Keenan and I kept
making each other laugh and it was really, really
tough to get through. We kept breaking
because it looked ridiculous. He’s ridiculous. And I’m just literally yelling
in his face the entire time. That was a lot of fun. Come on now son, move it! – This is one of the moments right here.
– What was that? What kind of ballerina are you? You let that little girl take you out– Yeah, we couldn’t get through
any of this on the day. I remember we broke a lot. She is a little girl
for crying out loud, Bruno! But she’s real strong,
and look, she ripped my tutu. That’s just tutu bad, isn’t it? And Keenan was just like naturally funny, Keenan didn’t even
have to do a character, it was just Keenan being
Keenan was really, really funny. Like I said, we couldn’t
get through the sketch. Go, go! Ladies. And then Miss Fingerly comes in. Miss Fingerly was in everything,
she was just the resident teacher… holding it down. in honor of Bird Spice changing
his name to Spice Cube, we will now perform
our hit single, B is for boys. Stupid, it’s so good. [applause] Oh man, here comes my dancing skills. Look at that, see, just late,
late, but I am doing it, look and I slipped, not… Looking at Nick Cannon
just doing it so gracefully, and perfect, me next to him
really looks bad. Look, I’m not… That’s it, I was clogging up sinks
with what I was wearing, truth be told. Yeah, you better back up
and learn your education too, Because if you don’t,
Spice Cube is coming for you! Oh my God, yes. I mean, who doesn’t want to be a fan
of the Spice Boys and Dead Spice? You can’t beat it. Oh my gosh. I knew that I couldn’t dance
back then, but now I really know that I could not dance,
not on rhythm, hitting my mark early and late. It’s tough when you’re in a hairy suit
with a fake Australian accent, but perfectly, perfectly
manicured facial hair, which is also pretty amazing,
that this is all perfectly trimmed, but my eyebrows are crazy,
hair everywhere, but keep it tight. On the side, which is what
I do these days, keep it tight. I’ve been enjoying television
ever since they canceled Bewitched. Remember that thing she did
with her nose, remember that? Oh, we’ll find you
something to watch, here. [screaming] Okay, okay! Oh what’s wrong with you, crazy? Why must you fold me up like
I’m some sort of crazy Mexican food! I’m a man, not a burrito! I was trying to turn on the TV! And I was trying to lead a happy life, until you shoved me down the stairs, boiled my [bleep],
then folded me up like I was some kind of
crazy twisted taco salad! [screaming] Stop pushing those buttons
and come on. Okay, bye Coach Kreaton. Ah, I’ve been kissed by a little girl! Oh, the life I live is sad. And Kel goes out the window,
that was always written in scripts! There’s a lot of funny in this one. If you listen closely, I think I said
something that just didn’t fly, with Nickelodeon
and you could actually hear it, in there it’s like,
if you re-listen to that, it said boiled my ra ra. They just put a ra ra over
the actual word, which is hilarious. Shoved me down the stairs,
boiled my [bleep]. And then the dummy, it looks nothing
like me at all, it’s super funny. The other thing about it, you’ll see
me pushing down my gown because my leg was up
and I had my underwear, and I didn’t want everybody
looking at my drawers, and that’s what they were doing,
so I kept pulling down my gown to hide my hoo has,
so that’s what’s in that clip. Let’s hear it for Super Dude. [cheering] Let’s… not! Milkman! Milkman, I should have known,
you make one ugly old woman! That’s correct. So this was basically
just me doing Jim Carrey. Like, I feel like the whole first season I was just doing a bad
Jim Carrey impression, like before I figured out
that I could be funny. Like all of my characters
were just throwbacks to Jim. He was amazing, see? Super Dude, go after him. Steve Holland! Especially ice cream…
Look out Stupid Dude! So funny ’cause like, also when
you watch some of these sketches, the writers and producers
of the show, they would throw them in
all the time and they would be doing acting, in this one I’ve noticed
at least two people, I think that was Neal as well,
Neal Brennan. And these guys are like,
you know, doing big things nowadays and back in the day
they were just on our show. When I fling this giant scoop
of ice cream at your head, you will be finished forever! No! So long, Super Dude! Just all Jim Carrey. The entire sketch. Look at that effect! – This is for trying to harm me!
– Ow! – This is for calling me names!
– Ah! And this is for getting
Penny all messy. Enjoy your flight. Was that me or was that a dummy? Magic of television, love it. Freeze! [screaming] Whoa, you going back. Just like I thought, Cheese Fizz. And look at the expiration date,
it’s not even fresh. Come here. – You got a license for this cheese?
– What’s it to ya? Punk! Oh, this was a fun sketch,
Kel is so funny in this sketch. He was really going in. I swear to you. And I loved how
they shot it like Cops, like it was a true
throwback to Cops. Do you realize the fat content
of pure cream cheese? Oh, yeah, I mean, look,
we looked like criminals, I’m wearing a hat
and I have an earring. Clearly, you know, don’t mess with me. That’s real acting, right there. I don’t want to say it’s statue-worthy,
but it was pretty good. That was Cheese Police, that was our
rendition and spoof of Cops. I always watched Cops, so that was fun
to be able to do that with Cheese Police. I do remember the set, it was
really like this run down house and they were following us around, they wanted it to look
really like Cops, herky jerky, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. There’s 16 ounces in a pound. There are 38 sheep in my pants. Some of my favorite All That
characters include Helga Schlumpkenfist. I just thought maybe we’d go bowling. Shave Helga now! Or I will pummel you until
you cry like a little girl! A German bodybuilder
and she was very nice and sweet until you got her angry, and then she would go
from talking like this to… I’m very angry! I’m sorry. Get out of here! Tune in next time everyone! [screaming] Mostly when I got angry,
I got to break stuff. Also with breaking stuff,
Jack Campbell: Fat Cop. I’m Jack Campbell, Fat Cop. There is a sketch where he basically
comes on Randy’s chocolate show, and that might be
my favorite sketch that I ever did, because I think Keenan and I,
the one they aired was a live one and we just destroyed the set. And you can see us laughing and
there was chocolate all over the back and there were pads in the back,
we kept slipping and falling. And like, you could just… It was just
one of the best experiences. So that particular sketch
is probably my favorite of all. But those are two of my favorite
characters for sure. Hurry up, I’m not getting any younger. Getting older! Getting older! Still getting older! We did the 10th anniversary
was really cool, we came back and did a 10-year special,
which was really awesome. But I have to go with
the live episode. We did one episode
that was completely live and we rehearsed for two weeks
as opposed to like one week. We shot it like a true live,
like SNL style. That was awesome. I hope everybody is enjoying the live
show because I’m Danny and all, and as Danny–
Oh forget it, look. Hi, everybody, I’m not Danny. Danny was supposed to come out here
and introduce the musical guest, but he hasn’t quite made it
to the show yet, which is fine,
he was gonna come out here and say all kinds of funny stuff,
which I didn’t really memorize, and he was gonna do a little dance and
I think it would’ve looked like this. Look at me! I’m butter! Top five characters to play,
okay, let me see. Coach Kreaton, super funny. Ask me if I care, go ahead boy,
ask me if I care, ask me if I care! Coach Kreaton, of course Ed. Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order? Love Maroon, because he would
just say ‘Jupiter’ all the time. Now, your name is Lump,
and Lump, I am– Jupiter! – Jupiter!
– Oh, knock that off! Jupiter!!! Mavis and Clavis. Mavis, when was
the last time you heard the music that made you
want to sing Gil Moody? And Repairman! Oh, Repairman. – Step aside!
– Why? Because I’m…
Repairman-man-man-man-man. I played a lot of characters, y’all! I be Pasta Man. I feel the hurt. Come on, be hypnotized by my love. I will do Detective Dan,
fan favorite, love Detective Dan. I’m Detective Dan. I’m Detective Dan. I’m Detective Dan. You’re under arrest! Hiya! I did a workout character,
his name was Toby Brawn. Are you feeling it?
Are you feeling it? Yes, yes!
Woo hoo! I’m ready, how are you?!? What’s the guy who did
the Gazelle commercials, Tony Little, with a long blond ponytail. So it’s basically an impression of him,
but the character was insane. For those who aren’t convinced
about the board, we’re going to show you, in a second, how easy it is to use
the board, right here. But first, I gotta show you
without the board, I couldn’t do this! Karate chop! Flex, flex, flex! And they didn’t even write
anything at that point, I just was allowed to do
what I wanted to do. I think Bernie Kibbutz was fun
because of all the makeup. And although I am 129 years old, I still like to get funky
with the best of ’em! Check Bernie out! Oh yeah, oh yeah baby! Go Bernie!
Oh, yeah, you like that huh? You want some more?
You like that, don’t ya? Go Bernie! I mean, if I could have been Principal William Baines Pimpell,
I would have. My name is Principal William…
Baines… Pimpell. Because I thought that
Keenan crushed that character, and all I wanted to do was have some
sort of prosthetic that I could use because he would speak to you,
and he would accent words with just like the bulbous pimple,
just pushing out every time. I think that is something we
all need in life, just a little like… [splat] Sorry for sound effect, people. I’m gonna teach y’all a little
something about my sad, wasted life. You are an absolute
disgrace to your tutu! You have the right to remain silent! – Wow!
– Wow, that was wild. Oh, man, those were great. Comment below, what scenes
you want to see me react to next.

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