The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 506 (Web Chat) | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect – The After Effect: Episode 506 (Web Chat) | truTV

♪♪ Hey. What’s up?
It’s Michael Carbonaro. Thank you for watching
this week’s episode of “The Carbonaro Effect.” I am loving this season, and I’m loving that
you’re watching it, and I’m loving that
you’re here now, in “The After Effect,” where I answer your questions
about the episode. Thank you for writing
questions in. I love getting to see what
you guys are thinking, and let me start answering them
right now. First question comes from Pete. “Poppin’ Pants… Was such a ridiculous idea.” Was it hard to find someone
who thought that was real? You know, I thought it was
gonna be, and it wasn’t. I think we shot that three
times. Everyone believed it, but that dude
had the best reaction. Right? What?! It agitates — Yep. There — There it goes. Look. It’s conducting
the heat quickly, the foil. Yeah. Then you get your popcorn popped out of it. What the [bleep]. He didn’t believe it in the end, that it was a TV show. That’s how hard he believed
in those popcorn pants. Have you ever heard of the “The Carbonaro Effect”? I have. Yeah,
we’re on it right now. No, we’re not. Yeah, we are. No, we’re not. Ted writes in, “How did
you get all that wine into each little bubble?” Oh, yeah.
In the shipping store. The bubble wrap,
it has car– They put carbon dioxide inside these now, so, like, the fermentation hits the carbon dioxide, and then it sucks it
into the bubbles, Oh, wow.
That’s some science. The original idea came up. It was gonna be, you know,
if we had, like, a Lego toy, if someone ever came in
and shipped something like a Lego toy, maybe you can make
all the little things go separately into the — into the bubbles
of the bubble wrap. What?! So, the wine was, like, “Ooh! Let’s get liquid in there,” and I gave it a shot,
and I’m so glad it worked. Dude, this is [bleep]
crazy science. Yeah, that’s the, um…
The Carbonaro Effect. Get the [bleep]
out of here, dude. Let’s pop some bubbles and toast! Alright!
Let’s do it. [ Clicks tongue ] Cheers. Salute. Salute. Molly writes in, “Your movie theater illusion
was amazing.” Thank you.
It’s another long-time trick. We’ve been trying to do it
for a while — finding the right spot
to make that work. The question is,
“Do you get nervous doing a trick that relies
on a technological component like that?” Good question, Molly. Yes, because, you know, that was a real
16-millimeter projector, so yes, it was very tricky because we were actually — This is a secret,
but I’m gonna tell it. It wasn’t really the film
that was rolling. I made them think
that it was digitizing into a regular projector, but I was really projecting
that movie through a computer. If something glitches
technologically-wise… then it’s a mess
and the take’s no good. So, I do get nervous. Okay. Doreen writes,
“Who played the guy escaping from the movie screen in the last part
of the episode?” Well, for one, the guy that got
sucked into the movie screen, that’s my husband,
Peter Stickles. Where you from? Oh, I’m from — [ Projector clicks ] What the hell? Did you touch that? Nobody touched it. Old buildings, right?
Power surge probably. ♪♪ [ Electricity crackles ] The guy that he switched with is Rob Zabrecky, who is an amazing magician. He actually just goes
by “Zabrecky.” and he’s just got
the coolest face, right? [ Electricity crackles ] Oh, what the hell? [ Projector whirring ] What the… ♪♪ [Bleep].
What the [bleep]. I knew I wanted to use him
for that segment, as soon as we were
able to pull it off. So, yeah.
Those guys killed it. Where did Peter go? Peter went into the screen, and dude came out
of the screen. Dude dropped the key,
and he walked the [bleep] — What?! Oh, I’m going crazy. [ Chuckles ]
Oh, this is nuts. Nice questions, guys. Thank you
so much for writing these in. You can write more at
#AskMichaelCarbonaro. You can do that on
Twitter or Facebook. Or Instagram, even. Figure it out.
I’ll find ’em. And we’ll see you next week,
and check out the show. ♪♪

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  1. I only just discovered your show a month ago, and it's now my favorite thing on TV! In these tumultuous times, it's so nice to consistently have a genuine laugh watching your show. Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘

  2. I LOVE that Michael is talking about his husband!!!! Bravo!!!!! We need people like him to be brave trailblazers to end our caveman-like biases and judgements and discrimination – and step into true unconditional love! Not only is Michael my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE actor, Commedian and magician…but has created the best TV show – maybe EVER! Deeply grateful to you Michael! Love to you and your hubby…. Youโ€™ve single-handedly made this world a better place!

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