Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen

Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen

It is ours and it is free A free and open world depends on a free and open web And a free and open web depends on me [VOICES SPEAKING IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES] [ON SCREEN] In December, the world’s governments meet to discuss the future of the Internet. [ON SCREEN] Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web. [ON SCREEN] Tell them you support a free and open web.

100 thoughts on “Take Action: Add Your Voice to Keep the Internet #freeandopen

  1. That is not why middle eastern countries filter their web access, and it is not why China filters its web. These are done for one reason, controlling their people, limiting their access to information. That is what the summit was about, and that idea is wrong.

  2. Actually read Vint Cerf before signing up.

    "Several authoritarian regimes *reportedly* propose to ban anonymity from the web"

    Whereas the vast majority of Governments, including yours, are not planning to restrict your speech.

    "Others have proposed moving the responsibilities of the private sector system that manages domain names to the United Nations."

    Why is this in any way a bad thing?

    Regulation is the main agenda – i.e how to tax giant offshore internet corporations like Google.

  3. Exactly. People, remember before you sign up that Google spies on you.

    Honestly this campaign is so distasteful. Governments are not perfect, but at least they are elected, accountable and representatives of our democracy. Sure if you want to change things then do something about it – speak out.

    But don't swap our democratic leaders in favour of corporate internet entrepreneurs for fuck's sake. What are they interested in? Making profits and avoiding taxes. We can do better than this surely.

  4. It took you 2 months to reply to me? Wow, you really are an idiot. Or should I say: Dfaskjhfnlasd fnasdklfjasdio fkasdljf;sladkj

  5. Freedom my arse. Google spies on you, they all spy on you. What's more they hand over information to intelligence agencies on request.

    The internet stopped being free a long time ago, thanks to Google and chums.

    In the 90s the internet was about debate and the free sharing of information for mutual benefit. Now it's about shopping and entertainment. The fact that a 600 word box on Youtube is now the only place to have a public debate – that says a lot.

  6. so, we all say loud:"Its my fucking web" while we use google earth and microsoft computers? I have a suspicion: Somebody already decided that it is not ours and we have to be smart about this or somebody might be a step ahead of us. Just sayin.

  7. like anything that is open .given,forgiving.transparent ,loving, honest, true, forthright,…………etc.,etc.,etc. of fucking COURSE….( you damn well KNOW) it`s gotta to be weaponized demonized categorized
    scrutinized criminalized ….etc. etc/.. EEttC. bring it !

  8. A language must have syllables and sound normal. Not "Hala hala hala" or "Ting tong wing wong". It sounds alien. Spanish is a sissy language: "Amor me amor you mi amor kiss kiss amor". Imagine how gay a guy saying that would be? No badasses in Mexico, that is for sure!

  9. internet is the ultimate tool of difussion, all you dont know some day youll be able to know it from internet from learning how to spin poi, to a minor sirjury or to build up a computer or hoe to melt metals, its a matter of time, we should not let internet to be private or sensured, must be free knowledge, it will bring the same knowledge for everyone….

  10. This kind of behavior since Beatle John was shot, has been observed as about .out blatant and as about, as atrociously arrogant .
    frankly(as it were) pandoras` box is open with this internet thing . what ? are they going to stop us from conversations over the fact that more and more people are waking up However ,there are alot of die hard denialists . they actually like “stupid” that way they don`t have to face the fear of actually being responsible to the Republic many have died for:>

  11. wow aren`t we touchy? take it easy french toast my point is quite clear . it was just a simple question guy, yours is the slack jaw gaze of true profanity . Don`t run away with the spoon with your drama. of course the internet needs support . It`s paramount that it is not tampered with.

  12. Terobosan yang inofatif dari google. Dengan take action kita bisa mengenal lebih banyak orang dan tentunya menambah teman. Ide yang sangat kreatif.

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  14. Exactly my point. Internet should be free and open and equal. Google pls. ensure the same kind of cookies and settings all over the world, don't get biased. Even the search engine needs to be the same. How can you expect China to open up to all your sleaze, when you would not show that in US. Pls. behave fair, to be treated so.

  15. The internet along with other technology such as smart-phones are the politicians worst nightmare that has the potential to expose their true agenda. I am happy that even the not so bright are questioning the bullshit that comes out from most media . Virtually everyone is a reporter nowadays. Roughly speaking anything that the authority calls a terrorist organization or threat to democracy is in reality the complete opposite.A real life V for vendetta sort to speak.

  16. Internet is about information and communication and it's freedom is at least equivalent to the freedom of speech, so it's inherently must be free from any kind of governmental or organizational control !

  17. The bass is too loud. I can't turn the video up high enough to hear it without disturbing the neighbours with the vibrations.

  18. هذا هو فضل التقدم العلمى,الذى لولاه لما وصلت الأرض الى هذا الخراب الموجود على وجه الأرض

  19. And who's going to stop Google from spying on you? They already released all your private data to all the companies in their umbrella.

    Why anyone would support the freedom of corporations from democratic rule is beyond me.

    The internet will never be free and open until it is free of corporate spying by the likes of Google inc.

  20. не пойму, Россия – великая страна) а на видео я её не увидел! Google, ты странный

  21. barriemicks74 – they actually can.
    agat882 – except for some article mistakes, your commentary was correct.Congratulations!

  22. Гугл, разберись с Ростелеком… они жалкие людишки и монополисты в моем районе!

  23. Гугл, проведи google fiber в Беларусь!У нас тут byfly за 70 долларов в месяц даёт ~20 мегабайтсек , а ты даёшь 1 гигабитсек отдачу + приём, да ещё и пакет телеканалов, приставку и планшет.

  24. Нет Гугл, я не поддержу твою акцию, потому что люди в этом видео не говорят по-русски. По испански-да, по-японски-да, по-английски-да. Но по-русски-нет. Вот пусть те, кого ты показываешь пусть и поддерживают твоё начинание.

  25. very irony in 2013. be called freedom and open country USA government appear scandal about secret build monitor system with other USA internet provider into news headline. shame.. it's damaged USA service and image over the world in internet…

  26. The internet as it now is, is perhaps the FREE-IST [non regulated] and OPEN tool we have to use. Lets keep it this way.

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  29. The web is one of man-kinds best creations, it allows seamless, unlimited access to information, people, and content. It allows free, anonymous speech on nearly any subject, be it political or not. Governments and corporations are attempting to stop this freedom and instead limit what the internet can and cannot be used for. Do not allow this to happen under any circumstance.

  30. How about you bring back my old youtube comments back then we will talking about "freedom" heh ? You force me to use google+ and create the biggest comment failure and force us to use it. Fix that and I will help you. Google+ Suck.

  31. DONT TRUST GOOGLE.Google wants to be the global internet provider so they can have access to EVERYTHING. Block sites they dont like [pirate content], sell information and password they want to ex. CIA ,FBI etc… THINK WHAT YOU ARE DOING… THEY ALL GO FOR THE FKIN MONEY $$$$$

  32. Oh, great and wise Google – please save us from our democratically elected overlords and lead us on the true path of corporate righteousness, espionage, and the forced opening of third world markets to western competition forcing their local industries out of business with their immense buying power, marketing budgets, tax 'efficiency', and lobbying muscle.

    And when the local industries are gone, taking their redundant and now desperate workforces and forcing them into sweat shops with no minimum wages, denuded of their unique industrial heritages and patriotic pride, to make T shirts instead, while with the same stroke putting people at home out of jobs so they can't spend their wages to create demand and thus more jobs and boost our own economies, but instead putting them on welfare at public expense.

    But at least the immense private wealth thus created will eventually trickle down to the rest of us via the non-existent corporation taxes, tax havens and Swiss bank accounts of these benign corporate personages.



    "Open and Free – depends on me". I hear and obey, oh mighty one.

  33. Big communications companies such as Verizon and ATT  want to choose "fast lanes" and and give preferential treatment to websites who pay more.  Thus, they don't believe all websites are equal and discriminate based upon how deep ones pocket is.  Stop the abuse of ATT and Verizon and BOYCOT them.

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