Students Trigger College Professor | We the Internet TV

Students Trigger College Professor | We the Internet TV

Hello everyone, welcome to Literature 101. I’m Professor Smythe. I’m so happy to see so many diverse human beings in my class here today. You know, we’re going to work this semester on a lot of different sensitive subjects. Some of those things might be triggering. Who can tell me what the word ‘triggering’ means? Okay, that’s okay. College is for learning new things. And also for protecting you from those things, right? Because some subjects, they can ‘trigger’ extremely strong and damaging emotional responses. Yeah. And those triggered responses, they don’t feel good. They feel yucky. That’s why we have trigger warnings. Trigger warnings are good. They keep us safe. Okay, now let’s take a look at our syllabus. Excuse me, uh, Devora Silverstein? Oh, yes? I just want you to take a look at the syllabus here, we are going to be studying The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare. You’re gonna want to stay away from that play. Oh, why is that Professor Smythe? It could trigger you. But why me specifically? Because you’re Jewish! Yes, I”m Jewish, but it’s Shakespeare, he’s, like, so important! Okay, yes, he is “important.” Put that in quotes. He’s a dead white man. But I’ve been at this a lot longer than you have, right? You guys are first years. Triggers can be really complex and they can pop up when you least expect them. Okay, sorry. Now if you start to feel upset or triggered at all, you can put your head down on the desk, right here in this class. You can cover your ears. Or…I’d like you to meet somebody. A pillow? Not just any pillow, please. Sorry. A dear friend of mine. The trauma pillow. You guys can do anything you want to her.
Yeah, it’s a she. Sorry. You can hug her. Or kick her. You can bite her, I like to bite her. You can bite it. I don’t want to. You can though, I bite it. Okay, I’m gonna leave it up here for everybody. It’s for all of us. The trauma pillow is everybody’s friend. Okay? Yeah. Let’s try something a little different. Desks are oppressive, this feels much safer. Uh, I see that The Great Gatsby is on the syllabus. I actually read that in highschool. I am so sorry Anthony, The Great Gatsby is a very triggering novel. Well, I didn’t find it triggering at all. Even the brutal depictions of World War 1? You mean where the narrator mentions that Gatsby served in World War 1? Just mentioning it…so triggering. Well, I’m actually a veteran, and I served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. So you actually know first-hand how traumatic it can be to be reading a book and then boom! A sentence about war explodes on the page! It’s nothing compared to actual combat. Then perhaps that’s a discussion we could have. Sure! If it wasn’t so triggeing. So, you do or you don’t want to have the discussion? Anthony, now your hostility is triggering me. Oh, well, I didn’t think I was being hostile, I’m just talking… In fact, I think if anyone’s triggering someone, it’s you. Okay, well, the trauma pillow is telling us a different story. This is ridiculous! I’m out. Poor Anthony. So young, so triggered. How’s everybody else? I also read The Great Gatsby in high school, so… Bet you didn’t like it, did you Julio? No, actually, I really liked it, it’s probably my favorite book. But, Julio, there are no Latinos in ‘la novela.’ I don’t need Latinos in every book that I read, that would be…impossible. And also boring. Okay, well I am not comfortable with where this line of questioning is going. So, let’s try something a little different. Now just close your eyes. And imagine that you are in a world free from triggers. Imagine that that mean white cisgendered syllabus can’t hurt a young gay man like you, Eric. Wait, what? I’m not gay. Uhh, is this Literature 101? Sorry I’m late, they didn’t put the room number on my schedule. Oh my god. What? This, all these white people… [JULIO] Uhh…
[SMYTHE] Julio, silencio. This must be so triggering for you. What? Here, take the trauma pillow. You’ll need it. Guys, let’s try something a little different. There! Doesn’t this feel better? This feels wrong. Tell it to the pillow. [whispers] This is wrong. Yes… [whispers] I’m dropping this class…

100 thoughts on “Students Trigger College Professor | We the Internet TV

  1. As a first year at a college in South Western Ohio this doesn't seem accurate at all. Funny as hell but to me it isn't what I see. Anyone gone to a university like the one in the video.

  2. The fact that my English teacher says some of these quotes verbatim on a regular basis though. Especially the dead white man thing. Damn,

  3. On a real note… I get triggered when I notice I cant manipulate someone or I lose control of a situation. I'm a controling person, the things I actually love to not be able to control is my friends they know my issues and dont make it easy for me. No one gets it as, we all have shit, if you dont you just don't realize it. But enough with the victumhood, these videos show the great irony of what I started callimg the far left. Theres a point where you inclusiveity becomes a large part exclusive. I'm sure you kbow what I mean of not, its only a matter of time.

  4. I was triggered by the fact that one fuckwit thought The Great Gatsby was a good book, his favourite! I need the trauma pillow!!

  5. Evidently, these videos were way ahead of their time! Or wait, or idiot leftist watching these and thinking that they were true? Mind blown!

  6. She is beyond the pale. OMG. Hysterical. I thought she might do something about fat people, but nope, she hit the classics.

  7. It's sad that something that actually meant something (triggering) has been so misused, to the point where people no longer recognize actual conditions that can result in actual "triggering", such as PTSD or autism.

  8. How have I missed this site? Omg. I just watched a couple of other videos like Good Guy With a Gun. This is my new favorite go to for brilliance in comedy.

  9. in the imortal words of Dexter Grif "How about if Trigger Warnings themselves piss me off? can I get a warning for those?"

  10. Uhhh nailed it, guys. 2:40

  11. This is San Francisco and Berkley curriculum in all colleges. Creating segregation and teaching hate speech based on ones skin color not the individual. Group identity over personal identity.

  12. Two things….
    1 she's obviously a Liberal but she unironically built a wall lol

    2 she was gleefully encouraging the abuse of a "female"

  13. It's kinda sad this accurate. There's a recent video of a college student who got in trouble in a debate class because the professor because he thinks white people made up space and that the black people who have been to space are apart of the white supremacy view.

  14. As someone who teaches literature I would like to assure everyone that this has fuck all to do with literature.
    Btw, the "stay away from this classic/ban it because it doesn't support our worldview" is exactly the conflict between a professor of literature and a radical Islamist described in Reading Lolita in Tehran (fantastic book). SJWs and religious fanatics have the EXACT SAME "arguments".

  15. When the prof pulled out the pillow, at first I thought is said "TRUMP". I wonder what she'd do if she saw a MAGA hat.😂

  16. There is literally an entire culture of spoiled assholes raised much like this. The results of this coddled generation will not be good…

  17. Excuse me? This REALLY misrepresents what the word trigger means… Its for a person with a mental or neurological illness/disability, or ptsd such as myself. A trigger is something that sets off an illness. For example, a loud noise may be an autistic trigger. Mention of sexual assault or war can trigger flashbacks in someone with ptsd. Whispering may trigger a schizophrenics hallucinations. People need to learn what trigger actually means. Painting it as sjw's with negative emotions really hurts those who need trigger warnings.

  18. I tried college for approximately 30 days at UNC Charlotte and this is the shit I experienced! Don't take human social geography, they show parody videos explaining why Israel shouldn't exist. Fuck them I'VE BEEN TO ISRAEL

  19. The veteran was the first one to flunk the class. Clearly an F on his grade. I'll bet it created a trigger for him. Now he'll need a pillow.

  20. Hi, I go to an engineering college and never had to deal with this weirdness in both of my liberal arts classes. How pervasive is it actually? My thinking is that it exists but isn’t nearly as pervasive as conservative media displays it to be. But I want to hear what you guys have to say.

  21. If you think the end is unbelievable, think again. I watched a whole video where a bunch of college students agreed black people should have a separate safe space where white people couldn’t go. They then went to the KKK and they thought it was a good idea…

  22. Feel bad. This is only level green super-whiny, not yellow. Keep healing. (but it's clearly on the side of the negatively inner vicious yellows). Oh aren't you all just the naturals of human direction in some one and only co-existence.

  23. I've been watching a few of these WTI videos…..they're well done, but they are a little too on-the-nose, and that dampens the comedic impact.

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