Strangest Proposal Videos on the Internet

Strangest Proposal Videos on the Internet

– Ever pooped out an engagement ring?
– Let’s talk about that! ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good Mythical Morning!
– A marriage proposal can be, and should be, one of the most memorable
moments in your life. Sometimes people go all out, you know? They get a lot of people
involved. They get flash mobs. They do billboards, whatever. And everybody’s like,
“Oh, that’s so sweet! That’s so amazing!” And the person who’s being
asked says, “Yes!” It goes so well. And they put it on video so that people
can watch it forever. I’m sick of those – videos, ’cause they set the bar too high!
– Yeah! – For all you aspiring gettin’ married-ers.
– Yeah, that’s a word. Or for those of us who proposed and it was
sub par, and I don’t wanna get into the details, but I don’t want your bar to be
so high. So today, we are lowering the bar by highlighting some
of the most RIDICULOUS– – Whoa, that was intense!
– RIDICULOUS marriage proposals ever… – caught on tape.
– Let’s start with the cruelest proposal. – All right.
– That’s a tough word to say. – “Cruelest.” I kinda just did it.
– Okay, this is Alexi Boikov and Irena Kolokov. Got any guesses where
they’re from? Ha ha ha ha ha. Russia. Anyway, Alexi hired a director, a stunt
man, a makeup artist, actors, a script writer, all those people to help him fake
his own near-death, all in the name of love. He told his girlfriend to show up at a
spot, but when she showed up at that spot, he had staged a car wreck that he was the
victim of, and he was fighting for his life– – You’re kidding me!
– in the back of an ambulance, Link! Let’s watch the vid!
Here she is, she’s being escorted up to – the place. She sees him…
– What’s coming out? – Well, he came out.
– With a balloon. As you can see, he’s… he didn’t hire a
wardrobe adviser, unless he wanted to look like a fireman playing on Sesame
Street. I don’t know where he got – those overalls.
– You know your proposal’s going well when sprinklers set off and
you have to wrestle your… No, those– those were sparklers. That was
part of it. He planned that too, Link. – Oh.
– He got everything right, as you can see. – And when you have wrestle your fiance…
– Look, she’s happy! It worked! She switched on a dime! Oh, you’re not
dead? You just wanna marry me? Of course! – No, actually, she was incredibly upset.
– You think? She said she was so mad that she wanted to
kill him but for reals this time, but then she did come around. And this is what
Alexi said, he said, “I wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without me and
how life would have no meaning without me.” Oh, so Alexi, you’re saying this
was all about you! Ohhhh! Okay! – Alexi…
– Hopefully the marriage isn’t all about – you, Alexi.
– I just don’t think it’s fair to catch someone so off guard that then you’re
asking them one of the most important questions of their life when they
have no clue what’s happening. – Oh, you don’t think this was a good idea?
– I think it’s a better idea than the – next one.
– (chuckles) Okay, all right. On Chinese Valentine’s Day in 2011–
which is in August, by the way. Take note. One Pan Kun… One person.
His name was Pan Kun. – Pan Kun. Got it. That wasn’t his full name.
– Brought his girlfriend to the city square in Qingdao, China, for the most
confusing marriage proposal ever. – Ah, I’m intrigued.
– Now, first of all, just to review a little bit: the cost of an engagement
ring is determined by the three C’s: Cut, clarity, and carats. Of course, the
bigger it is, i.e., the more carats, the – more expensive it’s gonna be.
– Okay. – And the average ring is one carat
– Okay, all right. in size, give or take. But Pan Kun wanted
to go all out, so he brought 48 carrots– – What?! That’s massive!
– to his elaborate proposal performance. But I think he was a little confused
about what a “carat” actually meant. – Okay.
– Here’s his proposal. There they are: – 48 carrots! (laughs) Um…
– Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is this a carat… is this a “diamond
carrot” joke or is she just a really big – fan of carrots?
– I think it’s just a lot of confusion. – She’s confused…
– They look more like orange grapes, – first of all.
– She thought it was a flash mob, and then he pops out of one of ’em, and Pan Kun
gets down on one knee and proposes. The ironic thing is, he didn’t have
any carats! He had zero carats. – What is the thing he gave her?
– He had no ring at all! He had a – certificate of love!
– Oh! – (crew laughs)
– Well that’s all you need, when you’ve – got those carrots!
– Zero carats with an “a-r” and an “a.” – Is that how you spell? Not an “o.”
– But see, we don’t know the intricacies of their relationship. Maybe carrots are
really meaningful to them in some ways. Maybe big, fat, grape-like carrots with
sunglasses are very meaningful to her. I’m glad he wore his Abercrombie
shirt for such a special occasionl But here’s the thing: Was he trying
to save money? Because how much– $14,000! That’s how much he
spent on this whole thing! Oh! He probably could’ve gotten
an engagement ring with that. – (crew laughs)
– Yeah, Pan Kun, you’re… – Maybe a couple of ’em!
– Your resource allocation might need to – be addressed in the second marriage.
– Okay. How about the nerdiest proposal of all time? This is coming from
Doctor Pappa, who’s a YouTuber! – Big fan.
– He is neither a doctor nor a papa. – Doctor Pappa.
– But he is a nerd in a good way, because he had the brilliant idea to put on a
Futurama character, Bender, you know, the robot from Futurama. To put on the
Bender mask and ask his girlfriend to marry him– her name is Rachel– in a
very special way. Let’s see the video. Pay attention. (video) 0101100101101… – He’s singing?
– No, he’s saying, “00110…” Link– – Binary.
– It’s binary code. – Okay.
– Now, this goes on for quite some time, but what he ends up saying in binary code,
in case you need a translation, is, “Rachel, you are awesome. Will you
marry me?” Now, it took Rachel 30 minutes to decode this message after he posted
this video on her Facebook wall. 30 minutes! He could’ve left “You are
awesome” out and saved 15 minutes. Right. But he wanted her to
know how special she was. – Okay.
– And you know what? She responded with a resounding, “01111001011
0010101110011,” which is “Yes.” – You actually–
– It’s so romantic! I like how you actually did the work.
You were glued to your zero-ones because – you wanted to get it right.
– It’s actually “Yes.” – Y – E – S.
– You know, I feel great for them. I really hope they have a
wonderful Futurama together. (chuckles) – All right.
– By the way, he’s still going. – (video) 100010…
– Oh, yeah, he is. Well, it takes a while. – Yeah.
– I would like to present the most awkward, yet professional, proposal ever,
and it’s on YouTube. Justen Arnold was the weatherman at local news station in
Quincy, Illinois, and he was dating the news anchor, Alexis Hunt, okay? So Justen
was giving the weather report when he decided there was a 100% chance
of a marriage proposal in the air. – Mm! I like where this is going.
– All right, now, I’m gonna show you the video, because Justen himself uploaded it
to his personal channel, known as – “Mister Da Weatherman.”
– Oh, Mister Da Weatherman? – Yeah, Mister Da Weatherman!
– That’s one of my favorite YouTube – channels! Right next to Doctor Pappa!
– But I want to read the video description, which, obviously, he wrote himself,
before I show you the video. – Okay.
– And I quote, “Weatherman surprises anchor and proposes live on tv…He’s nervous and
stubbles through weather.” Stubbles. – Okay.
– He “stubbled” through the weather. – I can see what’s gonna happen.
– “but is calm during proposal… She is so caught off guard she stubbles
through a little bit afterwards.” – She’s stubblin’ too!
– Guys, you ready to see some stubblin’? Let’s watch the video. – The threat of these rain showers…
– You know he’s nervous. The temperature is pretty
much staying steady.. He’s totally thinking about, not the
weather, but what’s about to happen. (Justen) But real quick, I just
wanna stop the newscast… – Uh oh.
– (Justen) I have a question I need to ask – you, Alexis. Um…
– (Alexis laughs) What’s going on? – (Rhett giggles)
– I was gonna do it last weekend… – Oh my… (laughs)
– but I want this to be the start of the rest of our lives together, and Alexis…
Will you marry me? – Look how…
– Well, she’s not uncomfortable at all! – (laughing) Yes!
– Neither is he, look at him. – Wow, that caught me so off guard!
– Did it? (Rhett chuckles) I love the
local news, man! I love it! – Thank you!
– You’re welcome. – This is the most awkward part.
– Well, I don’t wanna be too inappropriate – on camera, but… wow!
– Actually, I take it back. – That wasn’t awkward at all.
– Mm-mm. Okay, how about the, “I hope she thoroughly washed that ring”
proposal? This is Reed Harris asking – Kaitlin Whipple to marry him in 2009.
– Okay. At a Wendy’s! The most romantic
of all the fast food restaurants. – Mmhm.
– His great idea was to sneakily drop the – engagement ring into her Frosty!
– Very sneakily! – But Miss Whipple likes a Frosty.
– (crew laughs) – Ooh, no.
– She likes it so much that she got the idea that, “I wanna be the first one amongst
my girlfriends”– who were with them– “to drink this Frosty.” So she was like,
“Lets have a competition to see who can get the milkshake down the fastest!”
And of course, you start with a straw, but you can’t suck on a Frosty! You’ll implode
your brain trying to do that. You’ve gotta – go to the spoon.
– Mm. Miss Whipple knew that.
She went to the spoon. – I see where this is going.
– She got down to the bottom of the Frosty, was completely done, and at that point,
Reed realized, “Hmm…” Reed’s been like watching the
whole thing panicking inside. “When is she gonna notice that engagement
ring?” She didn’t notice, so he leans over– – He’s like– (gasps)
– He leans over and whispers in her ear, (whispers) “You swallowed
your engagement ring!” – I’m sorry, what?
– “You swallowed your engagement ring!” “It was in the Frosty!”
(normally) She is quoted as saying, – “Did you, like, sneakily put it in there?”
– “I felt nothing at all. I was racing my friends, so there was no way I was gonna
lose that competition!” In fact, she didn’t even believe that he had done this, so
they had to go to the hospital, get an x-ray, and yes, indeed, Miss Whipple, you
did swallow the engagement ring. Here’s – the x-ray to prove it.
– (Link) Ooooh. There it is! (Rhett) So he actually went out of the
hospital and then got on one knee, – took the x-ray, extended it to her…
– Oh! – Ha, very clever, Reed!
– That’s sweet. And asked her to marry him. She said yes,
and then, after a bag of prunes, a box of high-fiber cereal, and TWO DAYS later, the
ring arrived… out of her butt, okay guys? – (crew laughs)
– I mean, that’s where it came from. She pooped it out. She said, “It arrived
this morning and I have never been so excited about my bodily functions. Haha.
It’s so beautiful and I love it.” After I cleaned it, I’m assuming.
“It was definitely well worth the wait.” – Eugh. Well, true love waits.
– Yeah. – (laughs)
– (fake laughs) – All right.
– True love waits two days and then it – comes outta your butt. (laughs)
– Good luck if you’re… man… man. I’m not good at this. I’ll share my
story in Good Mythical More. – Yeah, I’m looking forward to that.
– But for now, I’ll say thanks for liking, – commenting, and subscribing.
– You know what time it is. – I’m Richard.
– And I’m Mariah. – And we’re on our honeymoon.
– At a pit stop in Buies Creek, North Carolina. (both) And it’s time to spin
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Mobile users, click on the “I” in order to conveniently go through to hear my
true attempt at a marriage proposal. – Yeah.
– It’s a fail, but it’s totally true. – (Rhett) In a World Where Humans Lay Eggs.
– ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ (dramatically) In a world…
where humans lay eggs… (dramatically) Amanda gets pregnant.
That happens first. – And then there’s… and she’s like, “Oh!”
– We don’t show that; it’s just a flashback. my goodness, what’s about
to happen?” And it’s big! And then she’s like, “What is this? A baby?
What is this, a faceless, really white baby?” (Both) No! It’s an egg! [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]

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  14. heres a strange ( not so strange just not ideal) proposal, my dad proposed to his girlfriend on holiday by saying “there’s an engagment ring there” there was no kneeling or some romantic gesture, just saying that this a ring there like it was food on the bed.

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