SSRS Video :- How to create a simple report in SQL Server reporting services ?

SSRS Video :- How to create a simple report in SQL Server reporting services ?

So till now we have seen that how we can use SQL Server integration service to collect data from various sources like excel, CSV, SQL Server, oracle etc and then we can dump this data into a centralize database like data warehouse How we can use SQL Server analysis service to create a cube and by creating a cube you can then get a multi dimension view of the data Now we are on the final phase where we would like to and view this analyse data and that is done by using SQL Server reporting service We have seen how we can collect data by using SSIS how we can analyse data by using SSAS Now we are on the final phase where we would like to go and display this data by using SSRS In this lab will try to understand how we can use SSRS to create a simple basic report first so here’s a simple table we have called as countrymaster and we would like display this country master using SQL Server reporting service Let’s start with some small examples and then gradually move towards bigger examples The first step is go ahead and open your business intelligence studio and from the business intelligence studio go ahead click on new project and let’s select the reports server project wizard let’s give a nice name to this saying Display conuntries press okay The first thing what we need to supply here is the data source The data source where your country master is lying so currently our country master is on the server that is WIN-BQBER HWWYBH and this country master table is lying in this database that is MyCustDB Go back to our dialog box, let’s click on edit You can also see before I click on edit here you can also see that is you can have different types of data sources currently our data lying in SQL Server but in case Your data is lying in analysis service as a cube and in case your data is lying in XML you can chose them accordingly For now our countrymastertable is lying in SQL Server Let’s go ahead and select on Microsoft SQL Server click on edit and Give first the server name I will just copy and paste the server name from here Our database name is MyCustDb I will just test the connection I will say okay and I will say next Now we need to provide the table or the query From where we need to extract data currently we need to extract data from this country master over here I’ll click on this query builder button over here This query builder button what it does is its actually opens up a very nice query designer over here Add this table that is country master Select the columns, currently I want to display both the country id as well as a country name You need to select is what kind of report it is? Is it a tabular report or a cross matrix report Currently just select tabular. I will talk about cross matrix in the coming up labs so leave this matrix for now select on tabular, do a next When we talk about a report, a report is divided into three sections the first section is page level data for example page numbers page headers whatever it is The second is in case you report some kind of groupings for example if want to group by Some country name or state name right and the third one is the actual data Currently we don’t have any kind of page level data or grouping data I will select both of these columns into details for now This first section is where you will go and put page level data Second section where you will put group level data and the last one is details Don’t worry about first two section will talk about later on I have just selected the available fields into details Now you can chose your table style so let me just select corporate Reporting services reports actually get hosted into IIS Host your report keep that as it is and also I am keeping the folder name as it is I will talk about both this folder name as well as the report server url later on Rpt Display country and finish Once you have created the project you know you will see two tabs on your screen One is the design tab and other one is the preview tab The design tab useful you know when you want to go and change the text of your report for example you can see we have a very unfriendly name over here Rpt display country so I can change the saying that list of countries That’s more user friendly and descriptive Second I can change the column name as well the text of the coulmn names The design tab is useful when you want to go and change look and feel of your report and the preview tab helps you to see how your report looks actually looks like with the data I have clicked on the preview tab We will display the report The output of the report how it’s look like The design tab is for designing and the preview tab is to preview the output of the report Click on view and let’s click on solution explorer on the solution explorer he has created a file called as RptDisplayCountry.rdl This .rdl file is where all your report structure gets stored When you are designing this report all the meta data of how this report will look like what are the fields what is the data source everything is getting stored into this .rdl file The internal format of this .rdl file is an XML If you right click on this file and if you say view code you will find that the complete file structure is an XML you can see over here the look and feel like fonts etc everything is in XML over here We don’t need to know about how this internal XML file is but just for a knowledge sake we need to understand that whenever we are doing designing over here It modifies this XML file i.e the .rdl file We are able to design the report we are able to preview the report When we say our end users want to go and see this report They will not be installing such kind of complicated business intelligence studio End users would like to go and see this report on simple browsers End users would like to go and see this report on applications like win form application or WPF application For that we need to publish this report on internet information server Click on view click on solution explorer right click on your project and say deploy The time you do deploy you can see in your output window it says that deploy started and then it deploys this report on to the report server IIS web application This report server web application is a readymade web application which gets created when you install SQL server reporting services If you see your solution explorer structure inside the report server it has gone ahead and it has created a folder called as DisplayCountries Our project name was displaycountries He has created a folder called as display countries and inside the displaycountries he has deployed your report that is Rptdisplaycountry Once this report is deployed on to IIS now anybody can go consume this report on a browser anybody can go consume this report on a win form application WPF application wherever they want it First try to view this report inside a simple browser In order to view this report just go and browse to this local host report server url because there is where the report has now been published As soon as we go and click on this report server it actually goes and displays the folder insides the report server web application He has displayed all the report server folders which are present in the report server application. Currently our folder display countries let’s click on that and inside that folder we currently have only one report that is RptDisplayCountry There our report is displayed on the browser and with the report he you can see that he has displayed here a default tool bar Inside this tool bar there are some readymade facilities like you can export this report to csv, to pdf, excel, word etc This was a very simple example you where we were trying to understand how we can use SSRS to create a simple report and how we can go and see this report inside a browser I hope you enjoyed this lab now in the next lab we would like to go and implement a search facility on the report This report is good but what if I want to go and do a simple search over here where I will say that if I put IND I should only see IND right In the next lab will go and see their how we can go and create input parameters for our report

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