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  5. I think… From the frame of reference of a photon (no time) it is emitted and detected at the same time no matter how far it travels. This implies that the true wave function propagates instantaneously across time and space from emission to detection. A particle/wave does not have a single position or a state. It has a series of positions and states over time and space within the envelope provided by the wave function all acting as a single self-entangled particle/wave. Any particle/waves which are entangled with another particle/wave in the present is actually entangled with the original particle/wave right after emission. All one system.
    This branching business is annoying. The wave function simply needs to propagate outside of time and space. In a higher dimension where it has access to all of time and space at the same time. i.e. itself as already described.

  6. It IS a Particle, And it IS a Wave… We would think it can be one or the other, NOT both.
    But, like Jesus and the Holy Spirit… It's BOTH… and It's proof of multi-dimensions we can't 'see'.

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  9. I honestly think many of those involved in physics really never had a mind, though they are most often incredibly intelligent.

  10. i did my master degree in computer applications , now doing my business have nothing to do with that degree , and watching 100s of videos about quantum theory , astrophysics ,
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  15. i love Sean Carroll presentations, and I'm fascinated about many world interpretation. But I would like to know why Sean never refers to the most famous quantum physics experience: double slits experiment.

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  17. Not every grouse in Pennsylvania is dead. Two mountains and 8 miles proved that a grouse died, today, and three are alive.

  18. Science Fiction.
    Theory can’t even be tested.

    Carrol is pushing this hard enough that articles are written, that act as tho it’s fact.

    The media ate it up, and for the same reason people believe in religion,
    Atheists have flocked to this.

    It is a shame.
    People are using it to tell people their loved ones are still alive in other realms.

    Creationists have taken notice, they can’t prove or disprove their theory either.

    If the electron collapses into a position as soon as it is observed or interacting…

    Can someone explain to me why we are considering ourselves and everything else, which is nit made of one atom or electron…
    As having the same properties of one lone electron in this experiment ?

    In reality – things are always interacting.

  19. I like the "entangle-centric" approach. Space and time are not separable: time is the movement of the hand of a clock through space. Time is not distinct from a change in energy across space. Furthermore, what are dimensions? Three numbers are required to define a point in "space", but so what? Dimensions are fundamentally mathematical tools, engineered within our brain to interpret spatial relationships. But here is my main point of confusion. Energy <-> Matter. And matter is a vibration in a field. But what is a field? We only Imagine a field because we must assume something is vibrating. We only know the effect of the vibration (e.g. appearance of a particle that interacts with some other particle), which really means there is nothing but vibrations. In any case, there seems to be no clear diffentiation between energy associated with a vibration (proportional to its frequency) and a "material" particle. Where does energy stop being energy and become a particle? Ipso defacto, there is no such thing as energy, as it is only observable via movement of matter, and there is no differentiation between matter and energy, which means there is really NOTHING in the universe except information, which is just patterns of energy we call matter. And therefore, gravity is the curvature of information. Quid pro quo. And therefore #2, a field is simply the absence of information. So, in any case, that's why I am confused. I think space consists of quantized balls. Information traveling through the balls travels at the speed of light (related to the size of the balls maybe?). But like a string of pool balls in a straight line, information can also travel through the balls via their surface contacts: hit the first in the line with the cue ball, and almost immediately the one on the other end flies off. The speed of light is related to the structure of the fields vis a vis the geometry of the energy regions. But perhaps there is another way for some types of information (e.g. state of entanglement) to travel between the fields with a wavelength given by the diameter of the regions. Then the structure of space depends on the structure of the potential energy fields. Naww.

  20. Here's asuggested description (analogy) of a complex superposition i.e. a Superposition not of two possibilities but of several. Imagine we take old fashioned film movie of a dancer moving through a range of random motions,, we then take a "measurement" of the dancer. Since the measurement is only a single observation (a frame) of a single instant in time, we might see the dancer in a perfectly straight, "soldier attention" pose, and therefore assume that the dancer's appearance is X (the straight soldier attention shape). We may however miss the three-hundred other shapes that the dancer has performed and thereby have a completely misconstrued impression of what a dancer looks like. We might then see a soldier and assume that a dancer is a soldier in a different costume! This is the problem with measurement and the apportioning of a numerical property to certain phenomena in quantum physics. Measurements must be myriadfold (a multi-image movie) in order to get a full picture of the true nature of the quantum particle. Single instant observations should be dismissed as a nonsensical approach to quantum measurement just as single frames of a movie are a nonsensical approach to portraying the work of a dancer.

  21. Thanks for your video.The wave function makes me think of the Greek who put the earth in the center of solar system and invented a complicated system to predict (with high probability :-)) the different orbits of the planets in our solar system …and then came Newton with the rather simple natural solution ..According to me the multivers (many worlds ) is simply the explanation of the fourth space dimension (1 space dimension = 1 point , 2 space dimensions an infinite amount of points =1 surface , 3 space dimensions an infinite amount of surfaces =a volume (the way we see the Universe), 4 dimensions an infinite amount of volumes (Universes) =the multivers ..
    Time (being a" uncompleted" one directional dimension ) is part of the 4 space dimensional world (as in our 3 space dimensional world …)

    With the "help" of the dimension of time we already proved the existence of the fourth space dimension (multivers) ..by using high speed and gravity (energy) we travel in the future( in different worlds-Universes) different from the one we started in..

    Entanglement (spooky action) , superposition , dark energy etc can (according to me..)be explained if we fully accept that our Universe has at least 4 space dimensions +the time dimension …
    nb/so as you (Everett) suggested , everyone of us is part of an infinite number of different Universes… but we don't realize this (it is deeply hidden…. ) the only way for us to have a glimpse of what is hidden is either to increase energy-mass and speed(Einstein) or to study particle physics…hopefully one day another Newton will emerge and prove the existence of the multivers ..of the fourth space dimension…..

  22. Hugh Everett even visited Copenhagen in order to meet with Niels Bohr, the "father" of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. The visit was a disaster! Everett's idea that the universe is describable in objectively existing universal wave function (which does not "collapse") was simply a heresy to Bohr and the others at Copenhagen. The conceptual gulf between their positions was too wide to allow any consensus. Léon Rosenfeld, one of Bohr's devotees, even described Everett as "undescribably […] stupid [who] could not understand the simplest things in quantum mechanics". Everett later described this experience as "hell…doomed from the beginning."

  23. oh please, that cat's running around the box, you know if it's awake or asleep/chilling. Schrodinger was right, this just points out the flaws in QM

  24. I'm sorry, but his premise is ludicrous and it's where so many physicists make their mistake. having so many quantum probabilities DOES NOT MEAN THEY EXIST. they are only mathematical figments until they coalesce. Selbie does a good job of pointing this out. the Many Worlds Interpretation is KAPUT!. nonsense. Though I can't say I buy the holographic theory yet, it explains much (though it's built on the shaky Hawking interpretation of black hole information).
    The 'deciders' exist in the 'quantum foam' or energy sea, and some say there could be seven, with several of these being different overlapping realms (but NOT separate copies of universes like MWI).

  25. Hate to say it but the universe really doesn’t care if the cat is in superposition.. I really do think we are making things much more complex then it should be. We all know about the quantum leap affect, right? Well to move an electron from one orbit to the next it has to vibrate (jiggle?) at a different frequency, well entanglement is the same thing. But atoms (electrons, whatever particle you want to entangle) are on same frequency.. the connection between the two are the opposite spins. It’s this frequency connection that creates instantaneous leap between the two. This is how we shall travel way out in the future.. just like a star gate, it’s driven by frequency (engery), the body of object won’t atomize, it will just leap to the next gate based on the same frequency.

  26. What happens to the wavefunction if you start with putting a dead cat in Schrödingers box ?
    Obviously there is NO way of finding the cat to be alive after you open the box.
    A life cat can die , but a dead cat will never come to life. There is asymmetrie , a oneway process resembling the fact that entropy can never decrease in time.

  27. Grapes are possibly toxic to the fox. A friend with bipolar disorder, accidentally killed her dog by feeding it grapes.
    I wonder if supernatural phenomenon/experiences are quantum particle related. My wife claims to see be able to see ghosts in winter.
    How do electronics or magnetic fields from the measuring device or the light wave/particles hitting the quantum particles you are measuring affect the result?
    Tachyon particles are faster than light particles.

  28. Is there an explanation to what’s actually happening in the double slit experiment yet? Or how quantum entanglement works? I really want to know.

  29. Ok…so what happens when we hit entropy? At some point, we will undergo universal red shift. That means all subsequent universes will be identical. Or does this only continue to happen while entropy is under way?

    35:10 they are not identical. If the the cat is asleep then the change is systemic. The cat cannot change without changing the entire universe. The cats eyes had closed, causing a disturbance in the air, which impacted the box, passed through the box into the atmosphere outside the box and then progressed outward and has come into contact with the entirety of the rest of the universe at this point.

    Also, aren't wave functions infinite? Like…where does the wave function for "cat" end and the function for "air molecule" begin? Cat.wav is entangled across the universe, and wave functions move in all directions, doesn't that necessitate infinite and expanding and entangled "cat"-"rest-of-universe" wave functions?

    Like, when you drop a stone in the water and the ripples go out. The ripple wave will just go and go in all directions the medium allows. But isn't the medium of cat.wav "all" of dimensional space? Also, doesn't that mean that I am entangled with all Google employees? More importantly, does that entitle me to stock options?

    But on a serious note; wouldn't that actually mandate that we "know" the polarity of cat.wav on some level ALL the time? At SOME level are we not interacting, mathematically, with cat.wav and rest-of-universe.wav? So, isn't that information transfer? So shouldn't we…on some level, KNOW the quantum state of the cat?

    To go back to the water analogy. Dropping two stones, now; there is information transfer where their respective ripples meet. but if the observer is expressed as a wave function along with the observed, then the information transfer is both infinite and constant. So at some level the information of the cat system is entangling with the function of the observer or, at some level the observer "knows" the cat is asleep.

    Great talk! I'm still trying ti wrap my head around quantum wave and field, there are so many questions that are aroused by the theory that seem so utterly fundamental and existential.

    but we still have the big one….Who is the observer?

  30. 14 minutes in and my admiration for this guy has increased dramatically. Why  haven't I seen this before. It strikes me as the most honest and articulate description of the subject (for the average guy) I've come across. Show this to your physics class.

  31. This wave/ particle duality is found at the macro level too, in fact it runs through all of nature.

    We observe sand dunes, that appear like waves, but on closer inspection are made up of tiny grains. We see oceans that act as waves but under a microscope we see molecules; or spiral galaxies made up of stars, or snow made up of flakes etc etc etc.

    Even ourselves can be atomized individuals, while being absorbed in crowds, communities, nations etc.

    Or then there's the whole dichotomy of subject and object in philosophy, between subjective and objective reality .

    Of course I'm not saying grains of sand, water molecules, snow flakes, individuals only come into existence as we observe them – but rather such duality maybe underpinned by a basic oscillation between wave and particle at a micro level.

    So above, as below, as it were. .

  32. Can anyone point me to a paper or source about the objection to MWI mentioned at 51:40 please? Where can I find more about the objection of assigning a probability to self-locating uncertainties. I’m doing research about anthropic reasoning and came to a similar conclusion. Would like to know more about this. Many thanks

  33. I feel like our ability as humans to proccessing information will hinder limitation upon comprehension of such subject. Not becuase we stupid or things of that nature. Once you reach a threshold comprehension your abandment of logic and sound reasoning to make sense of such topics will indeed make you appear insane or just way out at left feild to colleagues. AI will soon get things as they call it "Turnt up".

  34. He really doesn't like the possibility of there not being any deep reality. Check out Robert Anton Wilson's discussions on the Copenhagen interpretation for a different take.

  35. One thing that always bugged me about the shröedingers cat thing is….
    Isnt the CAT itself an observer? Isnt the microscopic bacteria on the glass vial, observers?
    Isnt the quantum fluxing virtual particles popping in and out of existance, occasionally colliding with the transistors in the sensor that triggers the hammer, also collapsing the wave function as they interact, however minutely, with the system?

    The universe itself doesnt require a human or robot to observe a state, the universe observes itself, continually, constantly. You already touch on the fact that its not wishy-woshy conciousness that collapses the wave function. So then, why dont we consider the CAT in the equation? It itself surely knows what "state" it is in, if its dead or not. Thus, the outside measurement is irrelevant, because the wave function collapses as soon as ANY "event" takes place, as soon as the cat dies, or doesnt die, the wave function collapses. It cannot exist in two states, beacuse the cat itself is observing which of the two events occur.
    (As a more simple example, you'll stop hearing it meow, or you'll start smelling its rotting flesh)

    Also the box isnt an isolated universe, it's connected with everything outside no matter what you do, but thats the same mistake of theoretical fallacy that the thermodynamics conservation of energy makes, imagining that the universe is an isolated CLOSED system, when all observations point to the contrary (is there ANYTHING more OPEN than the universe? lol).

    I'm not saying equal and opposite reactions isnt true, im just saying we cannot say for certain that mass / energy cant be created nor destroyed in the universe, before we know if the universe IS a closed or open system. Especially when everything points to it being OPEN (even if you take the big bang theory as the universe as a "bubble" of spacetime, you still have theories of membranes interacting or wormholes forming between universes, ANY of those are breaking the "closed system" that thermodynamics assumes as fact).
    Sorry lol i went on a tangent there..

  36. 14:20 I know people on physics stackexchange that precisely say the same thing. They just circumvent the whole question. Nah don't really care about it move on.

  37. I can see that the answer to whether or not the Hilbert space is finite dimensional could also be the answer to the continuum hypothesis.

  38. I think this is the first time I ever heard someone physics say Einstein had a point. ( luckily it’s quite easy to find, I said it several time! ) Einstein said there most be something more to it. But he couldn’t get it down to a simple way to show what was missing, but he knew there most be something else to Niels Bohr way of defining quantum mechanics. Please remember Einstein was one of the founders of quantum mechanics. So I’m happy Einstein once again had a point as Sam now is explaining. The greatest physics is and will always be Einstein ! And so extremely intelligent,interesting and intuitive man. I think Einstein is back as the giant he certainly were and will ever be. And I think Sam is one the right path. Which will be a question of how to measure and test it. But as he going on, it explain spooky at a distance. If this could count as a test , ( which I don’t think) it could still be a so overwhelming circumstantial evidence that at least the mathematical evidence could be a part of a hypothesis close to be a good theory.

  39. Its the fact that the act of observation by an intelligence changes the result thats somewhat creepy. Or more accurately it seems that reality can be influenced by observation, on the quantum level at least! Thinking about the ramifications of this is a bit unsettling,lol

  40. Hah, Sean does much better at explaining this "without" having Joe Rogans superposition to stuff him up, hahahahahahahaha

  41. Trying to Quantize Gravity will not work. Gravity is not a quantum[microscopic system as it works]system. Its macroscopic, and does not apply to quantum systems:/

  42. Space is only curved in areas where mass is present. The more mass, the more curved. Though the particles that make up mass are each quantized, as a whole they are more a classical system in the way they act, so gravity in the presence of any object massive enough to bother with is not subject to quantum mechanics:/ So, general relativity is more accurate a way to describe the effect of gravity:/

  43. I think it's arrogant of modern physicists to take credit for being the first to think of the universe as Fluidic fields or space-time.
    Waters above waters below has been a known way of thinking of space for a long long time now.
    Yes we've learned a language to better communicate it and details understanding but in many ways it's not as radical as its credited.

  44. I discovered the 4th spatial dimension and founding spatial property. It was inspired by an interesting JRE clip and quantum theory experiments in Objective Reality at a sub atomic level. Emailed you Dr. Sean Carroll, my corroborator and i would love to talk with you about it! This is not a drill, welcome to the 4th dimension everyone! #4Dreality

  45. God (yes. the God who created the universe) will only allow man to go so far unraveling the mysteries such as quantum physics, before He steps in and shows man who is really in control.
    Also, it doesn't matter if you don't believe in God, because His existence does not depend on man's belief or disbelief.

  46. When science is just a business and you are good at writing and talking. Doesn't matter if you don't know what you are saying….just say it professionally and it will sound interesting like a novel to the public. And NEVER talk publicly with a science other than telepersons like you, because they may not know how to talk well but the can rape your narrative for a joke.

  47. There is an end for everything. There is death in the Universe. There is a loop when the end comes before the beginning. All events are happening retrospectively after they are being ended. Everything and everybody that is happening is dead already. I think quantum theory is the first, and clumsy, attempt to introduce death into physics. We can do much better then that, I'm sure.

  48. I've changed my mind so often over the last 10 years in trying to understand quantum mechanics. I've come such a long road, was so stupid in some of that understanding, but slowly, and amazingly surely, it's bottoming out and Carroll is taking me further along that road. I'm finally accepting we have to "abandon" classic physics to find out what the world is really like. I hated it, but God, I now wouldn't want it any other way. I want the quest for knowledge to never end. Classic physics now seems so nice and safe and comfortable, too safe, too comfortable… it had to end. Not that I mean we can live without classical physics, it's just that it is not the real world, even if it is a huge massive part of it from our point of view. It's like the earth is still flat if we were a tribe in the jungle and there's nothing wrong with that either, but as they do bigger things, like the Roman's built canals, they realised it was round.

  49. Thanks for this talk. It's great you show the speaker 99% of the time because we would totally not know what he looks like otherwise. On the oth we can always get access to his slides easily and there is nothing special about one slide from the other. I just love watching a speaker speak.

  50. where does the E8 Crystal fit in to quantum fields? Quantum particles are lumped up bunches of quantum fields.

  51. In the nearest future this lectures will be held in Chinese and the communist party leader decides what is that we are going to hear and what is to be reality. 在谷歌聊天.

  52. A Higgs Boson walks into a church and the priest runs up and says "Thank God you're here, We just couldn't have mass without you".

  53. einstein was right all along about the hidden variables, with schrodinger who produced the most important equation describing the quantum world, agreeing with Einstein. So many popular scientists who appear on tv constantly talk about how weird and spooky quantum mechanics is. When it isn't.its so funny they go on about waves of probability when actually it's deterministic. quantum entanglement is not spooky. einstein and schrodinger, and john archibald wheeler. greatest physicists of the twentieth century. Hugh everitt would have been perhaps in that list but he quit his research to work in some government science department i think something to do with nuclear energy. anybody who hasnt read papers by wheeler, his ideas were astounding. in relation to many worlds he discovered retrocausality in quantum experiments, the future changing the past. but actually applying everitt's MWI, trying to change the past actually creates parallel universe copies of the present with an altered past. these are new quantum parallel worlds, the hugh everitt ones, and come about through decoherence-the splitting of reality/wave function into different branches. this makes time travel to the past completely possible with no time paradoxes, as going back in time sends a person into a parallel universe copy of the targeted time era, and that branch is separate from us, so the person can do anything in that new parallel branch of the universe without paradoxes.

  54. well, aren't I the surgically debached model of INSTEM uncertainty. Do you have, "Have they got that?" Render an axial, azusmal Up space versus down coupled cartoon with astro-dimensions of choice-intet local group or new light enhancing feedback on the world sheet horizon Signed, woman scavenging the Kavli Institute seats after the oeriidic table fusion table statistics of statics. I was the 'nickel' lady of 2010 was it-you quick witted red head was it. I fled Kavli after being tossed from the coffee nub-the building director I had introduced/ announced myself as an amateur-I should have added stripper but the lifesize grafix of Iter you presented were amazing that day you should go theatre to theatre. Do not publish this please as I am a USA interior victim of the Reich for four years I live on the margin-and nobody would want to be spotlighted now-also signed, yes that's my cous' with Hillary Need housing Just like all dleeping under the freeway darling but most are better at it than me. The Tofu shop knows in Cali and that was two years ago but I think they at least did not edit the fact that I was surgically butchered in a untersate Ceremone'for coming into Facebook- yeah for going in-By the best surgeons on Earth enjoyed telling me I would die soon in their chair of angular decline Luke the bad physics called the poor inslaved automobile

  55. if entanglement creates space/time curvature. cant we RULE OUT space-time being flat? in the time before inflation ALL matter was entangled. how bout that?

    can we calculate the relationship between entanglement and spacetime curvature or gravity?

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