100 thoughts on “Smash Bros Musical Bytes – Snake Man – Man on the Internet

  1. Their are many songs that can be made with these bytes packages.

    Real talk though who would want to see a bravely default/second musical bytes for songs like loves vagrant and serpent eating the ground

  2. I have an idea for a song for the smash bros bytes the song is you will know our names from xenoblade because the melody and your voice would work perfectly.


  4. It’s honestly a great song, but the fact that the footage is 90% mega man footage and less smash footage in smash musical bytes is just kinda confusing. Snake man isn’t even well represented in smash.

  5. To all those involved in this song's creation, this is my study jam now. I also cannot listen to any other version of this song now, without missing the presence of these sweet vocals.
    (Alex…could we get a one hour version? Pretty please? P:)

  6. Wait…the poses that Mega man and Snake Man are in….
    Is that a Megas "History Repeating" reference I see?
    If so, COOL!

  7. "I'm the poison that consumes your mind!" is very accurate for this song. It's been stuck in my head for days… Still though, amazing song. 10/10, would get it stuck in my head again.

  8. When your favorite game launches an amazing update:Sweet Victory!

    It's going to be the last update of the game:…Washed with bitter defeat!

  9. I'M SOOO HAPPY THAT Y'ALL DID THIS, I absolutely love this theme from Mega Man. Now I can enjoy this masterpiece with LYRICS

  10. In real life I'm afraid of snakes, but in video games it's a different story mostly thanks to the game snake pass, so this song will have quite the lasting impression on me.

  11. I’d give anything for the guys at MOTI to do a mega man musical byte series
    I’m curious how they’d handle Proto Man’s theme..

  12. Seriously? Four weeks and still no puns? It's a Fate Forged In Steel, for crying out loud! Next time Alex makes a Mega Man song, I'm holding you all to a Promise of Redemption! Just a few more puns, One Last Time! Well? Make Your Choice!

  13. regular snake man:snakes in my head
    Smash Bros Ultimate snake man:Snake in My Heart
    Smash Bros Ultimate snake man WITH LYRICS:SNAKE IN MY PANTS!

  14. At first,I didnt care much for listening to this song. But after hearing a bit of it in a different video of yours,I immediately said "fuck it,let's listen to this 'cause it sounds like a banger" and went to listen to the full song.

    Why did I not want to listen to this in the first place?!

  15. Hold up, there are 2 very distinct voices in the song.

    One obviously being Snake man
    And the other sounding more calm, possibly symbolizing Mega Man. My question is, Why is Mega Man saying things like 'Wrapped around you with my coils' or 'Soon enough you'll join the union' when he is supposed to be FIGHTING Snake Man? Just a small continuity error there.

  16. I like how this works off of the fact that Snake Man likes to play mind games with his targets, at least in the comics. Also, I have the lyrics memorized.

  17. This is great and one of my favorite levels/bosses even though it was a huge leap frog but if you can do shadow man air man or crash man I would cry

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