Skywire: Free the Internet

Skywire: Free the Internet

We live in a beautiful and complex world. We are living in a time of unprecedented technological
innovation. The web has connected so many of us, but the
Internet is broken, and it cannot be fixed in its current state. It simply wasn’t built for the things we
need it to do today. The original dream of the Internet was to
create a global network of humanity; Where we could come together, connect, learn, and
express ourselves. Where we could have the freedom and opportunities
that so many are denied based on the places we were we were born, or the amount of money
we have in our wallets. Since then, corporations and governments have
used the Internet to control us. We are spied on, tracked, profiled and our
private data is commodified and sold. Our privacy is stolen
in exchange for access to hostile walled gardens. We are no longer in control of what we can
see, do, or share online. We have the technology to undo this damage. It exists right now. We can start again, knowing what we know now,
and make it better. The Skycoin Project is working to connect
the human race in a global network that is true to the ideals of freedom and access that
inspired the creation of the original Internet decades ago. With new, cutting-edge technology, we can
rebuild the very structure of the Internet from the ground up so that it cannot be balkanized,
censored, or controlled by any corporation or government. So that protection of our individual rights
and our privacy is baked in. So that access doesn’t require paying outrageous
fees for subpar service from a company who will track everything you do and sell that
data to the highest bidder. It’s called Skywire, and it’s owned by
us, you and I, the people who will use it. It is, at long last, a truly free and decentralized
global network, and you can help us build it. Thousands of access points are already online
around the world. Go to and find out how you can
join the next digital revolution.

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  1. Elastos is a way ahead, it s more decentralized and secure through merged mining with Bitcoin. Compatible ETH sidecain(>1200tps) (s), neo siedechain(s), over 350 000 active nodes, IPFS and now about 30% of the BTC Hashingpower are just some reasons to look into the last OS. And if that's not enough, every decision have to go through a democratic process in which the community has the voting rights.

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