Skeppy has a Cursed Minecraft Server

Skeppy has a Cursed Minecraft Server

what's up guys okay before the video starts I want to fill you guys in really quick so basically the other day Skippy contacted me and he said hey can you join a teamspeak so I said yes sure and I joined but I realized I was still mad at him from the previous day where he promised me that I could win $500 in the end I only ended up winning a pizza that I didn't even want and I didn't even get a chance to eat it but anyway Skippy convinced me to stay and he said we could do some more challenges and this time he wouldn't troll me and that was a lie Hayley fast forward and Skippy asked me to record my perspective and he invited me onto a server which he said was a server we could do challenges on but it turned out that it was his quote unquote cursed server and had a bunch of horrible things on it that he used against me to troll me and I was not happy anyway here's my perspective of it enjoy okay I'm recording now all right so you who'll listen I said you and I P just join please we're gonna do normal challenges and this time we're gonna do PvP cuz you're bad item on hello okay I'm gonna teleport you to me now well the first challenge is to kill me in a 1v1 I've already set out to be honest I know exactly what we're gonna do let me get out of Staff mode three two one what was the first challenge the first one I won't beat me at a1 b1 I don't have anything yeah but like stop shooting at me give me s oh my goodness how are you so good I'm joking look take take me take mine take take take all you have to do is kill me that's that one b1 waitress or do you have I have a stone so all I have to do is kill you yes and I will be five challenges five challenges okay first one is kill you all right easy peasy one go oh oh my god what the heck look at this how are you so good oh how are you right you're getting oh my god how am I gonna good come here mmm apples now what now often I have camels – you can't kill me yes I can I'm on one heart you're at oh this is easy I'm gonna kill you right now get over here get away from me get away get away oh my goodness get away what in the world is what is this are you seeing this what version are we on get over here don't that is so confusing why am I gonna you don't see that is that just a glitch that's just me controlling know there's like garrow's floating in the air what are you talking about come here Wow no they're actually where dude what in the world you are hacking how it is this how are you hitting me with the game you're not that good with a bow I'm better than you with a bow okay you are it that's one of the things I excel at how are you hitting me I missed like all my shots what you're not missing a single one oh okay you miss those three no I win I win I win victory I didn't she how is that cheating I beat you fair and square oh here there I threw it all out take it I'll get it I drew it on the ground take it hey I want a rematch again I'm not losing you see PC lemon I'm not losing this arm see nope I'm not losing this time get away what go get what are you so dumb stop shooting arrows boom okay what okay hold on something fishy going on here come on dude what easy are you messing around cuz I thought I noticed literally one twice here pick up your stuff I thought I noticed something something was off there hell was something off you won twice hmm are you letting me win no what was that no come on no no no no what was that what are you hacking how am i hacking you punched me from over there I noticed yes sir I noticed something am I happy right there am i hacking is that hacking okay that's not hacking but you hit me from where we're there to one don't get over here come here dude if you told me again you're so come on yeah I win I win how did you get me three times in a row cuz I'm not good I'm sorry I'm the master pvp air dude how did you get me three times in a row I don't want to put this in the video if you're killing me three times in a row I'm gonna look so bad no one's gonna make everyone's gonna make fun of me I'll let you kill me you kill me I'm gonna try hard this time again come on I'm coming I'm coming I'm trying this time I'm going all off dude come on come on fight what in the world what was that I think a crepe ring spotted how the heck can I get launched like that I don't know are we fighting or not a creeper exploded yeah but how did it knock me that far I don't know if it was a supercharged creeper do you hear that I heard a creeper sound what though what in the world what was that those pigs just exploded how do pigs explode and I died what just happened we happy come over here no oh my goodness what is going on what do you mean this can't be what are you doing what are you talking about what why are those arrows acting are you are you hacking what is this how am i how are you hitting me stop it stop it is this a challenge yes come on move it come on stop it oh my goodness I saw many arrows what is going on explain if you're not gonna fight me what server is this explain what are you are hacking you're hacking how I know you just hit me from like three million blocks away that's real chance no that's stopping this is not vanilla yes it's it off you're gonna push me no you are hacking ye Zi we tax you're using retracts what do you think that is Skippy that's reach hacks oh my goodness can you not oh my goodness why are the pigs exploding is this a mod or is this like a plugin oh my goodness can you stop can you please stop just because you're mad cuz you're bad I'm not bad you're not bad thanks challenge no I want you to kill five pigs okay ready party two one go are they going to exploit go go don't stop please think that fear me why are they exposing Skippy here I'll be nice I'll put them all in here what is going on it's ready what's going on three unlit two one give me a sari give me a sari give me a sari three two one go Oh No Skippy why are the pigs exploding the pigs are not floating how is that oh he's not exploding they are exploding I can hear creeper sounds Oh in the hole I'm not going in the hole you going the hall I'm not going in the home can you stop what are we doing in the hole build a house go a house like what do you mean can you stop it my goodness I'm gonna die I survived you survived yes what are you doing keep the exploding pork chops away house oh my goodness no I'm not building unless you stop it stop it with this people say you won't put an exploding piggies oh my god Skippy No Oh telling me the pork chop challenge itself i pig challenge I'll build a house give me some stuff can you keep that thing away Skippy thank you don't put those things away dude hurry up here I'll just give you stuff you give me wait give me a give me wait my day will tank you okay so build a house keeping on top of that platform up there hey I just wanted to be out of range he feels it I'm building what type of house just any house yeah I can't can't open this crafting new I'm just gonna use wood did you disable them no okay was it after look like will a big do what are you typing whoa come on what's just happened what the floor like disappeared there what in the world I'm blazing blocks what's going on I'm put I'm building I'm building a house uh clearly you aren't what is this that a house what's going on sheppy the blocks are disappearing what the Skippy the blocks are disappear please the block please watch okay now there now they're placing now look so will get me what what are you how did you do that what are you doing what is that a hack what what did I do you're ghosting through the blocks yeah sure I am no no no Skippy Skippy do you sure walk towards me walk towards me yeah why in the world why what is going on what the sky do you not see this no what are you talking about the sky is going really really fast no it's and you watch through my house no I did it I'm standing look look walk towards me walk towards me why why should I am why should I do you see this why should I just walk toward sweet no I don't want to Skippy I ain't telling you to walk towards me I don't want to do it I don't want to did you not see that hey take these blocks and build the house come on go what in the world come on I'm trying I can't get I got them thank you what is happening Skippy what is going on what is wrong why are all the blocks disappearing oh here they are give me those stop it come on I'm trying TV me back back there I am trying grab the blocks and bill I can't build stop putting pigs that explode can you stop it what do you mean exploit oh my goodness if I gave one more time stop it whatever you are doing I don't know what is wrong with this server there's something clearly messed up here can you stop it are we actually doing challenges or not yeah we are then stop it stop it with these floating pork chops do you want me to move the house Aires don't go that's fast normally it's gonna be they go slower than that or they go faster are you seeing this no you don't see that it's Gibby what are we doing what's the next challenge just take my challenge what are you typing all right bad you know what what take these skeletons no stop it stop it stop it stop spawning no I'm gonna leave is there something I will what it is this it this is all you want to do is troll me you said there would be any trolling this isn't trolling this is challenges oh my goodness are you kidding me what you know what you just TP me to lava well maybe if you didn't move you stay still surviving my good man clearly that won't matter I will move TBA you can't say don't move and then spawn something that explodes next to me something is wrong with this server schedule is wrong with this yeah weird you don't see a problem with all this well it may be that the server is cursed seriously yes oh my goodness is this a stupid modified server no okay Oh am I gonna stop stop stop Skippy Skippy stop it Skippy stop No and I I I'm done I don't even care anymore what do you mean I don't even care I'm gonna hide in a hole and I missed why can't I break blogs I can't I break anything okay give me give me some blocks I'm gonna build and I build a house are you seeing this white mild no no no no what why in the world Skippy Skippy for me to Helen I don't like this what is going on your fights I don't want to be up here stop okay you can go back down then nnnnno you said you didn't want to be up here I'll make it to the water come on nailed it can you please stop scabby this is getting on my nerves why can't I break anything what every time I break a block are you seeing this are you seeing this everything is floating the errors are acting weird I heard you got a text message I did was it your mom okay no one oh my goodness that is it that is it I'm leaving no no this stupid server is dumb you're dumb I don't know why you asked me to record this this is so stupid I'm leaving no no no you I'm leaving I'm going to my server no you what don't move what do you want me to come back yeah please can you come back it's are you gonna stop trolling me it's really important please okay I'm coming okay what seriously Skippy what that is not important that's not important you were one block away from the water I'm done I am done this is stupid and you're mean and you come back no I wanna come back it's important last time come on no last time if you do that again I'm never coming back how is that not doing anything you're literally do anything oh my goodness seriously I told you not to move I won't move do not spawn an exploding pork shop next to me okay no exploding Fernandez no exploding pigs I'm gonna I'm gonna talk about you now are you ready don't move the creepers ready are you ready yeah I'm not gonna do anything come on stay there okay am i doing anything no what why are you breaking my box scrappy what are you gonna do what are you doing do all my goodness you little okay I'm done I'm leaving what no I'm done wait one more thing it's important

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  1. *2 Important things everyone*
    First, I made it into Minecraft monday :D. My teammate is Skeppy and we're totally going to win. If we do win I'll do something special for you muffins. Even if we don't win I know we will have fun. Both of us are going to be streaming so I expect you all to be there!! It's Monday at 4 PM EST I believe.

    Second, Thank you guys SO MUCH for 200,000 subscribers. I will make a video talking about it but I just wanted to say how much it means to me. You guys are the only reason this channel exists and without you the 200,000 number would be meaningless. I appreciate all the kind comments you've sent me on discord/youtube/and twitter. You guys are amazing. I seriously can't say thank you enough ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I can't hear very well so I always use the text thing whatever it is idk…
    but… Why the hell does it say random words XD

  3. Cake cake cake cake ???????????????????????????????????????? cake Cake Cake cake CakeBoyHalo: sings about cake

  4. if you want skeppy to stop trolling you do 1 thing. Every time he trolls you leave the voicechat and the server

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