Silence U Part 2: What Has Yale Become? | We the Internet Documentary

Silence U Part 2: What Has Yale Become? | We the Internet Documentary

[ROB] Welcome to Yale. This place, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, birthed what’s probably the most famous clip of the campus free speech controversies. [ANNOUNCER] “Early last week, a student confronted a head of one of Yale’s undergraduate residents…” [ANNOUNCER] This insufferable brat… [ANNOUNCER] You can’t wear the Halloween costume you want… [ANNOUNCER] How much speech is too much? [ROB] I had a suspicion that the public backlash missed what that outburst really meant: that the fixation on free speech ignored a deeper, darker scandal afflicting Yale. So I went there, and I found my scandal. What do you really know about the place that produces the people that run our country? Halloween 2015. An administrative committee sends out an email urging students not to wear appropriative Halloween costumes, and outlining some extremely broad rules. Yale lecturer Erika Christakis pushes back. She worries about creeping censorship and notes that, ‘the ability to tolerate offense’ is a central feature of a free and open society. Her email prompts a…disproportionate response. (chanting and yelling) [STUDENT] So important to give students of color a chance to heal from all the pain that we’ve been experiencing this week. [GRACE] People were so caught up in their own political bubbles that th ey were unable to realize, ‘wait, maybe she has a point?’ That we don’t have to rely on higher authorities to tell us how we should be dressing. [ROB] An open letter, signed by more than 700 students and faculty, condemns Erika’s email as ‘racist.’ Curiously, the letter was written by an undergrad who, that very Halloween, violated the committee’s rules with his Aladdin costume. Activists flocked to the courtyard of Silliman, the residential community where Erika’s family lives, to chalk taunting messages. Nicholas, her husband, comes out to meet them. Word gets around, and he’s surrounded. Nicholas is the head of Silliman and a superstar professor at Yale. A bestselling author, Time 100 nominee, and a regular on the TED talk circuit. [DOUGLAS] I had met Nicholas because he was a big recruit. He has a whole half a floor downstairs. And Nicholas is a great scientist who’s probably saving thousands of lives in the developing world. [NICHOLAS] To whom should we give these interventions so that, if they adopt the intervention, the whole village will adopt the intervention? [ROB] These are moves of power. Not moves of reason. [GRACE] One time I had this facebook message and it just started off with, ‘Grace, as a queer woman of color, you should not think this way.’ Who are you to tell me what I should think, just because of who I am? That’s like the very behavior you are trying to fight against when you talk about white heterosexual privileged males oppressing you and telling you what you should think. That’s exactly what you’re doing on to me. [NICHOLAS] I had intended to stay for most of the symposium, but the events that have occurred in the last 72 hours make that impossible. So I’d like to just close by welcoming you to the William F. Buckley program on free speech today, and, alas, I have to go. [GREG] You would think, given the reaction to what she had written, that she had actually wiped out an Indian village. [laughter] [GREG] Okay, so I think that just made my point. [ROB] Yale is supposed to combat, not cultivate, such self-righteous intolerance. This is, after all, the place that produced the Woodward report, the 1974 gold standard defense of academic freedom, that famously called universities places to ‘think the unthinkable,’ and ‘challenge the unchallengeable.’ Yale has manifestly failed to meet that noble goal. Now, why is that? What has this place become? [WILLIAM] My students who are most intellectually engaged, most intellectually thirsty, they would tell me that they feel that there’s no place for them at Yale. Because students, by and large, are not there to learn. [AMY] Yale has become, sort of all-purpose entertainment warehouse. A place to have a good time, rather than receive an education. [WOMAN] He brings in a whole bunch of really cute baby animals, and you can pet them. [MAN] There was a food parade and the egg-nog was amazing! [MAN] Then I get to know my residential college dining hall staff, and they can really accommodate my needs. [MAN] Got my own loom studio. [ROB] There are still pockets of genuine undergraduate intellectualism at Yale, but the predominant campus culture seems to be, uh, well… (singing) We eat there and we study and we joke and relax, (singing) and go to Masters’ Teas and study breaks for nighttime snacks. (singing) Ooohh (sighs) [WOMAN] They need all those offices to keep the fun, you know, going. [ROB] Last decade, while the Yale professor pool shrunk by 4%, the administrative squid monster grew by 25%, sinking it’s tentacles into virtually every facet of undergraduate life. [AMY] Administrators aren’t that committed to the search for truth, and they have a lot of power. [ROB] The squid monster is hungry. And it started chowing down on the very heart of the university. To see exactly how, we go back to the start. [DOUGLAS] I have been told that there were four Dean-level people, who were actually in the courtyard, and you would have expected one of those people to intervene, to defend the core values of respect. That didn’t happen. [ROB] Not just any administrators. That’s Burgwell Howard. That’s the dude that wrote the original email warning against wearing offensive Halloween costumes. What you’re witnessing is a head-on collision between what Yale was, and what it is becoming. Between the champions of the Woodward report, who properly see the freedom to provoke as an essential ingredient of learning, and the champions of the Gilded Camp, who want to beat back any challenge to students’ egos with bureaucratic controls. And the customer service mentality dictates that the most powerful person at Yale capitulate to this cannibalism. [DOUGLAS] Obviously our administration has been afraid to say that the incident that happened in the Silliman courtyard is not representative of Yale’s values. [PETER] In a kind of fundamental way, we’re all on the same page. We have to be. To create a environment that is most conducive to education and learning. [PETER] We want to be able to listen to each other. Hear each other. Respect each other. [PETER] It’s a very constructive conversation. (loud unintelligible conversation) [ROB] Most Yale students were disgusted by what happened in that courtyard. But, with the brave exception of Grace, none of them would come on camera. They don’t want to jeopardize their ascendance into America’s ruling class. As one anonymous undergrad explained to me, ‘the reason no one will talk to you is that there is no professional benefit to saying controversial or interesting things.’ Such cynical careerist calculations leave the squid monster free to feast. The administration launches a 50 Million dollar inclusivity initiative that includes, of course, the creation of a new Deanship. Nicholas leaves Silliman. Erika resigns from the university entirely. [DOUGLAS] These people were thrown under the bus. Nobody in power really defended then. [ROB] And they’re replaced by a leadership that sticks to peddling cookies and puppies. The scandal isn’t the outburst. [ROB] The scandal is that she’s absolutely right. [JONATHAN] (singing) There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game. It’s easy. (speaking) All you need is love. Welcome to Yale. Welcome home.

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  1. See, this is why I can't be in events like this. If someone blames me of privilege because I'm white, I'm gonna have to channel all the misery, poverty, hate, violence and crime I've lived and I'll have to murder them on the spot. As one with my background would.

    These kids truly need to be hanged for their stupidity. I don't think this has a cure, their experience has proper human beings has failed, their brains are flawed and I don't think we can fix it.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much for sharing. Wow. It is so sad when people try to stop someone for dressing in the way they choose because 'it might offend someone. Life is way too short. Wear what you want. Say what you want/feel. Never allow anyone to censor you or stop you. Weare all free to say what we think and believe.

  3. These people need to have a good slap on the wrist! These are the people who vote for someone because of their skin not their ideology, these people are violent and can’t have good and descent morals where keep your hands to yourself is ignored. Talk about consent? When people are touching yet assaulting this isn’t the world I want to live in this isn’t why I regret living as a gen z

  4. priviledged teens trying to tell you how you are a product of privilege is the epitome of knowing nothing about the world to form a world view yet being overly confident in your miniscule world view as to think it is the only proper one.

  5. They talk with this entitlement and morality as if they are the highroad, they are the moral compass. Like anything could be seen as offensive to them. I don’t want to think these people even deserve to be at that college. These people act like their lives are so tragic, they’re in so much hurt constantly you’re going to Yale. But whatever, I’m happy with my life, they clearly aren’t.

  6. "We're DYYYYYYIIIING!" Really? Killed by just the possibility of hearing an opinion other than their own, or facts of which they're currently ignorant. What happens when they meet actual pain and the real possibility of death? This country is ripe for takeover.

  7. Used to be the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, now its the oppressors and the oppressed. Same idea. It was crap then and it's crap now.

  8. This just proves my theory. That’s college is worthless. Memorization is not intelligence. Repeating facts does not make people that create facts. It just makes it easier for schools to commit fraud. To raise a percentage or check a box on a government form. It’s all about making money. It’s a con.

  9. Why are these people in college, spending small fortunes or taking on debt, if they don't want to learn? What is even the point?

  10. Women make more money in the workplace by giving blow jobs or giving up pussy all the time! But when do you hear of a man getting to fuck his way to the top? Where's the fairness in this?

  11. I'm a strong believer the next generation will value competence over credibility.

    This sheds light on that. Nobody will respect a degree if they see that the people holding them, even from highly highly renowned institutions, are these intolerant jokes.

    It's a sad thing because degrees (depending on the field) hold significant authority, and rightly so, but unfortunately it's more simple (and easier) to generalize. Thusly, these movements discredit the academic field altogether.

  12. This shit makes my blood boil, how do regular people cope with this(doesn’t matter where you fall on the political spectrum you’re on)? I’m pretty sure these stories piss on everybody. Why are people acting like victims when we live in a country that makes it pretty easy to be a hero in your own story.

  13. Aaaand this is what affirmative action gets you. A bunch of rambling sobbing children Who didn't get into Yale because of their academic ability, Which is so obviously demonstrated By their inability to Have rational debate Without screaming crying Or threatening their opponent like a bunch of Intellectually stunted sheep. Good job Universities…. These are the future leaders you are creating for my children. You're paving the road for our own destruction. This country has an expiration date and it's Sooner than you think

  14. Well heres tge thing.

    You have to restrict the concentration to an extent. Yale thinks we sgould allow those of graive ideas to be allowed to talk. Its asinine to do that. You learn how those thoughts are bad from history. Free speech doesn't mean sadly u can lie, it doesn't mean u can say just burn them at the stake, sorry but if what u have to say is destroying life 9r limb then u dont just belong in yale, u dont belong in America. Im sorry. Thats sadly where somecof those conversations go to. I dont agree so lets get rid of u, lets push u away based on opinion. The only time u should do that is if they go to action, they start fighting u in a fight. When they go from i dont think u belong here cus ur black, its u dont beling here so we r going to harass u till u leave n tgen say its u who walked away. Its ok to debate ideas, but the line eill always b there, n yale needs to respect that line. Its notvok for white supremacist its notvok for gang members , its not ok to say some of these things, cuscif u dont call itvout, ur only saying yhen its ok to say it. N then they will act.

  15. I'm shocked that Americans have allowed their schools to degrade so much. Trump needs to start looking into the college system. It's far overdue for a realignment of conservative values.

  16. As a Native American woman who grew up on a reservation, I am ashamed of these privileged children who “speak” for me. Get bent. We don’t get anywhere constantly claiming victimhood. Get your sh*t together and stop blaming others for your short comings as an individual. Nobody is holding you back but you, period.

  17. It appears that Yale has become the East Coast version of Evergreen University with deeper pockets and more powerful alumni to defend its pathetic decay.

  18. After graduating the college, how many students get a good job, that’s my question. These colors kids, they could attend at there the reason whites sorry for their poor parents…no way they are not fit in there.

  19. Heather Mac Donald On How The Delusion of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity  –   take a look at that on YouTube.  It explains why low intelligence is a "thing" at universities like Yale.

  20. 6:00. "Why is that?". You accepted and negotiated with cancer. You don't even use your code of conduct to fix the problem.

  21. WOW, what a bunch of spoiled rotton little brats. The most, and I mean the most, privileged people on the earth, and of any other time in history are so self absorbed that they have to pretend to be victims. It's utterly disgusting. Send them to a 3rd world country and let them soak in some real victimization, then don't let them back in.

  22. Don’t hire these “woke” folks.
    Hire good, hard working, non triggered young adults who earned a thick skin from the school of Hard Knocks.
    50,000 a year for Yale. Go buy a thicker skin you can afford it.

  23. Is anyone, any website, creating a list of which universities are succumbing to comforting feelings and diminishing intellectual debate and rigor?

  24. I honestly think that universities of America are not anymore somewhat elite. Hope this trend will miss colleges like MIT or CallTech.

  25. Ah the irony. If you ever encounter someone who is fighting to take away your free speech by saying you are being offensive, tell them that them targeting you is offending you. Uh oh. Now they can’t talk. Whoops 🤷‍♂️

  26. Ok I grew up a bad neighborhoods. Please someone explain to me. Which one of those people are not privileged? Why not shut down those schools for 1 year. Then see what happens. Because the working class folks life's will keep going. Please someone explain this to me. Shut it all down. It's just going to get worse.

  27. Typical spoilt snowflakes. They should be made work in refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Greece. They should listen to Yazidi and Christian girls and women who were bought and sold as sex slaves.

  28. They want to take everyone's job wait till their working in the world. Hurt feelings doesn't allow weaponizing speech. The search for truth is hard to find if you block the road making you circle around and round.

  29. They need to send these type of people to some special place without technology and shit like that
    Cus is was prob created by a white privileged man, or someone that does not agree with them

  30. Huh I'm a white male. I couldn't afford college the only way I could have gotten it is by In enlisting in the military. Yet these individuals that are paying what they are every year for college by virtue of the fact that I was born white they claim I'm priviledged that's a laugh. That same statement the one man said look at me you will never know where I come from through empathy you'll never know it well that also turns back the other way the other side of it will never know where I'm coming from if we can all agree that were the same in that we can maybe move on.

  31. It’s such a racist school that it has that many students of “color” going to one of the most affluent schools in the world …
    Kinda reminds me of our last president mr Obama a muslim BLACK president of the United States who continually played the racism card as he stood as POTUS… who divided the very country who voted for him…taking USA backwards dividing it more than its ever been in a hundred years… hmmm looks like an agenda to me THEY THEMSELVES ARE CREATING RACISM…. poor poor kids going to YALE!

  32. “It’s not a debate”…. Deans response should be “you’re right little girl it’s not, and you’re all suspended “… bye bye faleeeesha go back to kindergarten where cry babies go to school

  33. Lol yes!!!!!! Yale is gone lol !!!! A Yale degree is no more than a community college degree!!! Keep up the good work 💪,,, hahaha

  34. The DOJ will feed Yale the squid monster all kinds of federal pork bloating monies….as long as Yale attacks all "cis-gender-Males"

  35. All these institutions need to be defunded immediately!!! They are incredibly dangerous to the most basic and democratic human behavior and thinking. These creatures are the literal nazis they pretend to fight against.

  36. Funny how Elon Musk never went to places like this for an education but all the people who went to these places for an education work for him.

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