Should You Use A Free WordPress Theme Or A Paid WordPress Theme

Should You Use A Free WordPress Theme Or A Paid WordPress Theme

In this video I just want to talk about one
simple thing and I want to answer the question should you use a free WordPress theme or should
you use a paid WordPress theme now if you look on YouTube even my channel there’s a
lot of tutorials on how to create a website or how to build a website builder blog build
a restaurant website which is actually video I recently did and most of these will use
free themes now and also when you go to in you click on themes I’m there right now
you see a list of their popular themes or features or latest themes in all these themes
are free and then you have paid themes these are themes where there is a free version you
just go walk through the demo and then you purchase the theme and I will talk about why
you should use one or the other and how to choose one over the other now for me I love
free and I’m sure you do too but I find that when it comes to WordPress themes you get
way more quality and value going with a paid theme not just learning you can learn with
a free theme but there’s only a few caveats where free isn’t always free for instance
a lot of these free themes that you see here in the WordPress root repository like for
instance this one hears, popular it’s called Sydney well if you want to see customize something
well be based about all these features and they just give you something bare-bones and
it might be free but to have it look the way you want to look it’s gonna cost you significant
amounts of time so I guess and in this examples how how do you value your time also view their
flexibility is missing usually from these free themes you can change fonts some of them
do some real cheese ball thing and you can remove the footer credit you have to know
where to go on the code when that should just be a standard thing there is a long list you
can change colors you can do a lot of things with these free themes and you will spend
hours upon hours trying to find a solution and then the themes that are free they have
a path to a paid version but the paid version costs a lot more than a premium theme would
normally cost and the quality is a lot less let me show you what I mean for it since here’s
the Sydney theme I am if you click on it it takes you right here now I’m not a fan at
all of this theme I think it’s actually pretty ugly I don’t think it’s aesthetically corrected
there certain things about it that are smooth but for free hey who is not bad so it’s very
popular though there’s over 70,000 people using it now on another caveat with her free
theme is a there’s no support your not to get support anywhere your net pay for that
support is good because your life a lot more than the thing so if you go to Sydney’s page
right here he hears the page and with attorney dues are trying to sell you this Pro version
now when you look at the Pro version their slave and add some more features and functionality
but it’s still an ugly theme it’s still not aesthetically correct it’s there’s still a
lot of problems with this theme and when you scroll down this is a big red flag to me just
this theme alone would cost you $49 now the quality to me and what you get is not worth
the $49 maybe like 10 or $15 $49 but this is what happens when you go with a free theme
and then you’re kind of married to that theme and committed to that theme in your realize
I want to change fonts or want to change colors I want to have more flexibility and then you
gotta pay this fee in order to get it versus right off the bat going with a paid theme
so for instance right here if you go to my website WP and click on recommended
right here is a section for WordPress themes and hear several places to go and look for
paid themes so first of all let’s take a look at Divi now Divi is right here itself from
elegant themes you can just click on the link and go there Divi is one of the most unbelievably
powerful themes that you could buy it has unbelievable flexibility it’s currently being
used on hundreds of thousands of websites because it’s powerful the support if you need
any support there there literally responding within 15 minutes hoping you just the power
in the flexibility in the features of Divi is just amazing now to buy Divi you can buy
personal license for $69 but you gotta understand what actually is not just Divi that you get
you get all of their themes is about 40 different themes are 60 themes I don’t know but the
main one is Divi you you get so much like you actually show you an example of a divvy
page of the scroll down here in this one page here you can get the link on my website take
a look this, this one not Divi Caf’e9 or click on this just to give you an idea of
the quality you get when you go straight to a paid theme versus going to free theme to
a paid theme I just be the subtle animations the elegance of the site is the what you can
do with this theme it’s just unbelievable here let me show you this other demo that
they got right here just to see how beautiful and elegant this theme is you can do this
with any of those themes that start free and then you have to pay for you can you can even
get anywhere is near this kind of a quality from any of those things our cyclic theme
for us that the forest is a theme marketplace and you can buy a theme for your website now
when you go to the force and then you hover over WordPress you can click on popular items
in this to show you their most best-selling themes for the last week okay so you can look
at any of these themes and a lot of them but they’re just amazing what you get and it’s
no where’s it’s like in a whole another league then these free themes that have a paid upgrade
it’s a total another league of quality this is actually the thing that I use on my my
website by the way so as to look at this when I actually own this one salience us you can
click on its now to buy this theme it’s that see okay I think the price is like 60 bucks
or something like that it gives you lifetime updates a single look at the preview of this
theme and you’ll see that the quality is way better than a paid upgrade to a free theme
so for instance let’s look at this demo right here so you can see you get it’s already professionally
designed you get these beautiful animations everything is aesthetically correct you get
really neat features like this you get animations done rights not animations done so looks,
cheese ball you get you get all of this but this is when you start with a painting okay
and you can also factor in your getting support for this theme another place that you can
get some amazing page themes as studio press my theme shop arthritis themes there so many
of them but there’s just no comparison in quality when you when you take a free theme
that has a paid upgrade versus going straight for the paid theme right away you get more
flexibility you get more features higher-quality features and you get support so anyways this
is my little rant on if you should use a free theme or a paid theme and kind of the tricks
that are going on in the theme directory on in regards to it now you might
be thinking ON your kind of being a hypocrite here because you have demos of how to set
up websites with free themes and I want to address that actually me that I have a dozen
video series called 60 minute website challenge and you can visit that by 16 going to 60 minute
website and there are videos that walk you through setting up a website
in 60 minutes and I do up to this point of use the free things I’m going to start using
some paid themes now but when you look at that look at the themes I selected I’m using
themes that are made by WordPress itself with the parent company automatic so automatic
owns WordPress in their designing these things so I’m only using the best themes from the
maker of WordPress itself high quality all the features of their there’s no paid upgrade
path because they are giving you everything for free off the bed to just open you up to
the world of were depressed if you look at any of the 60 minute website challenges that
I’ve done they are using free themes but there from WordPress itself so just to clear the
air on that one so anyways should you use a free theme or painting that’s really up
to you for me no doubt I only use paid themes that start paid not were free and then there
was a free there is a paid upgrade themes that start paid are the themes that I use
because support and flexibility in my time while it’s just valuable and I’m sure yours
are valuable as well you made it to the end of the video which must mean that a private
value to you so can you go ahead and click on the thumbs-up down below that’ll help me
out and if you want more videos like this be sure to click on the subscribe button right
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empty-handed so I created a free video course for you Colby three steps to WordPress success
in this video course you really learn how to make your website shine get the results
that you want and have a really stand out from the crowd so to act is that free video
course go ahead and click on the link over here on the right you can also find needed
WP actually check out my 60 minute website challenges those are very popular
and you can find those on the website as well eight thank you so much for watching this
video I make these videos just for you and I hope you watch the next one

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  1. Thank you very much Sir for making a great content again. I really appriciate all your hard work.

    Thanaponth B.

  2. My only reason for not wanting to use paid themes is what if you buy it and then find that it's too hard to work with, or you can't do what you wanted to with it? With a free one you can mess around with it and if it doesn't have the capabilities that you want you haven't lost any money. I wish they would have a 30 day money back guarantee or something.

  3. What is your opinion on Zerif Pro? I have been using it but find there is a lot that I cannot customize. Also, what would you recommend doing to make additional pages outside of the home page look professional?

  4. Did you get paid to say this bullshit? ?

    I've been using sydney and some professionel web devolopers like my site, they were also saying that it was a beutiful wordpress site something they normally don't see.

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  9. There is a B I G industri of people trying to convince suckers that they need to pay money for nothing and filling these paid themes with "latte"-pictures and food on wooden plates in trendy kitchen. They look great, no doubt about it. But when you remove the pictures and all the "fluff" and start to build your own from scratch, you soon realize that: hey, this looks a lot like the WP-menues I got for free.

    It's like trying the jeans you bought in that trendy store with those dark and tinted mirrors og cool music, and thinking: Wait, are these the same pants?

  10. There are dozens of free themes that come with support, and the reviews state how reliable said support is. Did you do any research on this?

    If a theme is not esthetically pleasing, that's a personal issue, not a caveat.

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  14. You described my scenario in the beginning of this video, I intended to use a free theme, but ran into trouble and spent countless hours trying to get answers for things I couldn't change.

    I was using Biz Light as a theme to replace my unresponsive website, but there were so many issues, and my limited knowledge led me to hire a local designer to do finish the site. 

    I have a mobile windshield service, can you suggest any paid themes I could suggest to my web designer once we meet? (We'll be using WordPress).


  15. I actually used Sydney back in 2015 when i started with wordpress and my own site. I learned a lot and the support and willingness to help out even with custom code were amazing. And people loved it. So – sydney was wonderfull for me in that time. But then it was time to step the game up and went the paid route with X. And now i just wonder what a difference a year makes regarding free stuff(oceanwp, astra, elementor…dear lord-i used site origin page builder back then…). And how someone can mess up something that i used to like very much(namely X).

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    I'll check out your site to get up to speed, so big thank you to you!

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  19. Great vid, just one or two caveats, please don't use the term "aesthetically correct" by definition how anything looks is subjective, so my correct could be your incorrect. You seem to have your fingers in a few pies, so how can you be seen as neutral ? Just saying… I want a theme with good automation and documentation to sell online , any ideas ?

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    I'm from Portugal and I follow your videos, I have an air conditioning company and I wanted to make a website for her qualseria the best subject that would recommend me ??


  21. Haha, guess your opinion has changed since then, since your theme of choice is now Astra (and I think before that it was GeneratePress)… If it's not already done, maybe you should do a video to explain why you've changed 180 degrees…

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    Every day new videos will be upload and articles.

    Thank you

  28. Not necessarily so…I bought paid themes and 'they' used "Bakery Builder" to build "their" site. I was not told—until i finished the site and ran into problems. My site froze up. Waste of my valuable time. No price tag on that. I used Sydney. Worked well. I had to add code for the contact page (after it disappeared) . I could have uploaded contact 7 plugin. No big deal. My concern is load time. I need a fast load time and the latest PHP version. Any suggestions.

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    Did something change with WordPress recently? I upgraded from the basic plan and using the paid templates. However, I'm not able to customize much and make many changes as in the video. .Should I be doing something different?

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