Setting up PayPal Donations on WordPress with Give

Setting up PayPal Donations on WordPress with Give

Hello, Give Community! Michelle here from
Customer Success to share with you how to connect your Give plugin to your PayPal Standard
account. As you know, Give is free in the WordPress Plugin Directory at
and comes with PayPal Standard as the primary way to accept donations. Let’s get started. If you don’t have a PayPal Standard account,
you will need to set one up. You can do that at The email account you use to
establish PayPal will be the email address you will use to connect with Give.
On your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Donations, then Settings, then the Payment Gateways tab.
Click the PayPal link just below the tab. Enter your email address.
Scroll down to select whether payments should be marked as “Donations” (for 501c3’s)
or as standard transactions (for individuals). Also check whether or not you would like to
collect PayPal billing details on your Give forms.
Scroll down and save your changes. Click back to Gateways, then select your gateways,
and choose your default gateway. (Note, you may have a credit card gateway like Stripe
or Authorize.Net as well as offline donations connected along with PayPal standard.)
Make sure you have test mode disabled before you go live with your Give forms.
Save your changes and you’re ready to receive donations to your PayPal account. I’m happy to answer any questions you have
– leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you! Be sure to stay tuned next week for more tips
on using Give forms, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you never miss
any of our great video free tips!

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  1. Can you maybe take a look at my donation form? because i can't change the donation amount from 1

  2. Is the PayPal Standard account the same as a regular Pay Pal account? Do I have to have Stripe to receive credit card donations form others?

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