SEO Tool for your daily Tasks – SEO Minion

SEO Tool for your daily Tasks – SEO Minion

Thank you for installing SEO Minion, the helper app that every SEO needs. In this video you will get a quick overview of all the features this extension has and how you can use it to save you hours of manual SEO work. When you install the SEO Minion extension, you should see the icon at the top right of your address bar. Clicking this icon will open a menu on the right-hand side of your browser. You can then access all the features within this extension using this menu. Let’s start with the first feature – Analyze On-Page SEO. This feature analyzes the html of the page you are on and shows you information useful to optimize the On-Page SEO on your website. At the top, it shows you the total words and characters on this web-page. Below that you can see the title and description tags. If either of these are empty or are too long, the extension will highlight them with an error icon. It’s important to have your target keywords in the title and description. Next up are the canonical and meta robots tags. Under this is a table that shows you all the heading tags on the page. You should have topically and semantically related keywords in your headings. Below the headings table, we show you a list of all images on the web-page that don’t have any alt attributes. Alt attributes are very important for image SEO. Finally, the table below that show you the Open Graph tags. These are used to change how the web-page is previewed when the link in shared on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. The extension will highlight any issues that it finds with your open graph implementation. Let’s move onto the next feature – Highlight All links this feature simply highlights all the links on a web-page in green. You can also choose to only see the internal or external links on a web-page. The third feature is called “Check Broken Links”. This feature checks every link on the web-page and figures out whether there is something wrong with it. All valid links are highlighted in green. Links that lead to 404 error pages are highlighted in yellow. If the link points to a website that no longer exists, this link is highlighted in red. All redirects are highlighted in purple. If a link is highlighted in grey, it means that there is no link associated with the ahrefs tag. Ideally all the links should be valid and therefore in green. If you find links of any other type, you will want to fix them. To make it easy to view all the links with issues, you can see them in a table at the bottom. The fourth feature is the SERP Preview and it lets you preview your website in the Google search results. This is very useful when you are creating the title and description for your content based on your main & long-tail keywords. You can change the title and description tags and watch them update in real time on a live google search result. The fifth and final feature is the Google search location simulator. This lets you see non-personalized Google search results for two different locations and languages. This is useful if you want to see how your website ranks across different countries for the same keyword. We hope that you find this extension helpful. If you have any questions or want any additional features, please email us at [email protected]

94 thoughts on “SEO Tool for your daily Tasks – SEO Minion

  1. You guys are awesome! Thank you for the tools you make. I recommend Keywords Everywhere to everyone. Adding this one now.

  2. Thanks for providing such useful tools and feature for free. Really appreciate it. Can't live without Keywords Everywhere and I think SEO Minion is going to become my next favorite tool.

  3. Although I just know litter about SEO, I find it really helpful to optimize my website and know more about SEO. Happy to get the latest useful SEO tool and great thanks!!!!!!

  4. just incredible! Still don't know how you all make any money though. The stuff you offer for FREE is amazing!

  5. This tool looks like it will be very helpful. What are some of the benefits of using SEO Minion over a WordPress plugin such as Yoast?

  6. I love keywords everywhere and use it all the time. I share the results with clients. This new tool looks helpful as well. I will get started. Thanks.

  7. Not bad video. Many good pieces of advice. Recently I downloaded some software that helps to create optimized content
    Here it is:

  8. Thanks for your guide. But now there is a new feature: hreflang tags. Could you please explain it simply to us? Thank you.

  9. Just installed (along with Keywords everywhere) Big thank you to you guys, really looking forward to getting stuck into both of these, great work!!

  10. Definitely agree – Keywords Everywhere is a mainstay tool for me, analysing SERPs and kws. Looking forward to KW Minion – the video shows excellent features.

  11. suggession under google search stimiluator it would be great if you add cities as sub category as most of the people tend to search their results in their perticular city .

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