97 thoughts on “Send money with Gmail and Google Wallet

  1. Not like it matters, the icon never shows up on the gmail compose form and they'll redirect you 10 places and no one will be able to help you.

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  3. well very great, but I don't have a credit card just like 99% of the country(the Netherlands, Europe) so add support for other payment methods like Paypal does.

  4. Damn Looks way better than Paypal, Paypal has been going for a long time and this already is better by the looks of it. Screw you Paypal!

  5. I hope that I do find something better and just as popular as eBay and Paypal are.

    I do not want to lose so much money to eBay/Paypal when I sell items.

  6. Please, you need to review YouTube rules and regulations! if you have any complains please direct to the source, we need to think positive!

  7. It is here already, familiate con la applicacion y haz preguntas, yo ya lo tengo y es muy facil de operar.

  8. eBay and Paypal are a ripoff when it comes to buyer protection.

    I am interested in using Google Checkout/Wallet for my future payment method for my business.

  9. some agree with everyone else – but let's not be closed minded – changes are good and after all everything in life is a working in progress – I am sure and confident they get one day TO PLEASE EVERY SINGLE of you out there….even in the after life LOL

  10. It will be new financial politicks in the all world. Google money…..Who know google? =))) No one =)

  11. I just got Google Wallet for gmail today! i used it to see if it works. I put in my sisters email and amount and sent it and it worked! This is so cool!

  12. i tried but i can't find the $ sign where it shows in this video. is there something else i need to do apart from attaching my card to my google wallet?

  13. Got the invitation but every time I try to log into the link that you guys sent me, it just says Error 404. Help?

  14. Actually, I just got it working. All I had to do was capitalize the 'A' in the link and it started working. Strange. My link must have gotten broken on the way to me.

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  17. Nice! This technique very similar to Money Token Express (search for it on Google). I've been earning just under $7k a month making extremely simple websites. I work about 3 hours on them and get pay cheques consistently… Google the phrase Money Token Express and see how you can too.

  18. Presumedly this is for the US only, as I know that Google Wallet only currently works in the US. The rest of the world will get it eventually.

  19. Did this for the first time today with the Google wallet app, fast and easy. My friend will let me know how easy it was to receive the money.

  20. Can this be done without using a smartphone (from a desktop)? Because I can't figure out how to do this…I can't download the app for this without a 'device'.

  21. 0:32 a major bad example to showcase? She asks if she can buy them, without receiving an email confirmation and adds the money in right away. Is anyone else seeing this? 

    Also too bad Google Wallet is pretty much unheard of; anywhere outside of the US atm.

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  23. if only you don't have to use your bank I need my email to send it jot a bank I can transfer it but you need a debit card what???

  24. Wish they can implement QR code and mini apps like WeChat and Alipay. That will really kickstart the use of Android wallet for any purchase. Small shops will no longer need to pay for expensive fee to accept credit card. Think of the interest Google would earn in the wallet system, since technically no money would leave google until the users decide to direct deposit into their bank account. Unlike WeChat and Alipay, this would be really a global thing since a lot of people have gmail. The only downside is that Google is an American company which could cause a lot of complication if US does not like certain countries

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