Selena Gomez eats Oreos with a FORK?! | ‘Answers the Internet’

Selena Gomez eats Oreos with a FORK?! | ‘Answers the Internet’

I don’t know my track record isn’t so
great so I’ll say maybe. If you’re nice. Hello everyone I’m Selena Gomez and I am
answering questions from the internet… from this. I wish the internet was as pretty as this
but it’s not. So, how did this photo happen, what was said,
and what did Gaga smell like? Please tell me. Interesting… I haven’t been asked this one. This actually is after the AMAs. I had just recently come out of treatment
and I spoke a little bit about my journey and how I was thrilled to be back and that
no matter what happens to you there is a way for you to pick yourself back up or at least
try and Stefani wanted to come back after I did that speech and she just wanted to hug
me and I know that she had struggled with some stuff as well so it was very sweet. She just wanted to tell me thank you and that
she was really happy and of course she looks like so amazing like dramatic and I’m just
like a little girl. This one says throwback to when we found out
Selena eats Oreos with a fork. I’m doing just great things for the world. So this is actually it was on set in Bulgaria
I was shooting a movie with Ethan Hawke Basically I was in a trailer and I
saw online that if you put a fork right in between you can just dip it easily that way
your fingers aren’t getting in the milk. So that is me doing that and I’ve done it
a lot. It’s pretty great. Works really well. OMG why is Selena Gomez’s new song an absolute
bop? Thank you. Why? I’m not sure but that means I’m doing
something right so I will continue to do that but I also just enjoy when people can smile
and dance and enjoy themselves whilst listening to music Alright Chad, hey can I marry you? Well I have to say I don’t know my track
record isn’t so great so I’ll say maybe. If you’re nice but, I don’t know. Pretty busy girl, got a lot to do before that
happens Binge-watching Wizards of Wavery Place. Selena when are we getting a reboot? It’s actually wild because since Disney+
came out I have been asked about Wizards more than I did when I was on the show. Makes me very happy, it was one of the greatest
times in my life. I will never forget it, I still talk to some
of the people from the show, but I would actually love to. I don’t know when that will happen or if
that will happen but I am 1000% down so we will see. Hey Selena, wanna see Frozen 2 with me? I love the movie. I did take my sister to go see it. I enjoyed it. Would I watch it with you? Sure, as long as I can watch it from home
so I don’t have to dress up and like do the whole thing so why not. Alrighty, Why is Selena Gomez so perfect? These are awkward, what am I supposed to say. I don’t know, honestly I just don’t know. I’m not first off and I think that’s what
makes me happy about sharing with everyone is that I’m not and no one is, no matter
who you look up to or who you think is. Everyone has a story and it’s not always
perfect so thank you for saying that it’s very kind. It isn’t real but I try my best. That’s it from the internet. This is when I turn it off which is the best
part of the day so thank you

100 thoughts on “Selena Gomez eats Oreos with a FORK?! | ‘Answers the Internet’

  1. I love her, I really do and will always support her music, movies, shows, etc.
    But I have to be honest, she looks like a grandma with that haircut…. Don't hate me

  2. For everyone saying she sounds different & looks puffy. Let’s remember she has an autoimmune disease, Lupus. She however could honestly just be fighting a cold though or maybe the lupus is affecting her teeth and jaw which affects her speech. Again none of us truly know

  3. She looks more Italian with bangs. I could not recognize her in the thumbnail, I thought she was a random white girl. This is soo wild

  4. It send like she doesn’t breathe out of her nose when she talks? Am I the only one who thinks that? Still love her though, she’s a queen 👸👑

  5. lol i also eat oreas with a fork so my hands won't get dirty
    It's not that RARE many peoples eat with a fork, a spoon.

  6. Wow…it seems she has come a long way over the last few years. You seem to honest ( not like you have never been…but seemed to follow her PR manager advice more). Here you can see how honest and raw her replies are and how much she has grown as a person over the last few years. Selena, we all make choices which end up badly. I do not like the word is an experience which lead to a bad result…Unfortunately, you had to go through all these life struggles in the public life while normal people do it without the media following them. Kuddos- it is nice to see you have accepted it all! Own it. What does not kill you- makes you stronger !

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