Sup guys, we just came back from the match against Liquid, we won 2-0 It was a good match today, we played our best map, de_dust2, we were really confident, had some new stuff and fixed our CT side as well we knew they were going to pick de_inferno, so we put a lot of focus on our de_inferno and de_train at the bootcamp those were the maps we most focused on so we were really confident to play against them if they won against NiP tomorrow they will probably pick mirage instead of inferno, that was the last map they won against us, but we are really confident, the bootcamp was really good this last month, we didn’t had so much time to pracctice last year, we never had something like a whole month of pracctice, and earlier this year we already had two good bootcamps one was to play the Katowice Qualifier and one to play here at BLAST and we fixed everything we needed to fix, it’s really nice to play CS right now, we are more positive and playing with more energy, everyone is happy, we are having so much fun playing instead of putting pressure in ourselves we are enjoying this moment a lot, everyone is feeling good i’m playing FPL until 6am everyday and im feeling so much better this year, i hope that in 2020 you guys can see a new version of coldzera i’m sacrificing a lot for this, i want to be the best and have the best team again this year, i hope you guys are enjoying it, and that’s it right? Y: what about the 1v4 on de_dust2?
C: oh the 1v4? Well, Stewie2k picked me as the “weak link” of the team but you already know how it is, you are weak, you are weak bro! jokes aside, Love you Stewie

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