PWAs: building bridges to mobile, desktop, and native (Google I/O ’18)

PWAs: building bridges to mobile, desktop, and native (Google I/O ’18)

13 thoughts on “PWAs: building bridges to mobile, desktop, and native (Google I/O ’18)

  1. Awesome technology! Love it.
    But why doesn't google invest in presentation seminars, where google employees learn how to talk in a relatable way? Most of the google i/o speakers I have seen by now are very cramped and quite unrelatable.
    Other than that, awesome keynote !

  2. 7:41 wow, that was so FIRE. Demonstrating the importance of integration and hiding the PWA functionality in a dropdown menu under the misnomer "Add to home screen" not suitable for the app-like PWAs. Samsung internet and Firefox are way ahead of Chrome in this regard.

  3. Surely a little confusing to the user when they add a shortcut to the website to the home screen, then later on find something in their app drawer they have no recollection of installing. Especially when the behaviour varies from site to site.
    Also what if they only want to add a bookmark to the home screen, without installing an apk, does that become impossible?

  4. so are PWAs basically glorified website links (with an app icon on the drawer and without the Chrome UI)?

  5. Look at how responsible those Android devices are. She only had to click on each of the actions two or three times for them to register. Brilliant.

  6. It's 2019 and iPhone's still don't have good support for PWA's. Push notifications don't work and I can't use anything but safari to add that to home-screen. At least the newest version shows it as a separate app when showing running apps, before it was just another tab in safari. Is PWA-app just another instance of safari browser without browser tools in iOS?

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