12 thoughts on “Progressive Web Apps (Chrome Dev Summit 2015)

  1. A move in the right direction. When it comes down to the web, Evolving! is what will keep Google ahead of the crowd.

  2. This is a really good direction for web app developers who want a piece of the mobile app game without having to deal with the joy of Objective-C and swift lol

  3. Yeah that's great and all, but did he FART at 13:15?

    "the criteria for something to be 'appy'
    are clear cut when you talk to users:
    apps should always start up,
    they should always have distinct home screen icons, and…
    apps are things that you want to invest in."

  4. After using beforeinstallprompt to cancel the automatic add to home screen banner. How would i trigger it again based on user action, similar to m.flipcart PWA?

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