100 thoughts on “Pokemon Musical Bytes – Vs. N – Man on the Internet

  1. I like how you reference how Zekrom and Reshiram are representing Truths and Ideals in this song,Great work!

  2. The art is so Good! Although the art where I saw hilda/White's Leavanny is Losing to a Sandile which is literally a pokemon that hasn't evolved! Lol

  3. Man, this girl must have both versions a complete file and a new file, she’s trading strong Pokémon with weak ones

  4. I love this song so much that I playing Pokémon black all over again also I like the desperation in N voice the farther you go in the song it shows how much me wants his world to be

  5. N: I wish for a world of peace where Pokémon don't fight!

    Detective Pikachu creators: You got this wish many years later, you happy?

    N: Yes! This is the best-

    Underground pokemon battles

    N: …Reshiram, let's see if their strength matches their beliefs.

  6. N Has a point if there was a better way of having fun having pokemon other then battles i'd take it. seriously im not for the ''We need to free pokémon from humans!'' thing but something to avoid hurting them who's with me?

  7. As the song goes on, you can hear the pain in N's voice, as he's forced to watch his friends get hurt. Damn

  8. N – Man: rants about how he wants to stop pokemon being hurt

    also N – Man: brutally batters oponent's pokemon

  9. Black and White were, for me, the best games in the whole franchise. For the first time ever, a Pokémon game kept me interested through its storyline instead of just because it was, well, Pokémon.

  10. N: “My perfect world will have people and Pokémon separated and no more fighting”
    Ghetsis: *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

  11. Where's Hau from sun and moons theme with lyrics that's one of the best rival themes of the Pokemon series

  12. I like how n sounds more pained throughout the song. It gives him more personality and seems like he cares about his purpose.

  13. Zekrom is the perfect Pokemon for N as he wants an ideal world while you fight for the truths

  14. N is a hypocrite

    Y u fight me m8 if u don’t wanna fight with Pokemon, u should just fight itself or something.

    N used pound!

    It doesn’t affect Gengar, cuz it’s a normal type move

    N:O sh**

  15. Surprising Black and white was my hardcore game, had a huge ass crush on N when i was 10, i still do to this day, fun fact: The first ever Pokemon has HINTED love interest to both Black(Boy) White(Girl) from the manga but they do have an english and japanese but im too lazy XD

  16. N is kind of a hypocrite, he wants to release his pokemon friends from trainers, yet he has pokemon himself, it's almost like what Giovanni said in the pokemon Origins episode "if pokemon are your friends, then why make them suffer a defeat" and N is the first person who engages in battle with you so…

  17. Thank you for watching

    no thank you for creating this I just started Pokemon white and I was battling N not only this is my favorite theme but one of my favorite YouTubers created this so I can play it while I'm battling with my oshawott

  18. I dunno why but I feel like I've heard the person who spoke as N in this on a TV show somewhere- mostly when he says 'You disagree'-

  19. N here is both right and wrong.

    He's right because some people are horrible to their pokemon and sometimes force them to do things they don't want to.

    But he is also wrong because most Pokemon LOVE to fight, it's how they grow and mature. Pokemon don't evolve with age, but with fighting (with the exceptions of evolution-inducing items). Even in the video, we see proof that he is wrong with the Leavanny his Sandile was fighting. Swadloon can only evolve into Leavanny with friendship, which can be gained by winning battles.

    He tells his Truths and Ideals, it's how he can tame either Reshiram or Zekrom.

  20. Can you make a 1 hour version without the beginning speaking dialog and end? I really love this song!

  21. I had listened to UT: The Musical, and, six months ago this was posted? I- Unova is my favorite region- this is HECCIN BEAUTIFUL AND THE SINGER/ARTIST IS AMAZING

  22. song: starts
    N: sings beautifully
    song: in the middle
    N: sings even beautifuller
    song: starts to end
    N: shouts in despair

  23. N: They hurt each others Pokemon. Am I the only one who finds this terribly painful?

    *Challenges him to a Pokémon battle to prove that bitch how wrong he is.

  24. Never imagined that Cofagrigus would be that squishy, I always saw it as actually as hard and rigid as a coffin. Also I love how the singing melody was made to be synced with the theme

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