Personalize Google Chromecast Backdrop With Your Own Photos

Personalize Google Chromecast Backdrop With Your Own Photos

In today’s video i’m going to show you how
to personalize the biggest screen in your house. Let’s get started! Hey everybody! Welcome to Tech With Brett where I help tech
work for you. Today we’re going to be customizing the Google
Chromecast device. This will work if you have a Chromecast or
a Chromecast Ultra. Now before we end this video make sure you
leave a comment on what Chromecast feature you want to see next. First let’s head into the Google Home app
using your Android or your iOS device, either an iPhone or an iPad. The Chromecast Backdrop is basically the screensaver
of your Chromecast device. This is what will display on your TV when
you are not casting something. There are featured photos that will show up
and they will rotate through. You can also customize what photos are showing
up and I will show you how to do that today. When looking at the Chromecast Backdrop there
are a few different items that are on the screen. Starting over here in the bottom left hand
corner you will see the Chromecast device name. If you would like to turn on the pin you can
do that in the Guest Mode settings. If you click the link at the top right I will
show you how to do that. Then over here on the right hand side of the
screen you will see that it is displaying the weather, the time, as well as where the
photo came from so you can know where that photo is or what album it is coming from on
your personalized backdrop. So our next is to go into the Google Home
application. When you set this up make sure that you are
signed into the same WiFi network as the Chromecast and your mobile device. Once we are in here we do need to sign into
our Google account, so if you click the top left hand menu make sure you sign into your
Gmail account there. Then we need to go into the devices tab, and
you do that by going into the top right hand corner here and click on the device. Then it is going to show you your devices
here. And today we are going to be working with
the Chromecast Ultra. If you haven’t done this you do need to click
enable voice and more. Click “Yes I’m In” and that will allow you
to personalize your backdrop. If you have already done so and that option
is not there you can either click Edit Backdrop here or click the settings and then Backdrop
Settings and now you have the backdrop here. So there are a bunch of different services
that you can connect to. Now if you don’t adjust your backdrop settings
you will see the featured photos on the Chromecast and those are pulled and selected and they
always look great but this allows you to go a little further and put exactly what you
want to on your Backdrop. So the first option we have here is Google
Photos. So if I go into Google Photos I will need
to turn it on here at the top. If you haven’t done so you’ll sign into your
Gmail account and it will pull from the Google Photos app. To use Google Photos you will need to have
used the app and already backed up your photos. And this will use the most recent albums that
you have. If you don’t see an album here you will need
to go in and create a new album on the Google Photos app. So here I can go down and let’s say I want
to choose family photos right here, I can select each album that I want up there on
the screen. So then I can click back and you’ll already
see on my Backdrop that those photos have started loading. A here is the picture of the family. Then if I want to add a different service
I can go in and here I can add Facebook. I just need to do the same thing. Open it up, click connect and add my account. I can add Flickr photos. Here I can also add Play Newsstand. With this, it allows me to see news articles
on the TV. Now if you’re asking why would I want to do
that, you can easily see an article and it will tell you a little blip about it in the
bottom right hand corner of your screen, and then you can go into the app and learn more. So let us say I want to turn this on, so then
you can also use the Google Newsstand app to customize that a bit more. Here on the backdrop we see one of the pictures. Now if I want to learn more about that picture
I can just go back and right here in the devices tab on the Google Home app it will tell me
about it. If I click on that, it will actually take
me right to the link of that article so I can read more. No let’s go back, I am going to edit Backdrop
settings again. Here I have Curated News so then it will automatically
pull up news articles it wants. If I use the Newsstand I can customize what
different categories I want to see on the TV. Here we have art, if I open up the art category
I can choose Google Cultural Institute, the Google Open Gallery and then I can choose Street
Art. Up here at the top I have full turn on or
turn off. And then down here I can turn off just individual
items. Here we have feature photos, those are the
ones that are automatically going to play through. I can customize that a bit more or completely
turn them off so only my personalized photos would show. Then I have Earth and space, I can turn those
on and off. Then down here I have a few custom options
that I can choose to change on the Backdrop. So right here this has custom speed. Right now the photos are playing fast, you
will see more photos more often. I want to see the photos stay on there a bit
longer you can select the slow option or normal speed. Up here at the top you have turn on or off. Then here we have weather so in the bottom
right hand corner next to the time you will see the weather on there so you can either
turn it completely off and it will no longer show on the screen or you can change it Celsius
instead of Fahrenheit. Right here is where you remove your Backdrop
preferences. If you do that and you say remove it can’t
be restored, you would need to go and reset up your Backdrop again. If you would like to see a picture that passed
and you want to learn more information about where that photo came from you can go
back into the Google Home app, go into the devices tab and then right here you have the
history button. If you select that it will show you the last
few photos that were on the TV. And then here you can see where it came from. Let’s say I want to see that photo, I can select album and it will go to that place and if I want to delete it I can do that or it
will just show me that picture or article that I saw. If you would like to remove the Backdrop preferences
for a device that you are no longer using, you can go into the devices tab on the Google
Home app, scroll down to the bottom, and then you can click on the device and you can disassociate
that device from your account and here you would select Unlink. Thank you so much for joining me today to
learn all about the Backdrop on your Google Chromecast device. If you have any further questions I’d love
for you to leave a comment below so that I can help you out. If this is your first time here i’d love for
you to click the Subscribe button so that you can be notified of my new and upcoming
videos, because I am going to teach all about your smart phone all the way to your smart
home. Thank you guys so much for watching, we’ll
see you on the next one!

42 thoughts on “Personalize Google Chromecast Backdrop With Your Own Photos

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