Perception Check | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series

Perception Check | 1 For All | D&D Comedy Web-Series

How much farther? We’ve been walking for hours, and my,
and my feets are hurting… … and I’m pretty sure I’m sunburnt. Look how pink I am! Well if you hadn’t have run off into the
forest and gotten us all lost, we’d probably be there by now. It’s not my fault! I thought the squirrel had a bag of gold! It turned out it was just copper though. You need to get your eyes checked. I have -1 to Perception so nyeh. Guys! Please… I need my beauty sleep. Fine. We’ll make camp. Is there any way nearby that’s hidden
that we can set up camp? Make a Perception Check. You see a clearing in the forest ahead of you… … and as far as you can tell it looks completely safe. Evandra! What do your elf eyes see? I see… Trees… Bushes… I see a forest. Looks like we’re in a forest. Let’s camp here. Keep an eye out though. I’ve heard about these woods. They say it’s full of bandits. Really hate to piss them off. Oh man! That would suck. *laughs in urine* I hope we do run into them… So then we can burn them! And then I won’t have to go look for kindling. We’re gonna set up camp here. Who’s taking first watch? All right guys I’m going to bed now. Goodnight, bye! No, you can’t get out of it this time! Come on. Fine. I’ll go first watch. As you go to take first watch you are too distracted with… … complaining about how much you don’t like Evandra. Nyanyanyanyanyanya. I’m Evandra and I’m the leader so what I say goes. Well how about this? You like a
fireball? No, I’m melting! No, why?! Nixie, you were right all along! You’re so much better and smarter than me. No! *farts* There’s a sound in the forest… And nothing happens. Second watch? I’ve got this. So it’s later on in the night. The moonlight’s coming through the trees illuminating everything… You think you can see a shadow moving off to the side and… It’s that squirrel from before. Final watch. As you go for the final watch of the night, you’re feeling very sleepy. All you had to do was stay awake… … and you fall asleep And when you wake up in the morning… All of your worldly possessions are gone. *screams* Who stole my earrings?! – What the hell man?
– I know why you looking at me! I don’t even have dark vision. Why would you let me keep watch? Do we at least see where they went? Make a Perception Check. Yeah we really hit the jackpot this time, fellas. Look at me! I’m a Fighter. Heh heh! The most vanilla class in all of fantasy games. *laughs* Yeah, it’s not as bad as me. Look! I’m a slutty pirate! Walk the plank scallywags! Oh! He’s uh… not as great as he says he is. I’m… – Beautiful!
– Beautiful! Right, you listen here you filthy meatbags. Like and subscribe to Deerstalker or we are gonna come rob you just as well. Uh and… You ****. Smash that bell icon before I come to your house and smash your little face. And you better believe that our Patreon supporters are going to be the only ones showed any leniency when I get round and… – I’ve had a lot…
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  2. Please keep doing these. They are very entertaining. Failed persuasion checks, failed attacks, failed thefts. It's all great.

  3. Attention DMs.

    If your pc who is not blind and/or dead could see something then you should probably not have them roll.

    A dragon lands behind you.

    Roll perception.

    This person is covered in regalia, wearing a crown, and expensive silks.

    Roll to guess who they are.

    A highly trained thief with a lock picking kit comes across a standard door with a simple lock.
    Likely with only one tumbler.
    Its night time and the thief has pretty much infinite time to pick this simple lock.

    Roll lockpick.

    You come across a red fire hot egg the size of a dwarf.

    Roll to guess what is in it.

    If the task is so easy a child could do it, and the player already knows what it is, playing dumb wastes time and loses engagement.

    Everyone knows what dragons are,
    who the king is, what town they are in, and their other skills are.

    I don't need to roll attack on a chained opponent who is also unconscious.

  4. The raiders would be in trouble with 2/3rds of the group being magic users, right? Because of residual magic? (Way better than ghost slime, but whatever).

  5. I love this series, with one exception. I know it's in order to add some comedy, but the DM shouldn't be able to control what the player characters say, think or feel about any given situation. These should be left up to the players. The DM controls the world, but never the PCs.

  6. Ok what kind of half assed bandits hide like that?… then again this is the “heroes” always getting a nat 1 on literally everything… so I guess that means the bandits have a roll of 2 on stealth maybe (BTW good job making this, and the tiefling costume is awesome… and perfect personality for her too)

  7. You missed several good opportunities to hard cut a solid punchline at the end. Go see Door Monster sketches. Y'all blew it.

    I lacked 1 or 2 points to see him and GM (bc it was warhammer) said "Well you were searching for Alro, looked under the table, looked further… Like, spoiler here, your face was literally millimeters away from his and all you could see was blank darkness."

  9. Это очень круто ребят ,продолжайте в том же духе ! (Привет от подписчика Вечерних Костей!!!)

  10. I feel like my comment on a previous video about how good looking these players are foretold 3:48. I must take care to use this power wisely.

  11. I need more and more frequently! I love what you guys are doing!!! It's so cool, and the quality is a lot better than most D&D Sketches.

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